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A company’s culture is defined as the values, ideals, attitudes, systems, and goals that characterize that particular organization. The culture of a company consists of the important intangibles that dictate how the team operates and does business. In a lot of ways, the company culture becomes a part of the organization’s identity. In this blog, you will learn in detail about the meaning of culture and its importance. We have highlighted everything using a specific example of our advertising agency, Uni Square Concepts.

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Uni Square Concepts is a premier advertising agency that delivers all advertising, marketing, and creative solutions under one roof. At Uni Square Concepts, innovative practices are implemented at all levels of work processes, and an emphasis is laid on developing creativity in every sphere of life. We expect all our team members to be hardworking, determined, and ambitious. It is important to mention that our team members are always flexible to learn new things and explore their competencies in multifarious avenues.

This blog highlights the work culture of Uni Square Concepts. It is essential for you to pay attention to every little point mentioned in this video and understand the importance of company’s culture if you are working with Uni Square Concepts. The points and information mentioned henceforth will not only help you to know about our culture in detail but will also help you to adapt to the culture of our organisation very quickly. As our CEO, Mr. Uday Sonthalia says, “Culture is what defines a company. It is the culture that will decide the success or failure of any organization and all the people associated with it”. It is essential for you to adapt to the culture of the organisation, of which you are a part of. Top B-Schools train their students to adapt to the culture of the company, in which they are working. They know that the candidate will be unable to survive in the organisation if he does not fully adapt to the organisational culture. Many management gurus have stated that the person joining the organisation has to adapt to the culture of the organisation. It is futile for him to expect the entire organisation to change in an instant, as per his ideologies. As mentioned in the starting, Uni Square Concepts highly values its culture. It is these vital life skills and values that help the organisation and all the people associated with it grow.

Now, let us discuss the work culture of a professional ad agency in detail. For a better understanding, we have divided the content into five easy-to-understand heads.

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1. Dress Code

The employees of Uni Square Concepts contribute to the corporate culture and reputation within the organisation and in front of the clients and customers. This is influenced by the way, in which they present themselves. It’s the appearance of the employees through which the clients and customers get an idea of the company. Good grooming and appropriate dress reflect the company culture and employee pride. A professional appearance is essential to form a favorable impression with customers, colleagues, and seniors.

Our dress code is strictly formals. All the employees of Uni Square Concepts are expected to wear completely formal clothing that is not offensive or distracting to clients and colleagues. The company may exercise reasonable discretion to determine appropriateness in employee dress and appearance. Employees who do not meet a professional standard of dress code will not be allowed to enter the office premises. Informal clothing like jeans, t-shirts, etc., is strictly prohibited, and candidates wearing such clothes may be denied entry to the office.

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2. Professionalism

Professionalism at work is essential, particularly if you want to be taken seriously, have your seniors think you are an asset to the company, and climb the corporate ladder. It is impossible to survive at Uni Square Concepts if you do not have a professional approach. Here are the top 10 points that would summarise being professional:

  1. Follow company systems, policies, and rules
  2. Become an asset to the team and not a liability
  3. Avoid office politics & gossip (We would be discussing this in detail in further points)
  4. Understand & follow the company’s culture
  5. Be responsible and accountable
  6. Take your work seriously
  7. Be reliable
  8. Embrace feedback
  9. Communicate professionally
  10. Stay fit for work

As mentioned in the book The UNPARALLELED ROADMAP: Handbook to get your dream job written by our CEO Mr. Uday Sonthalia, “Every employee should possess professionalism. Being callous is what every employee should avoid. Professional behaviour forms an important part of the work ethics of life. Besides, you should always dress up in formal clothes in the office. Being casual and irresponsible is very dangerous for your career. So, you must endure that you have proper work ethics”.

You must avoid being dominating and aggressive. You should try to be more considerate. No one will want to work with a person who is egoistic and self-consuming. Change your approach and try being cordial with your seniors and colleagues. You should know how to behave in the office. Professionalism is a highly intrinsic trait of Uni Square Concepts’ culture. Work professionally and grow in your career.

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3. No Politics

Remaining loyal to the objective of the organisation is a very vital aspect for the growth and development of the organisation and yourself. You shall not open or create or design any alliance or front or politics among the staff members and shall not participate in any activities related to it, for your oblique motives or the detriment of the company and shall stay honest at all the times. Politics of any sort are not tolerated in Uni Square Concepts and invite strict disciplinary action. Therefore, you must thoroughly understand the importance of company’s culture to grow in your career.

Any matter of concern with yourself or with your colleagues, seniors or subordinates, should be discussed immediately with the concerned authority to reach a consensus. Candidates are required to sign a non-solicitation and a non-disclosure agreement before they join the company. You should ensure that all the points mentioned in the agreements are adhered to by you at all times.

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4. Hard Work

Hard Work, Honesty, Spirit, Satisfaction, and Responsibility are the vital core values of Uni Square Concepts. It is very important to understand that when an organization hires you, it invests in your skills and requires your time and dedication in return. We need your valuable contribution. Your willingness to work for an extra hour to take an extra shift to complete your work can actually prove you worthy of the company. Therefore, hard work and consistency are the qualities of a good employee that you must always possess. We, at Uni Square Concepts, do not entertain laziness and highly discourage unproductive activities and unproductive people.

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5. Strive for Excellence

We believe in striving for excellence. Know your strengths and weaknesses and always try to improve at each level. Step outside of your comfort zone and always try to do something risky and creative. Accept all the challenges, always learn from your mistakes and focus on your goal. Your goal should be to learn at all times. Members of Uni Square Concepts should be looking to learn new things and improve at all times. Negative feedback should be taken positively, and the mistakes should be improved for long-term growth and success.

These are some important points of the work culture of a professional ad agency that define a team member of Uni Square Concepts. This blog is the reflection of years of practical experience of all the people who are and have been a part of the Uni Square Concepts team. The dedicated efforts of every person associated with Uni Square Concepts make up the culture of our organization. It is this work culture of a professional ad agency that has helped us to grow at a professional level. Therefore, strive for excellence, adapt to the culture, and take the baton forward. Read this blog, again and again, to fully understand our culture in detail. Observe and be worthy of the opportunity presented to you.


Uni Square Concepts is an advertising agency located in New Delhi, India. By initiating The Uni Square Blog, we aim to provide a comprehensive portal where readers can educate themselves about the various aspects of advertising and marketing. The articles and blogs are written by our professional team of content writers, under the guidance of senior leaders of Uni Square Concepts including its CEO, Uday Sonthalia.

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