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Are you working with a media agency? Are you aware of the problems faced by a media agency? As a business owner you must be aware of the top limitations of a media agency. The success of your business depends a lot on how you devise online strategies. It is thus important to know about the problems faced by a media agency. We have made a list of all the disadvantages of hiring a media services company.

In this day and age, media agencies have gained much prominence when it comes to advertising. These days, digital media advertising and marketing campaigns take up a significant chunk of your advertising budget besides traditional forms of media. Therefore, it is important that business owners know all the places where a media agency might fall short. In order to get your money’s worth you must keep in mind the top limitations of a media agency. If digital marketing is done incorrectly, it can backfire, causing your popularity to significantly even go down.


1. Damage to Brand Image

When it comes to the problems faced by a media agency, sometimes, they may not understand the full extent of your brand image. This may lead to a misrepresentation of the brand across all platforms of media, both digital and traditional. This will potray a terrible impression in the eyes of your customers. The company salespeople and the media advertisements cannot be singing to different tunes. It will give a picture of a highly disorganized enterprise with a lot of miscommunication. Read our blog A FEW WAYS YOUR DIGITAL AD AGENCY MIGHT BE MAKING BLUNDERS to know about the blunders your agency might be making.

Being too negative

2. Negative Feedback

Gone are the days of television ads, where it was much easier to win favorable response on behalf of the brand. One of the biggest problems faced by a media agency is that social media has made it more difficult to hide the discrepancies that your brand might have. Customers are free to express their dissatisfaction on social media if the service or product is subpar. These comments will deter potential customers from doing business. One of the top limitations of a media agency is that it cannot help these events. If your product is not up to the mark, it is bound to get tarnished on social media. Learn more about the BEST WAYS TO ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS USING SOCIAL MEDIA to implement them effectively

Demanding Time-Consuming Work

3. Time

One of the disadvantages of hiring a media services company is that a lot of time and money is needed in these kinds of advertising. When it comes to social media, the content has to be superb and conform to criterias such as SEO. The content has to be posted on regular basis for better impact. Television commercials are experimental as they involve a variety of different people at their disposal like actors, directors, songwriters and so on.

Cost to Results Ratio (ROI)

4. Delayed Return on Investment

Media agency investments are long-term. The revenue trickles in over time and with a lot of efforts. It depends on relation-building and building brand identity. Unlike traditional media, social media needs a lot of maintenance. However, traditional media impact can fade or cause negative impact as a part of the top limitations of a media agency. For sparkling, immediate response to your product, traditional media maybe more meaningful. Also learn more at ONLINE PR TECHNIQUES VS TRADITIONAL PR METHODS to make the right choice for your business.

Past Mistakes

5. Potential Embarrassment

When it comes to the problems faced by a media agency, your content matters a lot. If your content on social media is not polished and perfected, it is a recipe for disaster. Not only will it cause a bad impression to your customers but your brand will become a topic for much ridicule. Read our blog PUBLIC RELATIONS- AN INTEGRAL PART OF MARKETING for information on importance of PR. For companies with large customer bases, these mistakes do not go unnoticed. You do not want that kind of thing to be put up by your media agency and be associated with your brand image.

One of the problems faced by a media agency is that it does not create magic. It cannot caste a magic spell that will grow your company even if it produces subpar products and services. Aside from the top limitations of a media agency mentioned in this blog, it is not plausible to expect your business to grow, if your products are not efficient or unique. However, if you don’t invest in all the new age media, your business will not attain brand awareness or generate revenue.


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