Every retailer will want to see an escalation in the sales figures. A deflation in the sales of a departmental store can be extremely frustrating for the retailers, for all they need is profit for their business. Today, a lot of departmental stores are budding, giving rise to cut-throat competition in the market. Therefore, it is extremely important to have an edge over other competitors. This article highlights marketing strategies for departmental stores, to attract the customers to a departmental store and increase the sales.

As a retailer, it is frustrating to see the sales plummet. In such pressing situations, the retailer would want any advice that can pull him out of this position. All needed, is a strategy that can increase the sales of the departmental store. Are you struggling with the same issue? We have come up with 6 best marketing strategies for departmental stores, which should be undertaken to attract the customers.


1. Provide good services to the customers

Generally, every store offers more or less, the same list of products. But to attract the customers to a departmental store, the retailer has to perform better than his competitors. He has to provide a different experience and or a strong reason to visit his store again. Some stores have now come up with the idea of making their goods available online. Through this method, they can enhance their service by providing a delivery system, easy returns, online payments, discount and coupon facility etc. Being abreast with technology is very important to attract a wide range of customers to a departmental store.

Here is a list of distinctive facilities, which good retailers provide to their customers to increase the sales of his departmental store.

  • Neat and clean surroundings
  • Sufficient staff to attend to their needs
  • Welcome message as soon as they enter the departmental stores
  • Some kind of entertainment, while customers are standing in the billing queue
  • Proper parking facility with assistance
  • Speedy payment process

These are the basic facilities, which have shown promising results and lead to a sustainable growth of a departmental store. Polishing these services helps to increase the sales of a departmental store.


2. Special sales promotion tactics like coupons and discounts

Customers want the best services, at a reasonable price. Why not give them some special sales promotion offers to increase the sales of the departmental store? Experts suggest that providing incentives, attracts a lot of crowd. The biggest challenge here is marketing! A good marketing and advertising policy, coupled with some attractive offers will give a boost to the sales. Agencies like ours are apt at creating cost effective campaigns to derive the desired ROI.

Some basic offers to attract customers to a departmental store are listed below:

  • Buy one get one free offer
  • Free gift hampers on purchase above a certain amount
  • Extra reward points on purchase
  • Stock clearance sales
  • Discount on next purchase
  • Offering a free product

There will be an increase in the sales of departmental stores, if customers are lured by attractive offers. Irresistible customer incentives always work and will certainly result in a surge in the sales figures.


3. Target the online customers

Talking of modern times, 9 out of 10 people use Facebook. Around, 80% of these users visit departmental stores on a regular basis. These statistics give enough reason to tap the social media. Using multiple channels to attract customer to a departmental store, is an old trick. Now that the reach of social media has expanded, exploiting its services is the best way to retain customers and one of the best marketing strategies for departmental stores. Read our blog: ‘A detailed guide to learn basic Facebook marketing’ to ace up your game on Facebook marketing.

Many times, the customer visits a store, but returns without purchasing any items. Here comes the role of effective re-marketing. Giving advertisements in the customer’s social media pages about the store, would induce him to return to the store to make an purchase. By making use of the internet, the retailer can re-target his customers more effectively, which will result in the increase in the sales of the departmental store.


4. Engage with the customer

Today’s market is customer oriented. Customers prefer those sellers who can connect with them and make them feel valued. There are a plenty of businesses running with the same motive and target. To have a big share of the market, it is important to make the customers feel privileged after visiting the departmental store.

Here are some ways to engage with the customers and make them feel special:

  • Build an emotional connection
  • Treat the customer as a part of the team
  • Host events and contests
  • Raise personalized communications to the customers

These strategies will encourage people to visit a particular store. This will attract customers to the departmental store, because at the end of the day all they want is to be treated with respect.


5. Smoothen the facilities provided to the customers

Handling a departmental store is not an easy task. It requires manpower to set a perfect store for the customers. But it is human nature to make mistakes. But in departmental store marketing, it is a tough task to correct those mistakes. So to overcome these errors, why not take the help of technology.

Here are two important software, required to develop departmental marketing system:

  • Receipt printer: Say bye-bye to paper receipts and adopt the new technology of computerised receipt printers. Using computerized system will reduce the chances of errors and will also complete the work faster.
  • Digital inventory tracker: Handling a departmental store means shouldering a lot of responsibilities. In this cumbersome process, the person in charge might forget to check the inventory of the store. So to keep a regular record about the inventory, departmental stores should invest in the technology of digital inventory tracker. This tracker will give updates about the stock on a daily basis.


6. Location-based advertisement

In departmental stores, there exists a lot of competition. Sales and advertising go hand in hand, the person in business must take the advertisement factor very seriously for a sustainable growth of the departmental store. Strong advertising capability is required to trap the customers. The best medium for advertising is the local/ regional newspapers. Hoardings and banners also invite the attention of the people. It is one of the best marketing strategies for departmental stores. Know more about sales strategies by reading our blog: ‘Best types of sales strategies used today’.

You can also adapt a more aggressive and result-producing marketing strategy, namely Guerrilla Marketing. It involves promotional activities through unorthodox strategies and platforms to create good branding for your store.

These were some marketing strategies for departmental stores. If you want to know more about the art of attracting customers, read our blog: ‘A beginner’s guide on how to attract new customers to business’. If you have any other suggestions and opinions that you think increase the sales of departmental stores, feel free to share your marketing strategies for departmental stores with us in the comments section below.

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