There are many technical SEO online tools available for marketers, some free and some paid, which help you to see how exactly search engines see your website. With Google and other search engines updating their algorithms, technical SEO is something which website owners need to focus on. Without proper technical optimisation, all efforts for on-page and off-page optimisation will be rendered useless. This blog lists top technical online SEO tools which will help you to analyse the technical aspects of a website.

Technical search engine optimisation is a critical part of a SEO strategy. This is because by optimising the technical aspects of a website, not only do website owners make it easier for search engine to crawl and index a website, but it also contributes to a better user experience.

The free search engine optimisation websites mentioned in this blog allow you to focus on the aspects of your website which Google deems important. By using these tools you will be able to review and fix various areas of your website which will ultimately give a boost to your ongoing site optimisation.


1. Screaming frog

Screaming frog is a brilliant tool which allows you to crawl a domain in a similar way as search engines. It gives you information and insights to every aspect which you need to optimise for better SEO. You can also know about areas with technical issues like incorrect canonicalisation, duplicated pages, robots errors, redirect errors etc.

For small websites, it is a free search engine optimisation website. However, it is not that expensive for larger ones too. Hence, it is one of the top technical SEO online tools that every SEO needs to use to identify and resolve website issues.


2. Google search console is a top technical SEO online tool

One of the best online tools for SEO professionals, the Google search console, also known as Google webmaster tools, is the best way to gain insights on how Google sees your website. The search console allows you to see how Google views a particular URL by using the ‘fetch as Google’ feature.

Another great feature of this tool is the PageSpeed Insights. As PageSpeed is one of the effective On Page SEO element, this console comes in handy to evaluate the performance of a website in terms of speed. You can also use this tool to find and troubleshoot common crawl errors.


3. SEMrush site audit: Amongst the top technical SEO online tools

SEMrush provides a number of tool kits. One of its most used tool kit; is the SEO tool kit which makes it easier for you to optimise your website for search engines.

Another great tool provided by SEMrush is the site audit tool. It crawls a domain and creates a report showing the potential issues on your website. It also makes it easy to see that if the changes you have made to a website have had a positive or a negative impact on the various SEO metrics. This site audit tool easily shows reports and that makes it easier to resolve issues which might be overlooked otherwise.


4. IIS SEO toolkit: One of the top technical SEO online tools

The IIS SEO toolkit it is similar to screaming frog and is developed by IIS. There are a lot of things for which it can be used and many website owners use it especially for crawling large websites to know issues.

Along with this facility, this toolkit also gathers SEO related data. It doesn’t scroll and gives you as much data as possible including header response codes, metadata, URL structures, etc. The IIS SEO toolkit highlights a number of technical issues which you can then fix and make major improvements in rankings and traffic.

Schema creator

5. Schema creator

Schema creator is one of the free search engine optimisation websites. It allows you to generate markup for your content. For this, all you have to do is add content and then copy and paste the output on your website. Using schema markup makes it easier for search engines to understand the content of web pages. But creating the schema markup can be a bit tedious. The schema creator tool makes it easy to create the schema markup and reduces the chances of errors.

Google tag manager

6. Google tag manager: Most soughted top technical SEO online tools

Google tag manager is a powerful tool which provides numerous benefits to website owners. You can improve the accuracy of website traffic data by using triggers. It also allows non-developers to implement structured data on websites. It is one of the best, top technical SEO online tools.

Using Google tag manager, you can further ensure accurate indexing, understand website behaviour and import marketing automation parameters like lead tracking. Click here to read our blog on MOST EFFECTIVE LEAD GENERATION TACTICS USING DIGITAL MARKETING to know how professional agencies drive sales through the online mediums. 

The technical aspects of your website play a great role in your website appearing on the search engine result pages. Hence, by implementing the best Search Engine Optimisation practices and using the top technical SEO online tools, you can increase the chances of indexation and gaining better rankings.


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