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Do you have questions like how do ad agencies use outdoor advertising? As a client, you must have thoughts about putting outdoor advertisements for your business. The benefits of outdoor advertising are proven. Outdoor advertising has been in use since the dawn of advertising itself. To know about what tricks the best advertising agencies for outdoor advertising do, keep reading.

An outdoor advertisement is roughly a broad term applied to any kind of advertisement that a consumer comes across, outdoors. An average person sees at least one outdoor ad everytime he/she steps out of the house. In this day and age, the best advertising agencies for outdoor advertising are quickly evolving because it is not as easy as it was earlier. Specially when it comes to grabbing the consumer’s attention. Outdoor advertising is a mass-market medium, just like radio, television, and movie advertising. The benefits of outdoor advertising mainly include brand awareness, broad messages and campaign management. Listed below are the most common types of outdoor advertisements:

  • Hoardings
  • Billboard advertising
  • Movie posters
  • Point of sale displays
  • Street furniture (bus shelters, telephone booths, etc.)
  • Transit advertising and wraps (taxis, buses, subways, trains, etc.)
  • Mobile billboards

best advertising agencies for outdoor


When it comes to mass-market communication, the best advertising agencies for outdoor advertising do not work for cheap. There is a lot of severe competition for hoarding and billboard ads in prime places. The cost varies with the place, duration and product.

As a business-owner, you must know how this cost is calculated. The system, in which the pricing is calculated is called Gross Ratings Points (GRP), which depends on the variable of estimated impressions produced by a media, for the outdoor location. The lesser known factors that act as variable in the cost are traffic, visibility, size of billboard and so on.

best advertising agencies for outdoor


Mainly in cosmopolitan areas, the reach of outdoor advertising is very widespread. It is a method of mass communication. It is ideal for targeting commuters directly. If your ad is good enough, it will turn heads very easily.

Outdoor advertising is a method, in which the best advertising agencies for outdoor advertising put up billboards and hoardings outside shopping centers and retailers. This kind of location is highly prefered as, according to marketing research, people are more likely to make a purchase, if the purchasing station is conveniently around.

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best advertising agencies for outdoor


When it comes to the question of how do ad agencies use outdoor advertising, the advertiser only has a few seconds to send a complex message to the viewer. It is absolutely vital to highlight the product, service in the advertisement. Bright colors, brilliant images and bold letters are used for this purpose. They attract and engage the customer. Most good outdoor ads will have very short and crisp content and will never put lines and lines of text.

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best advertising agencies for outdoor

Effective outdoor campaigns

To make sure that you reap the benefits of outdoor advertising, you need to keep a few things in mind. These methods are used by the best advertising agencies for outdoor advertising to increase the attention span of the consumers:

  • Your ad agency needs to come up with tactics that shock and awe people. The ad should be so mind-blowing that people start sharing it on the social media. Ask yourself questions like: Is my product inventive and quirk? Does it come with attractive incentives? Does in make a statement? Your ad needs to be bold and innovative in its approach.
  • When it comes to the question of how do ad agencies use outdoor advertising, the hoardings and billboards should be put up in high-traffic areas, where they can gain maximum visibility. If people do not see them, then you are just wasting your precious ad budget. It is advisable to put up a sign at one place and get a million views rather putting them in five places and getting fewer views.
  • The best advertising agencies for outdoor advertising make it a point to investigate the advertising area. This process is necessary to ensure that there is no competition to the product, which can serve as threat to your company. Ad companies make sure that your product has the full limelight.
  • The outdoor advertising is only seen if the advertisement is kept simple and short. It is no point saturating the advertisement, since the viewer is just going to look at it momentarily. The visual aspect is highly focused on. These ads are not put up to inform, but to intrigue.

When you sign a contract with the best advertising agencies for outdoor advertising, it is important that you do your research well. Beware of companies trying to dupe you by using low-traffic sites for your ads. Read the terms and conditions before picking the location and the duration. Depending on your product, the benefits of outdoor advertising can go a long way, if it is done correctly.



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