Are you a blogger who is struggling to make his/ her blog SEO friendly? If yes, then you are at right place. It is not at all difficult to convert your blog into an SEO friendly blog; it just requires some quick and easy steps. In this post, we would cite the benefits of an SEO blog and tell you how to make your content SEO friendly.

These days, it is hard to create material that is original and unique. This is because almost everything has been done and published over the internet, where it is accessible to all. Since, internet is flooded with almost everything under the sun, users sometimes have a hard time selecting what they need. Adopting SEO will give your work a fighting chance and ensuring that users see it. As a blogger, you must acquaint yourself with the parameters of Search Engine Optimization in order to convert your regular blog into an SEO blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables you to adopt certain measures so that your content comes up at the top of Google search engines. This method helps you attract maximum readership. If you get the desired readership, you would generate advertising revenue and your popularity will increase. In order to make a blog SEO friendly, there are certain simple steps you need to follow in your work.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step to make content SEO friendly. It is the dominant step when you are converting your blog into an SEO blog. Keywords are basically words and phrases that have appeared frequently in Google search engines. In order to practically apply it to your blogs, read our blog on CHOOSING THE RIGHT KEYWORDS IN CONTENT WRITING- AN INTEGRAL PART OF SEO STRATEGY.

Moreover, Google Adwords provides a Keyword Search tool to help advertisers and content writers to find keywords. You can choose the keywords with the highest amount of average monthly searches in order to make sure they strengthen your SEO strategies. You can read HOW TO DO A KEYWORD RESEARCH ON GOOGLE ADS (ADWORDS) USING KEYWORD PLANNER FOR SEO BASED CONTENT. It is fairly easy to search for keywords and the tool is absolutely free and without any hassle. 

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Include these Keywords: In blog’s body, header, and URL

Once you have researched and made a list of your keywords, you have to incorporate it in your blog’s content body, header and in its URL. In this blog, we have discussed about HOW SHOULD KEYWORDS BE INCORPORATED IN GOOD BLOGS. It has to be skillfully incorporated so that readers do not notice it and find your content monotonous.

This is the most difficult step when you are making an SEO blog but with time and practice, you will acquire skills to make it smooth. Including keywords will increase your website’s visibility in search engines to the users. It can also make your blog SEO friendly. You may like to know HOW TO IMPROVE CRAWLABILITY AND INDEXABILITY OF A WEBSITE to generate considerable amount of traffic.

Optimize the Image Descriptions: Alt-tags

After you’ve incorporated keywords in your blog, you need to add those keywords in your image descriptions and alt tags. It will give you additional optimization that it needs.

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Links: Internal and Outbound links

Another criteria of an SEO blog is the usage of links. The use of links is another way to optimize your blog as it will be shown in search engines at the top so that users find it first. Adding links to other websites will enable them to link your website, bringing in a fresh influx of readers. This concept is termed as creating backlinks.

Adding links creates a network of websites with common readers. Also, it will provide the readers more information and increase the authenticity of your work. Google update algorithms value the usage of links, and your blog will appear more frequently in search engines. It is the easiest way to make content SEO friendly. To understand it more clearly, check out our blog on Internal links and Outbound links.

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Readability tests

It is not just advisable to make your blog SEO friendly, it is also crucial that you make it reader friendly. You need to pass them through readability tests to ensure that the material is easy to read. You also need to verify that it is  appropriate for the intended audience, depending on their age group, education, nationality, etc. For example, an astrophysics blog meant for children will have a different level of readability than a sci-fi romance blog for teens. It is all about making your content gripping enough for the targeted readers.

There are many websites these days that give you readability scores like ‘Flesch-Kincaid’. Take a look at the FLESCH-KINCAID READABILITY TESTS AND ITS IMPORTANCE IN SEO OPTIMISATION.

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Plagiarism Check

Your blog content should essentially be a hundred percent unique and plagiarism-free. In layman’s language, the content needs to be 100% original and should not be copied from any existing source of information. Here is why PLAGIARISM CONTROL IS MANDATORY. HOW TO ENSURE 100% UNIQUE CONTENT. If there is plagiarism present in your blog, it would end up your website being blacklisted by Google. Additionally, it would lower the reputation of both the writer and the blog.

If the plagiarism is too severe, it can lead to legal cases against you. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your work is plagiarism-free. There are a lot of software that provide free plagiarism checking services like ‘smallseotools’ and ‘CopyScape’. It is very easy to use them and they are very efficient. 

It is hard to compete in the digital marketing space if you are relatively new in the sphere of blogging. Making your blog SEO friendly will help your blog to gain visibility in search engines. However, if your work is not original and engaging, the readers would not be interested to read it. Moreover, readers would not find your work in the search engine if your blog is not an SEO blog. Therefore, good-quality blogs and SEO parameters go hand-in-hand.


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