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A logo reveals the identity of your business by imparting a symbol of ownership. A well designed logo inculcates brand loyalty in your customers. Therefore, a good logo is necessary to gain global recognition. If you wonder as to ‘how is a company logo designed’ then you are at the right place. This article lays down the steps to learn professional logo designing for business. 

Professional logo designing for business involves application of advanced skills in designing logos. It is a relevant asset for your business. Hiring professional services for getting your logo designed guarantees an appealing logo. Learn professional logo designing for business in these five simple steps:

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1. Understand the client and his industry 

In order to learn logo designing online, get all the information about the product you are designing the logo for. Ask questions about the client’s company. This will give you an idea about the basic set of problems which require prime focus. Put up questions like ‘what is an ideal customer like for you’ or ‘what message do you want to convey to your customers’. This is a good way to identify the target market. Undertake a qualitative and quantitative research for understanding the industry of your client.

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2. Analyze the logo’s place of use

You should design an adaptable logo. Before beginning with the sketching, make sure your logo is equally appealing over different platforms. For example, a plain black and white logo appears darker when put on a digital platform. Due to this, your logo’s ‘element of appeal’ is strongly affected. Similarly, your logo should generate a strong appeal in posters, cards, pamphlets, etc. Therefore, keep the adaptability factor in your mind while designing your logo as this is essential in order to learn logo designing online.

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3. Keep scribbling and doodling

A pen is your best friend while designing a logo. Keep a notepad and continue scribbling until you have plenty of designing ideas. Sketch a lot of logos at the brainstorming stage of logo designing. This will give you numerous options for sorting out the best. Begin by choosing a theme for your logo followed by forming basic sketches using good visualization skills. Finally, put a structure in your logos by using grids and properly aligning them. This should mark the end of your doodling stage in the process of ‘learning professional designing’.

4. Representing the company through your logo 

Your logo should be based upon a particular concept which is the prime focus of your company. Develop some rough ideas of how the logo will represent the company. Explore the font styles library. Experiment with the various fonts and pick the right one for your logo design. A good font style imparts a unique edge to the logo. Great examples of various logos made of fonts are McDonald’s logo, Volkswagen’s logo, etc. Also, read about THE TOP 5 BASIC TYPOGRAPHY TERMS EVERY DESIGNER SHOULD KNOW and enhance your typography knowledge.

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5. Presenting your logo

This step involves presenting your logo in front of your clients. Display your logo having different colour combinations. Take a printout of your logo and have a discussion with reference to your logo’s analysis. It should give a timeless feeling by keeping its ‘trendiness’ intact. This can only be achieved by inculcating an adequate amount of creativity and innovation in the logo’s design. In case your client comes up with certain suggestions, be open to such feedback. This will take you in the right direction of improvising wherever required.

All the above steps render a tactical approach to ‘how is a company logo designed’. This is an easy and effective way to learn logo designing online. Follow these basic guidelines to learn professional logo designing for business. 


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