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In today’s business development sphere, we are surrounded by a large number of marketing institutes that help us to learn practical marketing by giving us marketing training. This article provides the reader with a quick marketing training in a few basic pointers. Through this article, we aim at making the reader well versed with the basic professional marketing knowledge.

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Marketing training enhances a person’s marketing knowledge in order to increase the sales for any business organisation. Marketing is a wide sphere with various inherent concepts that are critical to every business organisation. There’s an increasing demand for people who are well versed with the concept of marketing, in order to establish a smooth functioning of any business organisation. This quick marketing training will polish you with basic know how of marketing in a speedy and brief way.

A brief guide for quick marketing training It is difficult to sell but it is not impossible to sell

It is difficult to sell but it is not impossible to sell

The question of ‘How to sell a product?’ indeed, has a difficult answer to it. However in today’s fast moving world, no job or task is simple. Following are the top four difficulties faced by an everyday seller in the market. We have also highlighted the ways in which they can overcome such difficulties:

  • How to compete against the low priced products of the competitors: Simply, convince the customer about your product’s  quality and its long term value as compared to the competitor’s product.
  • Too much competition in the market: Differentiate your product in terms of quality while working upon the interactions with customers on a personal level. Personalised customer interactions tend to increase the chances of a sale. Developing a trust based upon knowledge is what you should focus at.
  • How to meet sales goals timely: Acquire professional marketing knowledge or undergo a quick marketing training to have the knowledge and zeal required. A proper know how of marketing would lead to enhancement of your confidence level, resulting in increased sales.
  • How to make customers think about your product: Get into the customer’s mind and portray your product according to the basic psychology of an average customer in the market.

A brief guide for quick marketing training Hard work and foregoing ego is the key

Hard work and foregoing ego is the key

Hard work combined with smart work is the key to increase sales for any business organisation. The question is, ‘how to inculcate both hard work and smart work in yourself?’

Prepare an effective sales strategy after an in depth research and put it into practice combined with hard work. In order to get the maximum number of deals, the egoistic approach to things and people must be foregone. For example, often fresh marketing executives are bothered by negative reactions that they receive from the potential customers, while they’re approaching them for the sales. You should understand that the egoistic approach of the marketing executives is a cause of worry. An experienced marketing executive will always know that his objective is of selling the product, and it should be kept at the highest priority. An experienced executive will accept the negative and rude reactions from the potential customers and will find ways to work upon them, ultimately closing the sales deal. Hence, people entering the marketing field should kill their ego at the very first instance, only then will they be able to survive and succeed in this domain. Once the deals are on the table, one can work upon the sales aspect focusing on the needs and wants of every deal.

A brief guide for quick marketing training Lead generation & Lead conversion- Two separate steps

Lead generation & Lead conversion- Two separate steps

Lead generation is defined as identifying the potential customers for your product. It focuses on attracting people through various product promotional methods and converting them into leads. It is primarily made to get people onto the buying track- Converting people into prospective business opportunities.

Lead conversion is defined as converting the prospective business opportunities (Leads generated), into business opportunities, leading to revenue generation. Lead conversion is basically the end point of the buying track and the aim of every marketing executive must be to get the customer at that end point in a cost effective manner.

The trail from lead generation to lead conversion relies more up on smart work than hard work and forms the basis of ‘How to sell a product?’.

A brief guide for quick marketing training Ways for generating leads

Ways for generating leads

There are multiple ways of generating leads for a business. Right for doing cold calling to the potential audience, to having the customers call you by showing them your ads, an experienced and efficient marketing executive will never be short of good leads.

A brief guide for quick marketing training Skills required for converting leads

Skills required for converting leads

  • Provide attractive incentives to customers
  • Present the sales offer in a convincing manner
  • Continuous follow up- Don’t give up
  • Hire creative and convincing sales representatives
  • Focus on good demonstrations
  • Set sales target
  • Offer free samples

All the above skills can help in converting a lead into sales. However, one must always be aware of the basic psychology behind a customer’s mindset and how he takes decisions. Setting your sales strategy according to the customer, increases your chances of converting a lead into sale.

A brief guide for quick marketing training Ensuring customer satisfaction & feedback

Customer satisfaction

The most significant part of this quick marketing training is based upon the level of customer satisfaction offered. The key to success for any business organisation lies in valuing customers for long term growth and revenue.

Customer satisfaction automatically transforms into a promotional tool, if it is kept consistent with time and improved. Therefore, one must ensure regular feedback from customers to understand an average customer’s psychology and inculcate the same in delivering the products. Thus, customer satisfaction marks not only long term success of any business, but also marks the brand loyalty.

The following tips work as an aid to the customer satisfaction process:

  • Be prompt in responding to a customer
  • Good customer treatment
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction as a significant goal
  • Demonstrate products in front of customers in creative ways
  • Ensure proper reporting in case of services involved

The working and growth of an organisation is determined by its profits, which is determined by sales that in turn depends upon customers. Thus the role of customers is very significant to an organisation’s smooth functioning in the long run.

A brief guide for quick marketing training Seeking referrals

Seeking referrals

Referrals is a sales lead generated by a customer. Since we all are easily swayed and influenced by what we hear, word of mouth is considered to be the most effective sales strategy. Therefore, seeking referrals are an important part of this quick marketing training course. Following are some tips to get more referrals for business organisations:

  • Acknowledge the referral sources
  • Ask clients for referrals in a sophisticated way
  • Make the referral process easy
  • Offer incentives for referrals

A brief guide for quick marketing training Repeat!


Once you’re done going through all the points of quick marketing training, put this professional marketing knowledge into practice with hard work and smart work and get as many sales as you can. Go on repeating the sales process with the same pointers in your mind, while communicating with the customers in order to maximise the number of sales.


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