The profession of content writing is a hot topic these days. A lot of people find the profession of content writing attractive. Consequently, many people want to pursue content writing as a career. But, before entering into any field, it is important to know a number of things about it. This blog will explain almost everything you need to know before you pursue content writing as a career. We will discuss certain aspects like qualifications required to become a content writer, soft skills of a content writer and his roles.

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Content writing is a mixture of creative as well as technical work which makes it a little challenging. Therefore, an aspiring content writer should know which qualifications are necessary for him. One should also be able to develop the required soft skills and fulfill the responsibilities of a content writer. This blog will educate you with the aspects that you should be aware of in order to enter the content writing profession.

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1. Basic qualifications

There are some basic educational qualifications that every profession demands. The motive of qualifications in content writing is to ensure that the person has certain soft skills that are required in this type of work. Language proficiency, thinking capacity, increased dynamic knowledge, etc. are some of the major skills that are required to become a good content writer. However, the basic qualifications that are required to become a content writer are as follows:

  • A bachelor’s degree: The most common and basic requirement of any company hiring a content writer is a bachelor’s degree. The person can have a degree in a number of subjects. It is most preferable that the person has a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Journalism honors is essential as it teaches you how to cater to the masses and will also help you in your content writing career to write good content that ultimately has to serve the masses too. One can also have a degree in whichever subject he wishes to write content on. For example, if someone wants to maintain a blog over economic changes and conditions in a nation then he should have a degree in Economics. Also, having a degree/diploma in a language will be helpful. Generally English and Hindi are preferred as both these languages are spoken and understood by the masses.
  • Proficiency in HTML/ Photoshop/ Dreamweaver: A content writer should have some basic knowledge, if not professional qualification, in programming. Learning HTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc. will broaden your parameters of work and knowledge. Learning programming can also help a content writer to run an independent blog. A number of companies make it mandatory for a content writer to have a course in any of the above mentioned subjects.

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2. Soft Skills

There are various soft skills that an aspiring content writer needs to have. Having a degree only can never be sufficient for one to become a successful writer. However, acquiring a degree helps in development of the soft skills such as language proficiency, better communication skills, etc. Following are some of the most important qualifications that are required to become a content writer:

  • Writing skills: A content writer ought to have excellent writing skills. The basic work of a content writer is to write. Writing skills are way too important because the readers will stick to your blog only if your writing style is attractive.
  • Listening skills: A content writer should be efficient in listening. A very important thing in this industry is to listen, analyze and draw conclusions. One must have good listening skills in order to create good content out of little hints and pieces of information.
  • Time management: Content writing involves a number of things other than writing. A content writer has to research, analyze and interpret information. It is very important for him to also know the art of time management. One should know how much time he should devote to each of the tasks he has got in hand.

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3. Roles and responsibilities of a content writer

It is important to know what are the roles and responsibilities of a content writer. A content writer has to create and develop content as per an organization’s need. He has to write SEO friendly content in order to improve the website’s ranking on SERP. Most of the times, a content writer is required to write content for digital marketing and promotion of products and services. But, sometimes the writer has to write content to deliver some information to the masses regarding some topics. A content writer can also run a personal blog if he wants to. Apart from that, he would be held responsible for maintaining the social media platforms of an organization and its content. It is the responsibility of a content writer to make sure that his content is original and there is no plagiarism found in his content.

The job of a content writer is a difficult one. But one can easily cope up with the hardships and challenges if he alters his personality to suit the needful. In order to become a content writer, one should acquire the required degrees, develop soft skills and try to fulfill all the responsibilities. By the end of this blog, you must be now aware of the qualifications required to become a content writer and the other important things too. So, kick start your content writing journey right now and explore this wonderful niche for excellent results.


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