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Are you curious about the most noticeable professional logo design aspects that no one talks about? To answer that, we must explore the question: how is a professional company logo designed? A lot of thought is put into each and every detail in the logo. We have made a list of all the essential elements of a good corporate logo.

A logo is the face of your business. It is the first thing people notice about your brand and the last thing they remember about it. It bears the essence of your whole company. There are some professional logo design aspects that serves as a criteria when judging the efficiency of a logo. Logos are associated with business development and brand awareness. It is what separates you and raises you above your competitors. To make a logo design, one has to know corporate marketing and consumer psychology. Here are a few elements of a good corporate logo.


1. Notice-ability

One of the professional logo design aspects that should be given much priority is the area of notice-ability. The graphic design company should take special care when handling the color palettes. If a logo contains an image or an illustrate, it should directly translate to the company’s values and visions. It should stand out from the sea of competitors and also bear relevance to the service/ product it is signifying.

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2. Legibility

Another element of a good corporate logo is legibility. At one glance, the consumer should be able to tell what the product/ service is all about. People should not harbor any confusion when trying to decipher the meaning of the logo. It should be simple and elegant at first place. When it comes to companies with longer names, the legibility may be ruined when the size is altered. The typography should not be too complex. Do justice to your typography. After all, what is the point of having a company logo if people cannot read it? Here are THE TOP 5 BASIC TYPOGRAPHY TERMS EVERY DESIGNER SHOULD KNOW.

3. Simplicity

A logo should always be classy and elegant. It can be clever and statement-making. However, it can never be too complex and tacky. When it comes to the question of how is a professional company logo designed, using too many colors and images ruins the whole essence. It might look too flashy and send the wrong message to your customers. It might look intelligible. The customization on a logo should not be the extent that it loses its simplicity and elegance. Less is more.

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4. Uniqueness

The most important professional logo design aspect is uniqueness. Logos are the means with which your company sets itself apart from all its competitors. Will people remember it? Is it the first thing they think about when it comes to your company? The shape, color and typography can make all the difference in the world. Stay away from colors and typography that might misrepresent your company. Make sure the design is nothing anyone has ever seen before. It is crucial to building brand identity. Check out our next blog on TOP 10 DESIGNING PRINCIPLES: UNDERSTAND THE DYNAMICS BEHIND DESIGN AESTHETICS.

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5. Adaptability

A lesser-known  element of a good corporate logo is adaptability. With the revolutionary things happening in the world of tech, your logo needs to be adaptable in all kinds of devices such as websites, mobile phones, social media, online advertisements, business cards and letterheads. It should be easily shareable. Both print media and web should be able to accommodate your logo in varying sizes.

The overall attractiveness of a logo design depends on these professional logo design. If your logo artist misses even one criteria, the end result is bound to falter. Do not confuse complexity of design for flashy, shoddy designs. It is crucial you hire a good graphic designing agency when it comes to the process of how a professional company logo is designed. Otherwise, your brand would be lost in a wide ocean of mediocre brands.


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