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Today’s employers need competent people. People who are good at professional planning and organizing. Proper planning and organizing have become indispensable in the corporate world. In this blog, we have mentioned the importance and procedure of making a to-do list and making notes.

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As mentioned in THE UNPARALLELED ROADMAP- Handbook to get your dream job authored by the CEO of Uni Square Concepts, Mr. Uday Sonthalia, which says, “By maintaining notes and a to-do list, you can master the skill of professional planning. Noting down your work also reduces the chance of missing out on any important stuff.” Making notes will not only help you to manage work and time properly but also increase your work efficiency. It will prevent you from wasting time and resources. Therefore, you should learn how to make a to-do list of your everyday work in the morning, every day. Write down each and everything, which you will do in the whole day. It should be the gist of your complete day’s work. Below are a few important points on how to make a to-do list and notes.



  1. DO PROPER PLANNING: When you plan your day properly and judiciously, the chances of you accomplishing your goals increase manifold. Without proper planning, you cannot achieve anything.
  2. WRITE DOWN THE POINTS: After planning, write it down, highlight the important work and focus on it.
  3. CHOICE OF LANGUAGE: Language should never be a bar. Always write in a form in which you can understand yourself and explain to others easily. Be it Hindi, English, or your regional language. The most important thing is proper understanding and implementation.
  4. WRITE A COMPLETE SENTENCE: For beginners, each and every sentence should be written completely. If the person is experienced, he may write a summary of the work. If freshers will skip the words, they won’t be able to understand anything.
  5. NOTES SHOULD BE POINT-WISE: You can easily understand everything if you write it in points. It will become difficult for you to understand in paragraph format.
  6. COMPLETE GIST: Your to-do list should include all the work that needs to be done during the period of time. Even minor work should be mentioned in the to-do list so that you can complete it on time without any delay.
  7. PROPER NUMBERING: Important work should come to the top of the list so that you can prioritize them and give your more focus on it. If required, keep adding on points.
  8. KEEP YOUR PEN AND NOTEBOOK ALWAYS WITH YOU: Whenever you go to follow up with your senior, keep your notebook and pen with you every time so that you do not miss out on any important update, and you can edit your to-do list accordingly.
  9. NOTE DOWN EACH AND EVERY POINT: Write down all the important points mentioned by the person you are reporting to. Be it time, duration, or the way in which the work is to be done. If you missed anything, ask it again and confirm it.
  10. LISTEN PROPERLY: If you listen properly, you will understand it easily. Concentration while listening is a must.
  11. MAKE EYE CONTACT: Stand straight and make proper eye contact. Losing eye contact means that you are nervous and clueless. Your seniors will lose their interest if you are not confident about your own words.
  12. REPLY WHEN BEING QUESTIONED: You are supposed to answer when your senior is asking something. Standing blank will make the other person lose interest in you. She/he may be irritated as well. Even if they are not questioning, a simple gesture like nodding your head, replying yes or okay, also helps in good communication and proper implementation of the work.
  13. CLARIFY DOUBTS: Doubts should be clarified at the same time. It will enhance your work efficiency.
  14. ASK YOUR SENIOR AT THE SAME TIME IF YOU MISSED SOMETHING WHILE WRITING: For example, if your senior is giving dictation to you and you missed something, you will ask sir/ma’am please wait I have missed that point, please repeat it.
  15. CONFIRM: Confirmation is a must. Confirm everything before leaving the room of the senior. By doing this, you will not miss out on anything, and you can prevent yourself from making mistakes.

Last but not the least, your writing should be neat and clean without cutting and mistakes. It will help you to understand everything easily.

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Now let’s understand how to make a to do list using an example. Consider a situation where you have been asked to check the company’s website and read a specific number of blogs within a given period of time. So, this is how your to-do list should look like:

  1. Go through the company’s website: www.unisquareconcepts.com. Check the home page and about us section.
  2. Read all the services properly
  3. Check work portfolio which includes logos, brochures, success stories, etc.
  4. Read and summarize about 20 blogs in 1.5 hour
  5. Read about the CEO on his personal website: udaysonthalia.com
  6. Read about The Unparalleled Roadmap. Its website is theroadmap.in

This is the way of making a to-do list. Keep it simple, short, and easy to understand. Nothing should be missed out. Every point has its own importance.



You will have to make proper notes on a daily basis for the thing concerning your work. Taking notes is the hallmark of a professional. Taking Notes for reference means making notes from any website, book, or other things. It should be taken properly otherwise, you can miss a lot of things. While making such notes, you should always read properly. Try to understand each and every single line. If unable to understand, read it again and research it. After reading 2-3 lines or a paragraph, note it down in your own words. It shouldn’t be copy-pasted. You should write whatever you have understood.


The Purpose of making a to-do list and making notes is not a formality; it is a tool for working professionally. It has many advantages like:

  1. You will remember everything
  2. You will be able to understand everything better.
  3. You will be able to give proper reporting.
  4. You can maintain a proper record.
  5. You will be able to understand what you have learned up till now.

Take this activity very seriously because this is going to make the backbone of your professional journey. No professional person misses it. It’s not a child’s play. A minor mistake can waste your whole day. So, stay focused on your work, and implementation of each and every suggestion is helpful. This blog has been prepared using years of practical experience, and it’s not based on fancy theory. Hence, you should read this at least 2 to 3 times and ensure that you can grasp each of the points to the fullest.


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