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The role of colour combinations is significant for generating the right kind of impact. Different colours are associated with different kinds of emotions and feelings. A right colour combination persuades the customer to go through the brochure. Therefore, one can’t ignore the importance of colours in business brochures. Picking an ideal colour involves various steps like going for online colour generators, understanding colour psychology, etc. This article presents the steps for picking the right colour schemes in corporate brochure designing.

There is a variety of techniques for ‘how to incorporate colours in a company brochure’. Initially, we must find ourselves an ideal colour combination. The process of picking the right colour combination involves an understanding of each colour in detail. Further, we should pick a suitable colour for a particular purpose. Following are the steps for setting the right colour scheme in corporate brochure designing:

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1. Understand the meanings denoted by different colours

Each colour has a specific meaning. In order to pick the right colour, you should understand the meaning denoted by each colour. For example, the blue colour is commonly used in the IT industry. It is associated with building trust and invokes a sense of security in the customers. Similarly, green is linked to a healthy and fresh start. It is widely used in the health related products. White is related to cleanliness and purity. Due to this, it is commonly seen in the fashion industry. Likewise, there are numerous colours with such meanings. You need to understand the basic meaning behind every colour. It will enable you to pick an ideal colour according to the purpose behind your corporate brochure designing.

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2. Use palette generator for an ideal colour palette

There are various websites which build an ideal colour palette for you according to the purpose of your business brochure. They are based upon certain mathematical formulas which generate suitable colour palettes for you. Keep the content of your brochure in mind while putting details related to the purpose of your business brochure. Adopt a practical approach for your requirements of complimenting colour palettes. This is one of the most productive aids to the process of ‘how to incorporate colours in a company brochure’.

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3. Experiment with the ‘contrast element’ of the colours

Contrast is the most impactful element of colour palettes. It is essential to highlight various parts of your business brochure. Take up different colours and conduct experiments with them for developing a contrast. Use more of dark colours than light colours. The basic key behind a good contrast is using dark and strong tones with lighter colours. Don’t develop a mismatch by forming a contrast between two light or two dark colours. The element of contrast escalates the importance of colours in business brochures.

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4. Choose the font and background colour- use different colour formulas

Try to go for a consistent colour for your text in the business brochure. Prefer using a dark colour for the text as the content is of a great significance, for example, pure black, navy blue, dark brown, etc. Make sure that the colour of your text is complimenting with the background colour. Go for a light background colour like white or light blue. If you want to go for a dark background, then the tone of your text should be light. Either ways, the content must be legible enough to be read by the customers. Both font and background are two equally relevant aspects of corporate brochure designing.

All the above steps will help you in picking the right colour scheme for your corporate brochure designing. Everybody loves colours. However, their use should be in a limited and systematic way so as to achieve the required purpose.


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