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Video production companies perform various tasks to achieve their targets. Their main objective is to help the client reach their target audience through the videos they create. This blog discusses the not-so-discussed things about a video production company in detail.

The work of making corporate videos is not as simple as it sounds. Many firms outsource this work to video production companies, which are specialized in it. The primary vision of a video production company is to serve its clients using prominent technology. This can be done by understanding the requirements of the clients, working towards them and helping the clients in achieving their goals. The price charged per video by the video production company varies according to the varying requirements of the clients. The type of video, content, duration are the major factors that affect the cost of a video. If you want to preview more about the processes involved in the working, go to our blog- Process of working with a video production company.

Following points discuss the functioning of production houses in detail.

Things you need to know about video production companies range of videos

Range of videos

In the modern times, the video production companies mainly offer four type of videos:

  • Screencast: A screencast is a video screenshot. It is a recording of the activities taking place on the screen of a device (generally, a phone, laptop or computer). It is supported and made interesting with the help of music and audio clips that can be available online, recorded by the video production company or handed over to the company by the client. The most common examples are the tutorial videos available on various websites. Not much technical equipment is required in this case.
  • Explainer videos: An explainer video is an animated video that promotes the idea and vision of a business in a creative and appealing way. The aim is to create brand awareness by reaching a specific set of audience. It’s a notable feature is that such videos use animated characters and colour schemes relating to the brand, creating a good impression. Attractive music and audio clips (dialogues mostly) are also added to gain the attention of the target audience.
  • Live Action videos: Such videos cast human beings as characters. They are recorded using technical equipment like video cameras, etc. that have been discussed in detail ahead in this blog. After recording, editing is done, voice overs and suitable music is added. All these require expert personnel. Examples can be testimonials, interviews with clients, etc.
  • Animated videos: Animated videos are created by manipulating real-world objects and photographing them in one frame. It aims to tell a story in a compelling way. Besides, animated videos are fun and are capable of simplifying concepts and presenting it in a visually attractive way.

Things you need to know about video production companies script writing PROCESS

Scriptwriting process

Video production companies ensure that they employ the best scriptwriters. This is because scriptwriting is considered the most important step in the production of a video. From characters to props, from costumes to sets, a script defines every requirement. Hence, a video production company focuses on hiring competent writers with the aim to produce an unrivaled script.

Things you need to know about video production companies set up and equipments

Setup and equipment

There are numerous equipment that is essential for the purpose of recording a professional, good quality video.

  • Video camera: Cameras like Red Epic, Sony F5, PMW 500, Canon C300, Canon 5D DSLR, etc. are good for the purpose of shooting professional videos. A video recording camera is the most essential equipment when it comes to making ad films and other videos.
  • High-End Computer system: A computer or a laptop is necessary as all the operations on the recorded video are done through it. A raw, meaningless video is turned into something meaningful and interesting using a PC. A MacBook Pro Laptop is the most recommended due to the size of it RAM and screen. Production houses often use other high end assembled systems to satisfy the purpose.
  • Tripod: It is almost impossible to shoot a steady, stable video without using a tripod. As the name suggests, a tripod is a ‘three-legged’ stand that can hold the camera steady, while the person shoots, resulting in a smooth video. Video tripods also allow easy movements of the recording camera. Some of the best ones are Benro S7 Dual-Stage, Manfrotto MVH502A Fluid Head and MVT502AM.
  • Three-way lighting kit: The inbuilt flash of a camera or the natural lighting are most appropriate when a video has to be shot. However, additional three-way lighting kit helps provide lighting to the subject from three directions, enhancing the appearance of the subject, highlighting details. In case it cannot be used, a camera light can be used as an alternative.
  • Different types of microphones: The ultimate purpose of all microphones is the same, that is, to record audio. There are different types of microphones such as built-in mics, handheld mics, shotgun microphones, portable microphones, wireless mics, etc. These are chosen according to the needs. The Neumann U87 AI professional studio microphone is a dynamic microphone that is perfect for recording vocals, instruments, and podcasts.
  • Audio cables: Audio cables are used to connect the microphones with the camera. These can be used to save the efforts of adding voice overs once the video is edited.
  • Light reflector: Good lighting is the key to making a good quality video. A light reflector is used to rebound, hail or scatter any kind of unwanted light.
  • Drone/Quadcopter: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, are remote controlled, mini aircraft that are used to record videos from creative angles. They may or may not come with pre-installed cameras. Their price begins at $100 and goes up to thousands of dollars. Hero GoPro along with a drone can be used to create even more interesting content.
  • Other equipment: Other necessary equipment include extra battery packs, different types of lenses (macro, telephoto, prime, etc. as per the requirement), extra memory cards with large space, hard drive, DSLR shoulder mount rig, tripod trolley, etc.

Things you need to know about video production companies software


Primarily, software is required to edit the recorded video and to add graphics to make it more interesting for the target viewers. A video production company requires the following software.

  • For editing: The video can be edited as needed using Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, etc.
  • For adding graphics: Adobe After Effects, Inkscape, etc. can be used to add graphics to the video.
    Selection of the software depends upon the requirements as well as what the editor or designer is comfortable using.

Things you need to know about video production companies in house and outsource

In-house vs outsourcing decisions

A video production company has to decide the services it can perform on its own and those it has to outsource. This depends on the requirement of the customer.  The requirement can vary on the basis of content needed, quality, type of video to be made or the deadline. If the video production company thinks that the employed personnel can perform a particular task, then the task is outsourced. For example, if a client expects the script to be of a very good quality and is ready to bear a high cost for the same, the company should hire a professional script writer for the task (if the company’s employees are not good enough).

Things you need to know about video production companies availability of marketing services

Availability of marketing services

There are some video production companies whose work is limited only to the handing over of the complete and finished video to the client. The client has to outsource the advertising separately to another company. There are some video production companies that even carry out the marketing of the video they have produced. This makes it easier for the client and helps them save some costs and time that would have been spent in search of a separate company for marketing.

These were the technical aspects of a video production company. Video production has become a famous tool for the marketing of a brand or product in a very creative, skillful manner. Hence, the above aspects can not only be useful for those looking to hire or work with a video production company, but for anyone who reads this blog.


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