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We are aware of the importance of writing a formal email in our lives. It has made the communication process very smooth and convenient. Emails are the most important channel of communication in the corporate world. This blog highlights the proper email writing elements. It will also help you to understand the format of writing an email.

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The use of email has increased a lot with people using it as a basis of daily conversation. In particular, formal emails are difficult to write because there are a lot of things that have to be kept in mind. When your day-to-day tasks involve sending off multiple emails, vetting the draft becomes a challenge. You must have heard about many grammar editing tools. These tools detect errors and help to write mistake-free emails. We recommend that you take help of such tools while writing an email.

Let us understand proper email writing elements and tips with some basic principles. Here are some tips to write a good formal email:

Elements to consider for proper email writing for formal letters

1. Use an appropriate salutation

It is important to use the proper salutation in accordance with the nature of the letter i.e. formal and informal. The salutation is the first thing that the recipient will read. So it is better that you use an appropriate word to demonstrate respect and build familiarity. Always remember to use the correct salutation: Mr or Ms/ Mrs when you write a formal email.

Using ‘Dear’ is appropriate in initial emails but then it might feel repetitive if you use it in subsequent conversations. If you know the recipient well, then you can only write his/ her name. It is important that you follow proper email writing elements before you construct a proper professional format for writing an email.

Elements to consider for proper email writing for formal letters

2. Get to the point

If you are writing a formal email to someone whom you don’t know, then you better introduce yourself in the first paragraph. Try to give a general idea or reason about what is that you are writing in the first paragraph. In order to create a good impression, you need to follow the right format while writing an email.

Write the most important points in the top and then continue in the body of the email. By following this order, you will not only save the time of your recipient but will make the purpose of your email clear to understand. Always be direct and politesse, while writing a formal email.

Elements to consider for proper email writing for formal letters

3. Formal language

Structure your email in a proper way and make it sound formal if it is for a professional purpose. Don’t use unnecessary details that don’t relate to the purpose. Also, while creating a format for writing an email, make sure that it is crisp and professional. Don’t use slang words or jokes in your writing and be as polite as you can.

Elements to consider for proper email writing for formal letters

4. Keep it brief

There is no prescribed length for writing a formal email, but you should avoid making it too lengthy. It is important to follow proper email writing elements and make your email draft ‘precise and understandable’. Keep your emails brief because your prospects and customers do not have time to read your complete letter.

Elements to consider for proper email writing for formal letters

5. Use proper conclusion

It is also important to follow the proper format while writing an email. There are a variety of email types that are acceptable in formal emails. While writing a formal email, make sure that you end it well and follow up with your name, job title, and other relevant signature elements. Also if you have any necessary attachments to share, then mention it in the body of the email.

Make sure to use correct closings such as ‘Yours sincerely’, ‘Yours truly’, ‘Respectfully’ etc.

Elements to consider for proper email writing for formal letters

6. Contact details

Mention all your contact details properly, so that your receiver can reach out to you hassle-free. You should furnish all of your important details; such as Contact number, Residence Address, LinkedIn profile or any other source, through which you can be contacted.

Elements to consider for proper email writing for formal letters

7. Proper subject

Having a proper subject is one of the critical characteristics of proper email writing elements. Be very careful while writing your subject. It is the first thing a person will see in your mail. Your subject should be self-explanatory and compelling enough so that your recipient is induced to open your email.

Many times people don’t open their emails if they feel that it is not so important and worth their time. Keep a precise and clear subject to grab the attention of the recipient. Writing the correct subject is one of the most important parts of the format of writing an email.

These were the proper email writing elements that you should follow to draft an impressive email. It is very important that your information is conveyed properly and in a precise manner. Follow these simple steps to learn the format of email writing. You may also like to read our blog on Email Marketing: Importance, Tools, and Tips. to use emails on a professional marketing level.


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