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Have you ever wondered what is it that gets a candidate selected in an interview? How to develop self motivation during interviews? We, at some point or the other, try to find out reasons to understand our mistakes and what prevents us from being selected in an interview. In this blog, we present the points that will help you show that you are self motivated during an interview.

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Interviewers like to recruit a candidate who is confident and who likes to take initiatives. There are some people who do not use their brains but believe in taking instruction all the times. There are many little things that make a huge difference. A candidate has to prepare well to ace an interview because an interviewer has an eye for every detail. Also know about some specific and important Interview skills that a candidate should possess to get hired in good companies. Interviewers don’t prefer passive workers, but the ones who can handle precarious situations. In short, they need self motivated people, who know their craft and don’t need timely monitoring. Here are some ways that will help you to show some self motivation during interviews.

5 ways to show you are self motivated during interviews.

5. Highlight achievements that demonstrate persistence

Mention all the relevant work that you have done till now, especially that demonstrates persistence and resilience. Employers prefer those who show commitment and sustainability towards their job. The one way, in which you can highlight this is by focusing on the number of years you have worked for an organization.

Employers want to distance themselves from candidates who are job hoppers and continuously change their companies. Just remember to be self motivated and talk about your experience and initiatives to crack an interview. Also, don’t forget to put greater emphasis on your achievements.

5 ways to show you are self motivated during interviews.

4. Give examples of situations where you have worked without supervision

Try to highlight the tasks that you have completed single handedly without supervision. It’s a signal that you have cracked your interview if your interviewers are impressed by the work that you have done in your past. Deliberately highlight all the assignments or projects that you have undertaken without help or the ones that you have lead in the past.

Leadership qualities are also essential these days. In order to get selected and show that you are self motivated during interviews, you need to focus on your strengths. Follow our next guide and read about Top leadership styles and qualities that a leader should have.

5 ways to show you are self motivated during interviews.

3. Prove your competency

Developing self motivation during an interview is an important trait to showcase in front of the recruiters. In order to prove your suitability for the applied job, you must relate your experiences with the job and draw parallels between the two. Also, show conviction about your own abilities. Show that you are committed to your work and prove that you will be a healthy addition to the organization.

5 ways to show you are self motivated during interviews.

2. Show activities related to your work

It is important to show self motivation during an interview. It would be much better if you just relate your extracurricular activities to your work. Those will show your interest and provide a critical analysis of your work. These extracurricular activities can be about your school, college or anywhere that you think might be relevant. So, develop self motivation and showcase your talent by following these tips.

5 ways to show you are self motivated during interviews.

1. Avoid flattering, be honest

Interviewers know that candidates who resort to flattering, are the ones whom they should trust the least. False praise and excessive use of sugar-coated words will only ruin your chances of cracking the interview. Be humble and honest with whatever you say. Develop self motivation during an interview by being yourself and try not to look desperate.

These were the tips that you need to keep in mind before presenting yourself in an interview. The most important element that employers search for, is the ability to lead oneself. Your employers will definitely hire you if you show self motivation during the interview. So go ahead and crack your interview by inculcating these tips. Also go through the following guides for further reading:

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