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Any organization can do wonders when each and every member not only understands the importance of work but also conduct their actions in harmony with the organization’s primary values and ethical standards. Thus every company expects the employees to embrace their code of conduct to deliver the best through their work as well as in their life. In this article, we have highlighted the basics of working in an organisation.

The growth of a company and an individual are interdependent. A company’s growth depends on the dedication and loyalty of its employees and an individual’s growth depends on the growth of the company. Therefore, to be successful in your job, you must understand the importance of the work culture and ethics of an organisation and adapt accordingly. Read our blog on CULTURE OF A COMPANY: MEANING & IMPORTANCE WITH EXAMPLE OF UNI SQUARE CONCEPTS to have an in-depth understanding of the importance of the culture of a company. If you are a fresher then you must know about the general guidelines that are followed by companies.

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1. Reporting Time & Punctuality

Punctuality is a characteristic which is inherited by determination and developed by hard work. Being punctual is being able to complete a required task before or at the designated time. A person who is not punctual acts in the same way as a rotten tomato in a basket of fresh tomatoes, it affects the whole basket. Read our blog on IMPORTANT WORK ETIQUETTES TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS & GROW IN A JOB to learn the basic work etiquette that you must follow to grow in your job. Some of the basic etiquettes are mentioned below:

  • Generally, the office timings of a company in India are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. In order to grow and excel in your job you must report to the office on time. Any sort of late comings are not tolerated in any organisation.
  • One of the basics of working in an organisation includes informing the reporting manager beforehand in case of an emergency.
  • Sometimes it may happen that you take a little more time than usual timing to complete the given task. In such a case, you must first complete your work and then leave the office. It is one of the basics of working in an organisation. These are some of the general guidelines followed by companies that a fresher must know.
  • Every organisation provides a platform for employees to learn and grow better. In return it expects you to inherit the tradition of being punctual. Companies follow strict time schedules and discourage late comings unless otherwise notified by employees in advance. In most companies in India, one day of absence is counted for every three late marks, if the employee does not report on time.

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2. Employee’s Responsibilities

Today’s professionals were once those contenders who didn’t give up on their dreams. No matter how many setbacks they faced. We know freshers need some time and endurance to be a part of the professional world. Therefore they are desired to confidently make up their mind before taking their final decision to be a part of an organisation. One of the basics of working in an organisation is to carry out your duties with utmost responsibility. These are the general guidelines followed by companies that a fresher must know. 

Our Facial expressions tell a lot about the type of energy in our behaviour, and how well we are connected with the association, company or colleagues. Therefore their execution should be in harmony with the situation. After all, professionalism is all about the skill, good judgement, and polite behaviour that is expected from an employee who is trained to do a job well. Read our blog on DEVELOP INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: INCREASE WORK EFFICIENCY to learn about the basic interpersonal skills that will help you increase your efficiency at the workplace. Employees who keep their ego & attitude under their shoes are respected well in the professional world. To succeed in life the flame of learning attitude must be given the fuel of positivity. It is the mistakes, which in the path of learning show that we all are moving ahead. Thus accepting mistakes and working hard not to repeat them again is one of the fine qualities of a fresher on the way to becoming a professional. Some of the basic responsibilities that are expected by an employee are mentioned below.

  • Every organisation appreciates and expects employees to embrace the essential qualities of target completion, motivation and determination.
  • Employees should maintain the hierarchy of the company. As an Indian, it is in our belief system to respect our elders & seniors. Therefore, employees need to respect and inherit the core values of the company.
  • An organisation cherish employees who do not confine themselves to a particular part of a job and remain energetic to perform all kind of tasks given to them with a learning attitude.
  • It is appreciated and preferred for employees to maintain a to-do list for accuracy in office work. The to-do list must comprise all the big & small tasks which are to be accomplished on a particular day.
  • Loyal employee of an organisation devotes their full time and attention to the duties and responsibilities allotted to them. The same is expected from new employees too.
  • Employees should not indulge themselves in any other business or part-time service directly or indirectly in whatsoever manner.
  • It is the responsibility of an employee to take proper care of the company resources that they are using. This includes usage of computer resources, documents and other stuff like pen-drive etc.
  • You must respect the time, energy and resources that a company invests for your growth and thus must not take company resources with you in any manner. Therefore, before leaving the office it is of foremost importance to employees to put the company resources in their respected place after completion of work.
  • It is your duty to stay loyal to the company and not divulge or part with any information regarding the business of the company to anyone during the tenure of your employment with the company and thereafter.
  • One of the crucial points under the general guideline followed by companies that a fresher must know includes understanding the value of your work. Do not use a mobile phone during office hours unless & until it becomes necessary.
  • It is the responsibility of employees to complete the task given to them with dedication and maintain the decorum of the company. Distractions during office hours can hamper their performance. Therefore, they should not entertain friends, parents or any other outsider during office hours or at any time on the office premises.
  • Every organisation values employees who sometimes may use personal stuff for their office use but never the other way round.

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3. Other Facilities & Etiquettes

Every organisation values the contribution of their employees and thus provides facilities that help them focus on their work. With the facilities, comes the responsibility to maintain the decorum of the organisation and not take undue advantage of the facilities provided. 

Every organisation has fixed lunch break hours. Most companies provide 30 minutes for a lunch break which can be utilized at any time of the day. With such a facility it is admired that other than lunchtime no such eatable items are utilized which tends to disturb the office environment and company ethics. Read our blog on 5 WORK ETHICS THAT CAN’T BE COMPROMISED IN A JOB AT ANY COST to have an in-depth understanding of the important work ethics that you must follow in an organisation. Many companies also provide snacks and beverage facilities to employees. Facilities of drinking water and washroom are often provided in every organisation. Consumption of Tobacco, Pan Masala, Alcohol etc. is strictly prohibited by the organisations. Any violation on this account may attract disciplinary action. Therefore, you must carry yourself in a dignified manner and maintain office decorum while availing the facilities. These are the general guidelines followed by companies that a fresher must know.

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4. Mind Boosters

One of the basics of working in an organisation includes following the procedures of the organisation. Many freshers tend to take uninformed leaves, which results in losing their job. It is necessary to provide a written application to the management about taking any leave. You must justify the need for the said leave and ask permission from the management for the leaves. Generally, a deduction of an amount equivalent to one working day is done by companies, for each and every leaves so availed up till the completion of one year of service. Generally, companies follow strict rules in terms of leaves. In case employees remain absent one day prior to and one day after a holiday, then they will be considered absent for the day of the holiday as well and the same rules would apply for it as in the case of leave. Therefore, you must know the procedures of the organisation you are going to be a part of and abide by their rules and regulations for your own benefit.

Companies usually give one paid leave per month, after the completion of one year of service. In such a case you are required to submit a proper application to the management and get a sanction for the same justifying the need for the said leave. Any violation on this account may be inviting a penal deduction of an amount equivalent to one working day’s salary for each and every leave, so availed. If you are taking any medical leave then you will have to submit a medical certificate issued by a certified practising doctor.

These are the general guidelines followed by companies that freshers must know. You must understand the importance of these basics of working in an organisation. If you follow the points mentioned above then you will be able to survive and grow in your organisation.


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