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Our body language speaks more than our words. If our body posture and signs don’t sync with our words, then it means that we aren’t attentive in the communication. This blog is about the importance of non-verbal cues and will tell you the various ways that help in reading body language.

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We communicate with a lot of people in our daily lives. How do we know who is interested in us and who is faking? You can know what an individual is up to by observing his/her non-verbal cues. It is worthless to spend time trying to communicate with people who aren’t into you. So how will you judge those people? Here is the basic guide, which will help you assess people’s body language:

Observe facial expressions, Reading body language

Observe facial expressions to read body language

Facial expressions give away what people feel. You can judge if the other person is interested in the talk or not, by observing his/her facial expressions. The expression on a person’s face can help you determine if you can trust what the individual is saying. People with smiling and joyful faces are known to be more engaging than those with angry faces. Smile is very contagious. You may also like to visit & check our blog on SECRET PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT POINTS: MAKE ANYONE INSTANTLY LIKE YOU! Learn to assess the body language by noting the movement of eyebrows. For instance, raised and arched eyebrows indicate surprise. Reading body language can be simple if you just know how to draw your attention to minute details.

Examine the position of arms & legs, Reading body language: a basic guide

Examine the position of arms & legs

Movement of hands and legs are very important to know what the other person is feeling at the movement. Using the right or wrong body language can make or break the relationship you have with other people. It is a common belief that if someone’s hand is folded, he/she is not interested to listen. If someone’s feet are fidgeting, then probably he/she is nervous. A firm handshake can mean that the other person is very confident. If the individual tries to make any physical contact such as a tap on the back or a hug, it shows his/her involvement in the conversation. These are few tips to assess body language. It is an important non-verbal cue. Talking about interviews, it is one of the key element that shows how self-motivated & confident you are. Read our blog on 5 WAYS TO SHOW YOU ARE SELF MOTIVATED DURING INTERVIEWS to crack your interview successfully. Also, don’t forget to check out the job opportunities we have for you.

Body posture, Reading body language

EVALUATE Body posture

Body posture is an important non-verbal cue that will help you determine how confident the other person is. If the individual is stooping, then it might mean that he/she is not very assertive. On the other hand, people who sit straight demonstrate smartness and confidence. A person’s body posture can be open or closed. Assessing body language is a skill! A closed posture will demotivate any person to start a conversation. Considering not only face-to-face meetings, but it also helps interviewees to succeed in a video interview. You might also be intrested in going through a book written by our CEO, to know how to get your dream job.

Notice the head movements, Basic guide to read body language

Notice head movements

Head movements are also very important non-verbal cues. If a person nods while listening to you talk, he/she shows complete involvement. But if his/her noding becomes excessive, know that the individual is just pretending to listen. Uninterested people won’t show any head movements at all. Reading body language is very important in order to know how effective communication is. It is worthless to have a one-way dialogue. Read our blog on GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS: AN INDISPENSABLE PART AT WORK to improve your communications skills.

Observe the proximity of the person

Observe the proximity of the person

Personal space is very essential to feel protected and secure. When people encroach into your personal space, you are bound to feel insecure and uncomfortable. There are four types of personal space- intimate distance, personal distance, social distance, and public distance. Personal distance is most apt for having a conversation. You can know how others feel about you by assessing their body language based on the distance they maintain from us.

Observe the eye movements

Observe eye movements

Note if the other person is maintaining eye contact or not. Keeping eye contact is necessary to build trust and interest in a conversation. If a person doesn’t maintain eye contact and keeps looking everywhere else but you, then you should probably stop trying to get him/her listen to you. He/ she isn’t listening to you if they don’t give you attention. This is the most common way of breaking trust in any relationship. Eye movements are the most important non-verbal cues.

So, these were some simple tips that you should keep in mind while communicating with any person. This will help you to understand what the other person might be thinking. Accordingly, you can know what to speak and how much to speak. Go master your observation skills! In the corporate world, emails are also an important channel of communication. You should be well aware of ELEMENTS TO CONSIDER FOR PROPER EMAIL WRITING FOR FORMAL LETTERS.

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