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A logo acts as a symbol for your business brand. It forms a perception of your brand and its product in the eyes of the viewers. A solid logo forms a strong brand identity for your business organization. Companies look for cost effective opportunities in every aspect. This article presents the best free online logo makers for beginners.

A logo should be developed creatively, otherwise it won’t be able to capture the viewer’s attention effectively. We are providing you with a list of top rated online logo makers. However, it is suggested to get a professional designing done of your logo as it is a one time process. Moreover, professional designing of logo will ensure a greater appeal towards the target audience. In case, you choose to design the logo yourself, here is a list of the best free online logo design softwares:

The best free online logo makers for beginners Canva


Canva is an online logo designing website. It provides free online design tools, canva templates, images and graphics. The premium images are available at a cost of $1. Create an account on www.canva.com and begin designing your logo. You can download your file in different formats depending upon your needs. If you want to print your logo, download your file in a high resolution PDF file. It will give you a 300 DPI file of a professional quality. If you require your logo for online posting only, you can download it in PNG or JPEG format.

Besides, the platform also provides premium professional elements and layouts. If you go for professional layouts of the Canva library, there are varying costs for designing the logo. Apart from this, the entire process of creating a logo on Canva is free. It also enables you to use your own images and design elements. This is the most top rated website to design a logo for free.

Adobe creative cloud express

Adobe Logo Maker

Adobe Express, previously known as Spark, has introduced a number of handy tools in its arsenal, with logo maker being on them and most commonly used. For good reason, having multiple templates to start from and the ability to customize your own images makes it easily the best online logo maker tool available online. You’re free to use formats as you see fit depending on your needs. The Adobe logo maker uses its AI to help you create stunning visuals guiding you every step of the way, and you can always circle back to the original idea if things go wrong, considering it’s fairly quick and easy.

This tool offers so much in terms of reliability, professionalism, diversity, and ease of use. Regardless if you’re a fresh starter looking to wrap a quick idea, or a professional designer, you’ll find the tools to be extremely helpful.


Logogenie is a popular online logo maker designed to help small and medium companies with their branding. With it’s 3000+ selection of premium logo templates and easy-to-use online tools, you can be sure to create something original. The stage by stage design process guides you through each step of the way. Simply enter you company details, choose your logo template and you’re on your way.

The thing that stands out with logogenie.net is the amount of features and tools in the logo maker. These tools allow you to customize your design and create a unique logo. High definition files are available in multiple formats for all your branding needs. If you’re looking for a fast, easy and creative online tool, then look no further.

The best free online logo makers for beginners Designmantic


Designmantic is an online logo maker. It provides a database of professionally designed logo templates. You can simply customise the logo templates according to your tastes and preferences. Enter your company name and pick your industry. You will get thousands of professionally designed logo templates.

Customise a professionally designed logo by modifying its colour, changing the position of the text and adding varying shapes. For downloading your logo design file in vector format, a nominal amount has to be paid. However, for other formats, www.designmantic.com provides free downloadable files.

The best free online logo makers for beginners Free logo services

Free logo services

Free logo services is one of the top online logo makers. For unlimited use, you’ve to pay a price of ₹2,490. However, it is free to be used for a limited number of times. It provides high quality and professional logo templates, enabling you to create a logo in fast and easy steps.

Begin by entering your logo text and you will get thousands of professionally designed logo templates. Select a design and customise your logo according to your preferences. Add text, change the shapes, colours and edit the layout. In the paid option, you can get ten extra file download formats. For more information related to the downloading of logo options, visit www.freelogoservices.com.

The best free online logo makers for beginners Online logo maker

Online logo maker

Online logo maker is a fast and easy way to design logos. It comes in free and premium packages. You can download your logo in 300 PX in the free package and 2000 PX in the premium package. It provides a user friendly interface, by which you can create a logo in a simple and easy manner.

There’s a large variety of fonts available on the website. Alongside, a huge number of professionally designed templates are offered. You can start designing your logo by simply creating your account on the website. You can get a coloured background in the free version and a transparent background (png file) in the premium version. For more details, visit www.onlinelogomaker.com.

The best free online logo makers for beginners Ucraft


Ucraft is an online logo maker, which provides both free and paid options. The logo designed on Ucraft can be downloaded PNG format for free. If you want, you can also download the SVG file for $12. The PNG file offers 600PX width and an auto height, with a transparent background. SVG format provides high scalable vector files, which can be used for printing the logo.

Ucraft also provides a wide variety of icons to use in the designs. For making things simple, you can choose an icon and write your company name and motto. After saving the file, you will get it in 1028 PX width and an auto height, which is dependent upon the actual proportions of your logo.

All the above websites provide a platform to design logos online for free. They provide an uncomplicated user friendly interface and can be used by any beginner in the design field. Create structured and professional logos by making the best out of these websites now! visit www.ucraft.com for more details.


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