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We interact with a lot of people on a regular basis. But are we doing it right? Are we able to connect with them effectively? In an organisation, the biggest challenge is to maintain harmony and understand each other’s needs. To have an cordial environment at workplace, you need to develop your interpersonal skills. This blog sums up how interpersonal skills and work efficiency go hand in hand.

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Without interpersonal skills everyday business will be very difficult. Corporate world means getting to meet people and handle them. You can’t avoid your co-worker and professional contacts if your job requires you to do that. Therefore, learning interpersonal skills is important to tackle difficult situations concerning people at work that increases work efficiency. Here are the top ways to develop interpersonal skills:

Understand the importance of non verbal cues, Interpersonal skills and work efficiency go hand in hand. Here's how to develop them

Develop interpersonal skills: Understand the importance of non-verbal cues

Non-verbal cues have a lot of impact in determining how your words are perceived by the other person. Our body language tells about our personality. It has the ability to attract or repel people. When your body language and facial expressions are not very giving and are uninviting, you might end up losing the trust of the other party. This might pose great barrier in an organization.

Most importantly, you should try to read our blog on READING BODY LANGUAGE: A BASIC GUIDE. This will not only tell you how to read someone’s body language, but will also help you to improve yours. Nonverbal communication such as eye movements, body posture and hand and leg movements determine your involvement in what the other person is trying to say.

Maintaining a good rapport with your colleagues and seniors is important to increase work efficiency. There are some BASIC PRESENTATION SKILLS YOU CAN’T GET WRONG. If they get any clue that you aren’t interested in their views, you might end up losing their cooperation. You may also check our blog on PRESENTATION SKILLS – TIPS AND TRICKS to know how to smartly present yourself and your ideas. It is, therefore, very important to develop your interpersonal skills.

Master good communication skill, Interpersonal skills and work efficiency go hand in hand. Here's how to develop them

Master good communication skills

Communication skills are indispensable in developing interpersonal skills. Properly conveying your views and opinions is necessary in order to pass information properly. Listening skills are also included in this. Communication is multidimensional and needs time to develop. Acknowledging others is very important to have an effective communication. If you have good communication skills, the chances of information getting distorted is reduced. This will help to increase work efficiency as no time has to be spent to handle misunderstandings.

Authentic information passes due to careful communication. This helps to improve the productivity in the office. Become an active listener if you wish to increase your work efficiency. This way you receive all the information without any filter. To know more, read our blog on GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS – AN INDISPENSABLE PART OF WORK that explains key tips to master these skills.

Show empathy and develop social awareness, Interpersonal skills and work efficiency go hand in hand. Here's how to develop them

Show empathy and develop social awareness

Show interest in the problems and well-being  of your co-workers. This helps you connect with their lives and working together becomes easier. Being well informed about others helps you to take wise decisions that benefits everyone. Being transparent with others creates trust in the organization. Empathy also makes you a better leader. All these combined aids to increase work efficiency.

Excellent interpersonal and time management skills improve group performance which in turn improves productivity in the office. Read our blog on BEST TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AT WORK. These tips are imperative for anyone at workplace. Practising compassion and taking interest in others helps you to understand the needs of your colleagues better.

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Develop interpersonal skills: Appreciate others views

Take into account the opinions of your co-workers. Taking their advice can prove to be very handy. It will help you to render your work efficiently. When you give importance to others, they will also take interest in you. This way a strong relationship can be built. Harmony and peace among employees improves the productivity in the office.

Maintain personal relationship with your colleagues to understand them better and increase work efficiency. Developing interpersonal skills is not only helpful in your professional life but also in personal life. Better understanding of others is an essential requirement for a bright future.

There are some certain traits indian recruiters search for in their employees. In any job interview, the recruiters will want to hire candidates with good interpersonal skills because they are the ones who improve the productivity in the office. Obviously you want to be their right choice! It takes time to improve these skills. The traits will become sharper once you have entered the professional world. Take your time and follow these simple tips to excel.


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