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Design is of an utmost significance in forming a strong appeal in a booklet. If you aim to sell a product through a booklet, then the booklet design is a critical aspect. Professional booklet designing involves developing an attractive booklet design for the readers. It involves a series of steps which are aimed at achieving the right design for a booklet. This article lays down business booklet designing tips from the experts.

An effective booklet is made up of great visuals and a structured content. There are various crucial elements for good booklet designing. For example, the fonts used, content structure, colour combinations, etc. It should clearly communicate its purpose in simple and easy language. Following are the points which address ‘how to design a professional booklet for a company’:


1. Understand the practical concept behind ‘font restraint’

Begin by gaining knowledge about the various fonts used in designing. Pick the most suitable fonts for your content in the booklet. Various booklets make use of multiple fonts. You must know the right time to use a font and its suitability according to the situation. For example, multiple fonts can be discouraging for some readers. They might pose difficulties in reading.  Be exclusive in choosing fonts and analyse their use. Using multiple fonts to differentiate the body content from the headline is an effective way of using multiple fonts. Therefore, use the skill of font restraint for effective usage of fonts in the content in booklet designing.

.Go for the best colour combination

2. Pick an ideal colour scheme

Colour combinations act as a source of attraction for the customers. People can pick up your brochure because of its ideal colour scheme. Understand the psychology behind each colour before opting for a particular colour scheme. Pick the right colour scheme according to the purpose behind your booklet designing. Use the power of contrast to catch the readers’ attention. Choose a strong appealing colour scheme for the fonts and background. Pair light background with dark tones of text or vice versa. Going for an appropriate colour scheme is one of the important business booklet designing tips from experts.

good quality paper for booklet

3. Use high quality material

Customers judge your booklet based on its material. For example, if you use a low quality paper for your booklet, then it will automatically turn down the customer. A high quality paper forms a good impression in the customer’s mind. It will automatically invoke confidence in the customer for your product. Use good quality graphics in your booklet. This acts as a source for attracting the customers. Alongside, it will make the booklet worth keeping. Therefore, go for high quality material in your booklet designing.

booklet designing

4. Develop a functional booklet

Nobody wants to dive into a pile of plain information. Inculcate interesting aspects into your booklet. One way is to develop a functional booklet. For example, when you open a booklet, a unique and attractive cover is folded out. That unique and attractive cover can be a floral design or a poster or any other kind of visually appealing design. Such things mark a good and solid impression in the customers’ mind.

10.Incorporate high quality graphics

5. Deviate from the obvious- add interesting visuals

There are various ways of adding visuals in unique ways. You can represent the graphics physically. Develop unique ways of providing physical objects in your booklets like CDs. Work on forming a unique shaped pocket for the same. Use interesting angles for putting focus on various visual elements. For example, you can prepare a particular pattern such that the customer focuses in the center only. Use die cuts or accent pages to add up to the visual uniqueness of your booklet. Breaking from the chains of conventions is a must in the process of ‘how to design a professional booklet for a company’.

All the above points are the best business booklet designing tips from the experts. Use them now to develop a constructive and productive booklet. A proper implementation of all these tips will make your booklet stand out in the crowd.


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