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A picture speaks a thousand words. Effective communication is a prerequisite for a successful business. The design of a picture determines its effectiveness in communicating a particular message to its viewers. This article provides a basic understanding of the process of designing and its various disciplines. It highlights what designing is, the application of professional graphic designing and how designing is done for advertising material.

Designing is done in multiple fields today. It is required in the business industry, social organisations and for personal wants. Today, there are innumerable amount of designs around us helping creativity and innovation to reach its utmost importance. Following points will help you to understand how is designing done for advertising and other related to the concepts:

Designing and its Disciplines- A Basic Understanding What is designing

What is designing?

What is designing? Designing is defined as developing a certain plan or structure towards the achievement of final objectives. For example, before Delhi metro was made, its design layout was prepared. According to the design layout, the entire construction was undertaken.

Designing and its Disciplines- A Basic Understanding Meaning of designing DISCIPLINES

Meaning of designing disciplines

Designing disciplines are simply the various fields, in which designing can be applied. The scope of designing process is increasing. Accordingly, the number of fields in which designing is required, is also increasing proportionately.


Designing and its Disciplines- A Basic Understanding Advertising


Designing for advertising material is done with the purpose of promoting a product. For example, designs created by professional graphic designers like brochures, pamphlets, trade cards, posters etc. come under the advertising and branding category. All these require a good sense of designing in order to successfully communicate the purpose.

The question is, how is designing done for advertising. It involves generation of good quality ideas according to the purpose of the advertisement. The design should be constructed in such a way so that it appeals to the target audience. Professional graphic designers are the best choice to get designing done for advertising material.

Graphic designing done for advertising is spreading its wings across varied platforms. Advertisers put an immense amount of focus upon their graphic designing particularly because it influences the viewer’s mindset. An attractive and impressive design guarantees the success of an advertisement. Graphic designing plays an important role in making an organisation’s outlook presentable. Business organisations hire professional graphic designers to build their brands. With the internet gaining momentum, graphic designing has also become essential for building a successful online presence.

Designing and its Disciplines- A Basic Understanding Architecture


Talking about what designing is, Architectural designing provides a whole new dimension for designers. Architecture designing is applied in numerous fields such as business, housing and personal use. There are modern and traditional typologies of architecture. Each of them have individual designing elements. For example, in modern architectural design, there are designs for modern entry doors, modern garages, floor plans, different window designs etc. Today, there is an increasing number of young individuals, who are taking up architecture design in their careers because its scope has seen a dramatic change, of course for good.

Designing and its Disciplines- A Basic Understanding interior designing

Interior designing

Due to the rising living standards of people around the globe, there is an increasing demand for interior designing. Proper designing makes the houses more functional and pleasant. Interior designing puts prime focus on using the available space in a more productive manner.

Unlike professional graphic designing, interior designing requires knowledge of the practical elements available in the market like the tiles and panels that are to be used in the designs. Professional graphic designers and professional interior designers, generally do not intervene in each other’s professions, having known what professional designing is.

Designing and its Disciplines- A Basic Understanding fashion designing

Fashion designing

The modern era is dominated by good looking and captivating designs. Everybody dresses up to their level best and give their looks prime importance. Majority of people are moved by a good taste in fashion as it invokes a sense of admiration in them. A large segment of the youth take up fashion designing as their careers today. Undoubtedly, fashion designing is a lucrative and creative field to choose. This shows how creativity has turned out to be a worthy profession.

All the above points lay down the most common designing disciples. Get a basic understanding of each of them before opting for designing. Approach the process of designing in the most creative and innovative way.


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