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The world requires people who can lead and show the path to other people. People with such great qualities are called leaders. Not every person has the quality of becoming a great leader and not every person comes with all leadership styles and qualities. It requires immense hard work and determination to act as a guide for other people. This blog highlights the top six leadership styles and qualities of great leaders.

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Leaders exercise great power. Every leader has his/her own way of tackling an issue. We have witnessed some great personalities and their best leadership qualities. Every leader has his own way of handling situations. In this blog, we have highlighted some top leadership styles and qualities with the examples of some great leaders. Let us first understand the different types of leadership.


Top 6 Leadership styles and qualities of great leaders

1. Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is based on morality and motivation. In this form of leadership, both employers and employees aim to uplift each other. The leader, who follows this system, focuses on building a trust-based relationship. S/he intends to build and create an inspiring vision. Walt Disney and Martin Luther King are some renowned people who are known to follow a transformational relationship style.

Top 6 Leadership styles and qualities of great leaders

2. Bureaucratic Leadership

Bureaucratic leadership is one of the oldest forms of leadership. Such leadership style emphasizes on procedures and historical methods regardless of their usefulness in the dynamic environments.

Leaders following this method believe in a systematic approach based on routine tasks. Leaders exercise power based on their position. Colin Powell preferred bureaucratic leadership to manage his work.

Top 6 Leadership styles and qualities of great leaders

3. Situational Leadership

Situational leadership follows the idea that no leadership style should be absolute. It advocates the idea of flexible leadership, which can be changed according to the situation. It is basically an adaptive style of leadership. The leaders in this system are known to change their strategies according to the dynamic environment. Dwight Eisenhower and Margaret Thatcher thoroughly believed that plans should be adjusted according to the situation.

Top 6 Leadership styles and qualities of great leaders

4. Charismatic Leadership

Leaders following the charismatic approach use their charm and influence to get the work done. They have high emotional intelligence but are less concerned about transforming the organization. Charismatic leadership focuses more on eloquent communication to motivate the people. Such leaders are mostly concerned with their own ambitions. Winston Churchill is an apt example, who believed in this type of leadership. Cesar Chavez and Bill Clinton are also relevant examples.

Top 6 Leadership styles and qualities of great leaders

5. Servant leadership

Servant leaders put the team before self. They strongly follow ethics and associate integrity in their work. They work for the development of their followers. Servant leaders believe that they are servants first and leaders later. Such leadership style takes time to build and may not be good in a situation which requires a quick decision. The brightest examples are Mahatma Gandhi, George Washington, and Mother Teresa.

Top 6 Leadership styles and qualities of great leaders

6. Quiet Leadership

A quiet leader believes in leading by example and doesn’t force people to do what they don’t wish to do. They don’t give orders. Quiet leadership focuses on action rather than words. Such leaders prefer operating in the background and work without an ego. They have great listening skills. Leading quietly can be more beneficial in some circumstances. Some examples are Rosa Parks and Abraham Lincoln.

These were some of the top leadership styles of great leaders. All of them have their own principles and ideology. But all the top leaders of the world have some common features. There are some basic rules that good leaders never compromise to follow. They cling on to these ground rules to develop as a great leader. Let us understand some top leadership qualities of great leaders.


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Top 6 Leadership styles and qualities of great leaders

1. Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are one of the best leadership qualities. Every leader should have these qualities for sure. These act as a base for their leadership skills. All great leaders function on the simple rule of honesty. If they don’t conduct their actions on these moral values, they won’t be able to motivate and influence their followers.

Honesty and integrity are indispensable leadership skills and are a part of work ethics that cannot be compromised. To understand the concept of work ethics better, check out our blog on 5 WORK ETHICS THAT CAN’T BE COMPROMISED IN A JOB AT ANY COST.

Top 6 Leadership styles and qualities of great leaders

2. Good decision maker

A leader can’t afford to be confused when he has the authority to give direction to his/her followers. People look up to a leader. Therefore, s/he has to be very good at the decision-making ability. The top leaders of the world are undoubtedly good decision makers. They analyze their work properly and then decide the course of action.

A lot goes into making the personality of a great leader. Practicing taking good decisions is definitely one of them. A good decision maker or a good leader needs to be pro at managing every task in the workplace. In order to manage everything smartly, h/she needs to be highly skilled at managing all the tasks. Read our blog on PROFESSIONAL TIPS TO IMPROVE MANAGEMENT SKILLS AT THE WORKPLACE to understand more about the topic.

Top 6 Leadership styles and qualities of great leaders

3. Accountability

Since people look forward to the instructions of a leader, s/he can’t escape from taking responsibility for his/her actions. Accountability is one of the best leadership qualities. All top leaders understand the repercussions of their actions and therefore believe in burdening them with the responsibility that comes with those actions. They have to be answerable for all the work that is done according to their instructions.

Top 6 Leadership styles and qualities of great leaders

4. Empowering others

A great leader empowers others. S/he should not only focus on self-growth, but also on the development of their fellow mates. It takes a lot to not to stay selfish in this world. The top leaders of the world are willing to work for the betterment of the people. The leadership qualities can only be developed by good observation and practice. Empowering others is one of the best leadership qualities.

Top 6 Leadership styles and qualities of great leaders

5. Great communication skills

Leaders have good oratory skills. They have the ability to captivate their followers with their communication skills. Great communication skills come with understanding and confidence. All the top leaders of the world know how to influence their followers by their speech. The communication cannot be only one-way, but it should always be two-way. Great leaders grow to become good listeners as well. They know when to speak, how to speak and what to speak. Communication skills are very essential to convey one’s ideas and thoughts. Read our next blog on ‘GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS – AN INDISPENSABLE PART OF WORK.

Everyone wishes to be a great leader some day. It requires years of practice and determination to inculcate appropriate leadership styles and qualities. One of the most important attributes of a great leader is that h/she must possess great soft skill techniques because soft skills have become a necessity in today’s corporate life. By following these simple traits of a good leader, you will be able to develop these leadership styles and qualities in yourself as well. After reading this blog, we are sure that you will able to identify your way of leading people.

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