More Knowledge = less ego and high learning capacity

Have you ever wondered how much can your knowledge expand? Or are you satisfied with whatever little you know? In this blog, we have focused on highlighting the importance of having a lifelong learning desire and why should a person concentrate on gaining more knowledge and enhance learning capacity at work.

It is very important that you keep learning and develop your ability to grasp things. If you become satisfied with your knowledge, then your growth will be stagnant and your mind will lose the ability to learn something new. Therefore, enhance your learning capacity to excel in your life and career. Also read more about having a Lifelong Learning Desire to understand how it plays an important role in achieving success in life.

Let us understand how more knowledge can help in lessening the ego and enhancing the learning capacity at work and vice-a-versa.

More Knowledge = less ego and high learning capacity

More flexible mentality

When you focus more on learning and gaining experience, your every step will turn out to be something that you learn from. When you are targeted in expanding your knowledge, you become more prone to new ideas and self-development. In this way, you will develop a more flexible mentality and an open mind. Try to take arguments in the right spirit and become acceptable to changes.

Try to enhance your learning capacity by interacting with as many people as you can. Concentrate on gaining more knowledge, to polish your personality. At the workplace, whenever you get the time, you should try to focus on learning by interacting and sharing knowledge. A good leader always tries to build good rappo with all the colleagues, with a motive to increase mutual interactions and gain more knowledge. Sometimes, even if you try hard, it gets difficult to build a good rappo with your office mates. Do check our next blog to Learn How To Impress People At WorkPlace.

More Knowledge = less ego and high learning capacity

Increase in knowledge base and experience

When you inculcate the habit of learning new things, you increase your knowledge base and expand the capacity of your brain. Try to be a receptacle to new experiences and facts. This skill will not only help you in your personal life but also will help you to excel in your professional life. A lifelong learning desire equips you for your career. More knowledge means more opportunities, you get to improve your performance.

In order to gain more knowledge, try to make the most of your spare time when you’re in office. One can enhance learning capacity at work just by talking to colleagues, discussing different projects and by sharing each other’s ideas.

More Knowledge = less ego and high learning capacity

More rational thinking

You attain knowledge by reading books, meeting different people and traveling. The entire process is very enriching and worth your time, quite valuable than sitting ideally. When you enhance your learning capacity, you become more rational and improve your decision-making skills. A reasonable approach to everything is important. We all struggle in our daily lives with indecisiveness and lack of right judgment. A lifelong learning desire is what will help you grow as a person and will make you wise enough to take critical decisions in life.

In the context of building more and more rational thinking, confidence and assertiveness go hand in hand. Building confidence and assertiveness are important in order to understand yourself and your colleagues. Follow these rules to build confidence and assertiveness within yourself.

More Knowledge = less ego and high learning capacity

Lessening of overconfidence and ego

Lifelong learning desire is based on the foundation of being open to new thoughts and opinions. This will automatically lessen your egoistic attitude. To do away with all your bad habits, you should concentrate on gaining more knowledge. Overconfidence is harmful to your career. Your personality won’t be appealing and friendly if you become egoistic in your life. Overcoming ego is not only important in professional life but also in our personal life. Follow this guide to understand these simple steps to know how to kill your ego at the workplace and be successful.

The Yoga of knowledge in Bhagavad Gita says that the knowledge, which helps us to realize our selfish desires is known as lower knowledge. The knowledge that helps us to overcome our ego and desire and realize who we are is known as real knowledge or higher knowledge. Gyan Yoga is the pursuit of true knowledge by learning how to control our mind and senses. The Bhagavad Gita identifies the Gyan Yoga (the path to knowledge) as one of the four main paths to liberation.

There are many leaders who wish to lead their team without giving importance to personal ego. Such leadership quality falls under the category- ‘Quiet Leadership’. If you wish to learn more about various leadership qualities, click here to read our blog on Top 6 Leadership styles and Qualities of Great Leaders.

In this blog, we have discussed the various benefits of having a lifelong learning desire. We would like you all to ask yourself these questions- Are you also among the ones who try to learn and extract knowledge from every field? Are you the one who tries to find ways to enhance learning capacity at work? Are you the one who tries to concentrate on gaining more knowledge every time? If not, then it is better that you inculcate this habit. Don’t act rigidly in your life, but be flexible in your approach. Make the best use of your time.

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