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We all want to be liked and loved by people. We try to find out ways to attract friends in our little ways. Sometimes, they work and sometimes they don’t. So, what goes wrong? How do we make anyone instantly like us? This blog highlights crucial personality development points that will not only help to develop the personality of an individual but will also, demonstrate ways to impress people.

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In order to impress people and create rapport with the people we meet in our lives, we need to have a developed personality. Everyone in this world wants to create an impact on people. They say that the ‘First impression is the only Impression’.  Be it your personal life or professional life, what really matters is your first interaction. Did you know that professional clothing plays a very important role in the corporate world to create your first impression? Visit our blog to read about the Importance of business attire: Why the first impression matters. Everyone in this world, wants to create an impact, but only some are capable of it. Not many are able to impress people. The truth be told, it is a series of personality development points as well as personality development rules that are practiced over time. Your conduct and your appearance reflect a lot about your personality. You may also like to visit and check our blog on Personality grooming rules to get success in career.

Let us now discuss the personality development points as well as traits that should be followed to receive the likes of people:

Secret Personality Development Points: Make anyone instantly like you!

Secret 6: Smile, it is infectious

People always like to surround themselves with good natured people. Friendly and amicable people are the ones who attract other people towards them. So, what is most common is these people? They all carry a smiling face throughout the day. Smiling is very contagious. Nobody would like to be around someone who is constantly angry and irritated. A smile eases the tension in the environment and has the ability to set all things right. Impressing people is easier if you often smile and remain jolly because people want to surround themselves with happy people.

Secret Personality Development Points: Make anyone instantly like you!

Secret 5: Create a warm positive connection

Creating a warm, positive connection is one of the most important personality development points. You have to get the vibes right in order to have an effective conversation. Always aim to make the person feel happy and contended. If the person feels that he/she has wasted time talking to you, then you seriously need to amend your ways!

Make other people comfortable and avoid insulting. But, don’t try to be excessively sweet. A deliberate effort to win hearts is far more dangerous. In order to develop personality and to impress people, you always have to remain very natural. This will only come with experience, time and with a lot of patience!

Secret Personality Development Points: Make anyone instantly like you!

Secret 4: Compliment based on accomplishments

This is a super important foundation to lay. When you appreciate the other person, s/he feels that you are genuinely interested in him/her. You win their confidence and admiration by complimenting them on the craft, on which they have worked. Celebrating others’ progress is also essential for developing your personality. Complimenting others means that you have a very giving nature and aren’t insecure about others’ progress. The key is to make the other person feel good about themselves.

Secret Personality Development Points: Make anyone instantly like you!

Secret 3: Use humor to make other people joyful

Human psychology is such that when we find happiness, we want more of it. A quick way to create happiness around someone is to make them laugh and feel high-spirited. Work on your humor and emotional expression to impress people and develop personality. Even if the things you say aren’t funny enough, it can bring a laugh if you just learn to maintain the correct pitch and talking style. Don’t you enjoy being around such funny people? Then try this yourself, once.

Secret Personality Development Points: Make anyone instantly like you!

Secret 2: Talk about positive things

People prefer staying away from those who are extremely cynical. Happy and optimistic people will always attract attention. Positive people come with that charm and magnetism that impresses people. Why do you think great leaders are able to influence people? Have you ever seen them talking negatively? No, right? They are what they are today because they have the ability to instill hope and positivism in people. This is one of the most important personality traits.

Secret Personality Development Points: Make anyone instantly like you!

Secret 1: Casually touch them

Read the body language of other people and calibrate your touch accordingly. You should be very observant to understand if the other person is comfortable with touch or not. This is very important to learn, in order to develop your personality. Some people will be satisfied with a firm handshake while some won’t mind being hugged. You have to be very careful because there are people who aren’t receptive to touch. Simply try patting on the back or shoulder to connect with the person.

With these points you can crack the code to make people like you. But this entire process can’t be developed overnight. In order to develop a great personality in your personal as well in your professional life, a lot of practice is required. It also requires time, patience and experience to achieve a great personality.

You have to let go of your ego and be friends with everyone. You will be able to understand others and impress people if you have no ego issues. Empathy and consideration is also the key! Read our next blog to understand How to Kill Ego at your workplace and become successful.

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