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Freelance video production has become a major source of supporting income, for those who have a keen interest in this area. They use their skills and innovational ideas for their own benefit as well as the clients. This blog talks about the positive and negative aspects of hiring freelance video ad producers.

Freelance video producers have become more common than video production companies these days. They are more feasible and also cost-effective. But, they sometimes lack commitment. It has pros and cons of its own. The merits and demerits of freelance video production are discussed below.


Is freelance video production the way forward? low cost

Low costs

The cost involved in freelance video production is way lower than those charged by video production companies. This makes start-ups and firms with low budgets more inclined to choose freelancers.

Is freelance video production the way forward? Communication is effective


Clients can continuously stay in touch with the freelance video producers through phone calls and emails. If required, the freelancers would also be happy to visit the clients on multiple occasions, whenever needed.

Is freelance video production the way forward? Specialisation


Experienced freelancers know the field of their interest and will only accept a project if the requirements match their abilities. Many people believe that freelancers may accept any project just to earn an extra amount of money. But, the misjudgment here is that a client would definitely go through a freelancer’s portfolio before contacting one. The client would prefer to choose only the freelancer whose work matches with his/her requirement.

Is freelance video production the way forward? Technical knowledge about modern equipments

Technical knowledge about modern equipment

Almost all good freelance video producers have a proper understanding of the modern technology. Most of them can operate important software and keep on experiment with new technology. This helps them to learn and gain experience on their own.

Is freelance video production the way forward? Up to date with trends

Up to date with trends

As freelancers are more active on social media, they come to know the latest trends. Hence they can give a better direction for the project.

Is freelance video production the way forward? Collaborations enhance their knowledge

Collaborations enhance their knowledge

Freelance video producers collaborate with different clients and other vendors on a regular basis. They also partner with other freelancers for some projects. This enables them to enhance their knowledge from time to time. Each new collaboration teaches them something of value and enhances their quality of work.


Is freelance video production the way forward? Inability to afford all the required equipments

Inability to afford all the required equipment

Freelancers mostly work individually and don’t have the backing of large funding. There is numerous equipment required to shoot a professional video. A freelancer may not be able to afford all the equipment required for the project. Collaborations with other freelancers may help, but sometimes other freelancers are not available with whom collaboration can surface successfully.

Is freelance video production the way forward? No proper crew

No proper crew

Freelancers may take up some assignments in groups, but that divides the whole income, which is already low. Hence most people in freelance video production prefer working individually. This can result in extended duration of work.

Is freelance video production the way forward? Different priorities

Different priorities

A freelance video producer undertakes the work as a source of pursuing an interest or earning some money. Given the fact that he/she is a freelancer, he/she may have different priorities such as studies, friends, family, etc. Thus it can become difficult to complete a client’s project while managing everything else as well.

Is freelance video production the way forward? Won’t be able to meet expectations on long term project

Won’t be able to meet expectations on a long-term project

Freelancers are best for short-term projects. They have other priorities and therefore won’t be able to commit for a long-term. It is risky to trust upon freelance video producers on a long run, unless the person is known and really integral.

Is freelance video production the way forward? Low reliability

Low reliability

Only a few people in the line of freelance video production are there who actually possess the required skills. Even fewer are completely dedicated to their work. Hence several of them are completely unreliable. It is necessary to find the right, responsible freelancer.

There are other points like experience and quality that differ from person to person. A good freelance video producer could produce quality content, with his experience and talent. On the other hand, an average production house may not be able to render good service. Therefore, freelance video producers and video production companies should co-exist. Both are important in their own ways. This article presented you with pros and cons of a freelance video production. If you want to know about deep insights of video production companies, then do read our blogs: ‘Things you need to know about video production companies’ and ‘Process of working with a video production company’.


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