One of the best advantages of search engine optimisation is that you can use it to target a specific audience based on their location and revamp your ad strategy. This is where it gets important to know what is geotargeting. As now, you can target users by serving content tailored to specific locations with this feature. This blog will enlighten you with what is geotargeting, what is geotargeting a website for SEO and lists tips to reach the target audience.

So what is geotargeting? It refers to the process of serving different content or advertisements based upon a user’s geographic location. It is especially beneficial when you are targeting local customers or have customers in various locations all over the world.

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Tips for using Geotargeting to reach a specific audience

As mentioned before, search engine optimisation allows you to target the audience based on their location. To learn how to reach a specific audience with Search Engine Optimisation follow these tips:

  • Target location specific keywords: If you want to rank for relevant keywords in your niche, you are probably going up against major brands with hefty SEO budgets. The most powerful way to face this competition and rank well in the search engines is by targeting location specific keywords. To do this, take a highly competitive keyword and add a less competitive and highly relevant keyword related to the organisation’s locations.
  • Consider using targeted TLD: Using a targeted top level domain is valuable for geotargeting a website for SEO. A few examples of location specific TLDs are .in, .ca, .uk, etc. If someone uses to search for keywords then your website will become more relevant if it has a .in TLD. Though, for businesses targeting several countries this might not be a good option.
  • Create location specific landing pages: You can optimise further by creating location specific landing pages. A generic landing page may cost you conversions. But a landing page which is tailored to the audience’s location will boost the number of sales or leads.
  • Optimise your website for local searches: A large percentage of the search queries are for local searches. Thus, it is important for your website to turn up in the local search results. The answer to how to reach a specific audience with Search Engine Optimisation lies in optimising a website for local searches as well. If you want your website to appear for local search queries, sign up for Google my business and create listings in local directories. Make sure your business name, address and phone number are correct and try to gain positive reviews on Google.

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Using hreflang for a multilingual website

Hreflang tags are used for websites which show similar content to users in multiple languages. They are a great solution for geotargeting a website for SEO. Hreflang tags are implemented for content with regional variations, different languages or a combination of both. To differentiate website content for US and UK, or Japan and India, you would use hreflang tags. The use of hreflang tags improves user experience, reduces bounce rates and prevents the problem of duplicate content. You should use this tag if you have the same content in multiple languages or if the content is in the same language but is aimed at different geographic regions. To know how integral is content marketing in advertising, read our blog: HOW INTEGRAL IS CONTENT MARKETING IN ADVERTISING?

SEO is an extremely competitive marketing tactic and relevancy is the key factor to rank well. Rather than just focusing on keyword optimisation, focus on providing value as well. Geotargeting a website for SEO is a great way to optimise a website effectively in a cost effective manner. It can help you to easily target a specific audience based on their location.


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