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A marketing mix plays a key role in shaping the marketing strategy of a company. A systematic and structured real estate marketing strategy is a must for successful growth of a real estate company. The following article highlights an ideal marketing mix strategy for a real estate company.

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The marketing mix consists of 4 P’s. The 4 P’s are namely- Product, Price, Promotions and Physical distribution (Place). It is important to implement the concept of marketing mix in a systematic manner. A real estate company deals in selling, buying as well as in renting of properties. The properties can be both residential as well as commercial. Top commercial real estate projects as well as good residential projects, pay a lot of emphasis to formulate the ideal marketing mix strategy for their real estate business.

Have website’s for different kinds of properties

1. Have a website for different rental properties

Your organisation should have a website showing the variety of properties offered. It should serve as an online platform to search for properties according to one’s interest. The website must contain all the relevant information about the variety of properties showcased including their price, location etc.

The website must render information about your company to the visitor. For example, an “About Us” page on the website is a must. Check out our About us page that is used to give a comprehensive know-how of our business to the visitors.

Professional photography- to attract buyers, Marketing mix strategy for a real estate company

2. Professional photography: Marketing mix strategy for a real estate company

A good and professional photography is necessary for a real estate company. It helps in attracting customers to a brand. You should hire professional and experienced photographers to get photographs of the various properties. Further, display the best shots on the website and on the company’s catalogue.

Catchy photographs capture the customer’s attention. It gives them a positive feeling while dealing with your brand. Thus, it’s a must to include it in the marketing mix strategy for a real estate company.

Online marketing, Marketing mix strategy for a real estate company

3. Online marketing is a crucial marketing mix strategy for a real estate company

Online marketing is a good way to reach out the masses. Its cost-effectiveness makes it an ideal way of marketing. You can advertise at low costs. For example posting ads on various listing websites. Online marketing is a 24/7 marketing option as compared to the conventional forms of marketing.

Though, conventional techniques like outdoor advertising are still an amazing form of marketing, however we can’t ignore the fact that we are surrounded by thousands of internet users today. So, online marketing is like taking an advantage of the growing importance of social media.

You should use social media platforms to spread the word about your brand. Hence, online marketing is a must in the marketing mix strategy for a real estate company. You may also like to read our blog on ALL ABOUT CHOOSING THE RIGHT SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING AGENCY to get more insights on it.

Advertising- brochures and pamphlets, Marketing mix strategy for a real estate company

4. Advertising: Brochures and pamphlets

You can & should use conventional marketing to spread information about your services. A properly made brochure or pamphlet is easily readable. It communicates information to the customer in a simple way. Moreover, these tools enable you to have a face-to-face interaction with the customers during distribution process.

Therefore, advertising using brochures and pamphlets is an effective part of a marketing mix strategy of a real estate company. To comprehend what we are talking about, have a quick look at these pamphlets and brochures designed by Uni Square Concepts for our clients.

co-workers working with laptop image

5. Plan attractive offers for different classes of customers

You should prepare attractive offers for different kinds of customers who turn up. Begin it by analyzing what the customer exactly wants. This should be followed by enlisting the suitable options for the customer. Then, present those offers in a well-organized and tactical manner. An attractive and convincing offer increases the chances of a sale. Offering flexibility to the customer in making the payments (EMI options) is one scheme that can be presented.

You may also like to read this case study detailing the marketing mix strategy of a real estate company in India. It will give you an overall guide to know what you should do if you are in the same boat. Or, read our next blog on 10 SUCCESSFUL MARKETING TACTICS THAT WORK FOR EVERY INDUSTRY regardless of location, niche, and some specific criterias.

Hopefully, now you know how to develop a marketing mix strategy for a real estate company. Long story short, you should understand the importance of having a marketing mix strategy for a real estate company. And then, put all of it in practice. This will surely enhance your business’s overall success and raise your stakes.


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