For most marketers and advertisers looking to try out online ad campaigns for their advertising strategy, there is always an initial struggle in relation to budget allocation, campaign optimization, searching more relevant keywords for setting up bids, etc. While visibility across different platforms is given prime importance, several other factors come into play while managing online pay-per-click advertising. This is when online PPC bid management tools come into the picture. 

PPC ads only entail payments when the customer clicks on them. Thus, it becomes essential for marketers to make sure that their campaigns get maximum customer engagement by placing their bids on the most well performing keywords. Online PPC bid management tools are designed in a manner that ensures that bidding does not become a research and time intensive job. Through regular suggestions and recommendations, these tools work towards making auction navigation easier and convenient. So, refer to the below mentioned list of the best online PPC bid management tools and start creating dynamic ad extensions today.  


Skai is an online PPC bid management tool that offers effective solutions to enterprises as well as small scale advertisers. It offers a wide range of bidding features for marketers to choose from including portfolio bidding, model based bidding and rule based bidding. 

  • Application: The tool offers features like campaign creation and drives traffic through increased number of clicks through the programmed accounts. It allows users to gain insights and information through real time detailed reports with it’s advance reporting and A/ B testing feature.
  • Ease of Use: The tool has no particular bounds in terms of budget. It helps convert any budget into an appealing online ad. It further helps users identify their ideal target audience on the basis of geography. Besides making use of 7 unique algorithms for conducting a keyword research, the tool also helps users check campaign results through useful formulas.
  • Key Feature: The differentiating factor that Skai has is its ranking, retention and overall app presence. With excellent mobile bid management solutions, they help advertisers make the most productive use of their advertising finances.
  • Pricing: Can be requested on their website through a demo.  

2. Marin

Marin is one of the most powerful online PPC bid management tools that is not only powerful but is also efficient and easy to use. This tool helps users to effectively utilize the power of AdWords and set up bids for a variety of events or filters like video views. 

  • Application: By integrating digital marketing efforts between Amazon, Facebook and Google, the tool helps you post ads on social media sites as well as search engines. By helping to improve ad performance and visibility, this tool makes it easy to manage and navigate account features.
  • Ease of Use: Through an AI equipped system, the tool allows users to integrate multiple channels. This helps to bring together a wide volume of ads as compared to other websites for making adjustments to data as per the required goals. With the charts and presentations feature available in the reports section, it becomes fairly easy to analyze the progress of the campaigns by anyone.
  • Key Feature: The tool offers an easy to customize dashboard that can help marketers stay up to date with necessary information. By providing special features for education, retail, e-commerce, etc. the tool helps in real-time tracking using the Marin Dynamic Campaigns feature.
  • Pricing: Marin has a free trial available and also offers paid subscription plans starting at $499 per month. 

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3. Acquisio

Acquisio being one of the most popular online PPC bid management tools, emphasizes on effective automation by streamlining campaign tracking and adjusting searches for different kinds of ads. Through excellent customer support, account creation on Acquisio becomes a quick and easy process. 

  • Application: The comprehensive dashboard of this tool integrates the compiled data from different search engines at the same time. Thus, saving significant amount of time and creating reports that make the process of report analysis fairly simple for readers. It also helps in effective management of Facebook ads and social retargeting.
  • Ease of Use: On the basis of the events defined by marketers, the tool automatically changes bids to allow users to use different campaign creation tools for creating, managing and optimizing online ad campaigns. Through a cross channel reporting system, it allows users to reach out to their target audience through several platforms at the same time. Through automation of scheduling, scaling of projects and thereby increasing productivity, users can create effective campaigns in no time.
  • Key Feature: Being an effective tool even for beginners, this tool provides certain features that stand out which include bulk importing and editing, cross channel reporting, keyword search and bid management.
  • Pricing: The tool offers a free trial as well as paid plans for standard, professional and enterprise use. Pricing for these is available on request. 

4. Clickable 

Clickable serves as one of the best one-stop shop online PPC bid management tools for getting the best sales and marketing ROI. It helps users get real time tracking statistics for their bid campaign. It helps in carrying out adjustments as and when required. With high quality management tools, it helps users to increase revenue and visibility as well.

  • Application: By providing a platform that is integrated in social and search advertising, it helps users to create the best strategy for themselves. Through competitive measurements and analytics, the dashboard of the tool makes user navigation easy and less time consuming.
  • Ease of Use: Through an automated reporting system, the users can easily work on resolving any errors or out-of-date data that may be taking up unnecessary space. With the Act-Engine feature offered by the platform, users can get suggestions about the best performing ads and can then place their bids accordingly. This helps in better budget allocation.
  • Key Feature: It consolidates information under a single dashboard while working with several different channels like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. for performing services related to tracking, buying and targeting bid performance for maximum revenue.
  • Pricing: They do not offer a free version. The paid version starts at $795 per year. 

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5. PPC Bidmax

PPC Bidmax is one of the most popular automated online PPC bid management tools available. Earlier known as Dynamic Bid Maximizer, this tool effectively works towards mechanizing keyword auctions through flexible and automated bidding features. 

  • Application: The major emphasis of this tool is that it helps in regulating search-engine-specific keyword bidding while working with search engines like Google and Bing to increase overall user ROI. Not only does this increase the rate of conversion but also helps to boost traffic on your website.
  • Ease of Use: Campaigns settings can easily be switched on and off. Here importing and converting ads across the platform is a quick and efficient process. This not only helps in saving the per click costs but also lets users focus more on other time intensive tasks that require attention. The tool helps produce analytical reports using easy to understand algorithms.
  • Key Feature: The tool offers customizable and advanced features that can be used to understand the current status of the user’s available budget and the supporting keywords. With a scheduling option, data about every detail can be collected on a day to day basis. With the free tour service of the application, one can also understand whether the tool serves their requirement or not.
  • Pricing: A free trial is available, while the paid plans start at $48 per month.

While these tools cater to different marketer requirements, it is essential for users to clearly map out their goals and objectives and work towards utilizing these tools to their advantage. These tools are an excellent investment and go a long way in terms of optimization of bids and campaign creation. They help brands to increase visibility while combating competition effectively. So, pick up the best online PPC bid management tools as per your requirements and kickstart your online advertising tactics the right way. 


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