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Proper job skills are very important to survive in this competitive world. If you have basic work etiquettes and you implement them responsibly, you will not miss out on anything. The basic work etiquettes to achieve success relate to different things including, but not limited to greeting, loyalty towards the company, professional behavior and professionalism, time management and goal realization, good communication skills, coordinating with your reporting manager, taking agreements seriously, etc. All these are very minor points but are often neglected. These points are very crucial for your success. If you understand them and make them your habit, you will be able to sustain a better career. This blog highlights the inside working etiquettes of Uni Square Concepts and how our agency’s work ethics help in generating higher outputs.

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Before we proceed, it is essential for you to know who your reporting manager is. The role of your reporting manager is very important. He is the person who will groom you. You should keep your reporting manager updated with everything. Be it your work, your leaves, late arrivals, or any other basic thing. It helps in the smooth functioning of the work. You also receive proper supervision and guidance from your seniors. Now let’s discuss the basic work etiquettes to achieve success.



Greeting others regularly is mandatory in both professional and personal life. Saying Good Morning or Good evening shows your etiquette. It also shows that you are energetic and interested in your work. So, always greet your seniors. Greeting others should be your habit and is one of the important work etiquette to grow in a job.

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Be it your appointment letter, offer letter, any agreement like the non-disclosure agreement, non-solicitation agreement, or any emails, circulars, notices, etc. Each and every document is very important. They communicate a lot of things. Don’t neglect them. Read each of them very carefully and discuss them with your reporting manager if you have any doubts or confusion.


Always remember that you are supposed to constantly stay in touch with your reporting manager and update him regularly for essential things. As mentioned earlier, you have to first find out yourself who your reporting manager is. If not specified, you will be reporting directly to the CEO. You are supposed to give your reporting manager proper updates, without making any mistakes. Reporting would include things related to your work profile and also things related to basics, like applying in a reasonable time for taking a leave, informing in a reasonable time if ever taking an unsanctioned leave, discussing your ideas, suggestions, feedback, problems, etc. and finally keeping him updated with any other thing that might concern the overall well being of yourself and the organisation.

You must save your reporting manager’s contact number and Email Id. You can easily find that in the offer letter that you have received. You should also save the office mobile number and the landline number. They are mentioned on the company website. No information or update should be given to any other person, be it your senior or colleague, except your reporting manager. You are not here to make friends. You are here to make your career. So act responsibly, don’t indulge in gossip, and strive for excellence.

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For taking leaves, at least one-week prior written application should be given to the reporting manager for any leave you are looking for. It is better if you inform even before a week if you are already aware of your requirement for the leave. Verbal applications do not work. The leave application should be written in a formal letter format and should be submitted only after it is duly signed by you. You should also remind your reporting manager of the sanctioned leave, one day before the date of the leave.

Uninformed leave is not at all accepted. Strict disciplinary action is taken against candidates taking uninformed leaves. We also never encourage or pay heed to candidates taking informed unsanctioned leaves. You can take an unsanctioned leave only on the grounds of a medical emergency faced by you. However, if you are facing any medical emergency for yourself, you should inform your reporting manager of the same, as soon as you are aware of it, at any time. Secondly, the medical leave taken by you has to be supported with a proper medical certificate issued by a certified practitioner.

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Late comings are not encouraged in Uni Square Concepts. If you are coming late due to any unforeseen circumstance, inform the reporting manager via call/SMS/email immediately. Dropping a line of communication with your expected time of arrival and the reason for the delay will always go in your favor. However, this does not give you the liberty to be constantly late and get away with it by just informing.

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For example, at or after 9 am, when the reporting time is 9 am, for an unsanctioned leave or late arrival, is not the proper way of informing. Information should be given as early as possible, even if it has to be late at night or early in the morning.

The importance of these basic work etiquettes to achieve success can’t be emphasized enough in today’s professional world. The above-mentioned points are the very basic ones, and your ignorance about them won’t land you in a good place. Once you start learning the important work etiquettes to grow in a job, you should also practice them in your day-to-day life. Make all the above things a part of your habits, and they will act as a ladder for you to grow in your career

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