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Are you curious about the work profiles in top digital agencies? The career opportunities in ad agencies can be varied and bountiful. A digital marketing agency provides a variety of services and employs a plethora of people. To know about the best job openings in digital marketing companies, keep reading.

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In this day and age, digital ad agencies have gained much prominence, when it comes to advertising. These days, advertising and marketing campaigns take up a significant chunk of your advertising budget. When you consider the work profiles in top digital agencies, the employment of certain employees can either make or break the whole agency. A digital marketing company has a lot of divisions and departments. However, there are 8 types of important career opportunities in ad agencies when it comes to digital marketing.

Project Manager, 8 most important roles and responsibilites within top digital agencies

1. Work profile of Project Manager in top digital agencies

When it comes to the work profiles in top digital agencies, a project manager is in charge of all the departments inside a digital marketing agency. He serves as a link between the digital marketing team and the rest of the ad agency. He has to manage and direct the team, decide on schedules and project duration.

A project manager assigns what job each individual within the agency is to perform. In addition, he has to make sure that the performance of the digital team is in accordance to the expectations of the ad agency.

Strategist, work profiles in top digital agencies, chess image

2. Strategist

The position of a strategist is one of the best job openings in digital marketing companies. She is in charge of market research while coming up with ad campaigns. She keeps track of the broader side of marketing and business goals. Some of the key functions of a strategist include:

Content Writer, work profiles in top digital agencies

3. Content Writer: Key work profile in top digital agencies

When it comes to the work profiles in top digital agencies, a content writer is the lifeblood of the whole team. It involves using writing skills for content marketing strategy. Content work can include Blogs or Website content, Automated email copy, Sell sheets gated pieces like eBooks, and white papers. Some agencies keep an in-house content writing team while others prefer to outsource the job to a writing company. Some companies take the help of freelancers and content marketing partners looking to offer their skills for marketing strategies. Check out the content writing jobs provided by us.

Alongside being creative, content writers need to have a proper knowledge of SEO strategies. They should have proper knowledge of formats, the client and the target audience. We have a pool of content writing specific blogs on our site that you can read to know the tips and blueprints followed by the professionals.

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4. Graphic Designer: An essential work profile in top digital agencies

A graphic designer is a great career opportunity in ad agencies. A graphic designer functions by producing creative advert material either in the form of print or electronically. Areas a graphic designer may excel at are marketing, communications, digital media and brand identity. A graphic designer usually relies on creativity, project management and team working skills. Designers need to be tech-savvy as the graphic business these days require the aid of complex graphic design softwares. Check out this blog to GET HIRED AS A PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC DESIGNER BY DEVELOPING THESE 4 ULTIMATE SKILLS.

 SEO specialist

5. SEO specialist

When it comes to the work profiles in top digital agencies, an SEO specialist is vital. Your company website page must be visible on search engines and SEO is critical to digital success. An SEO specialist makes use of Google Analytics and Search Console, additionally with other tools such as SEMrush, SpyFu, etc. An SEO specialist optimizes things like headlines, image alt text, and metadata for good rankings on the search engines. They are also in charge of rectifying your SEO (crawl errors etc.), keyword strategies and running SEO audits to locate existing content in need of optimization.

Besides, if you are a newbie to this niche, you should try to read our blog on LEARN SEO: A BEGINNER’S MANUAL. Or, if you are an intermediate or advance SEO professional, check out the advanced blogs here.

6. Pay-per-click (PPC) manager work profile in top digital agencies

Pay-per-click is a common method websites use in order to promote their websites. A PPC manager’s job is to monitor, update, test and optimize content. All of this to ensure that there is rush of relevant search engine traffic on your website. It is an excellent career opportunities in ad agencies. PPC managers collaborate with SEO specialists in order to give good results. A company can either opt for an in-house manager or outsource the job to a SEO company.

laptop, paper image

7. Email marketing specialist

One of the best job openings in digital marketing companies includes an email marketing specialist. In the recent years, email marketing has grown into a great opportunity for companies. Three areas that an email marketing specialist must take into heed are: database regulations, audience segmentation, and other strategies to gather leads.

social media apps icons image

8. Social Media Manager work profile in top digital agencies

Social media is a big part of our lives. It has become a primary area of focus if the company wants to make money by advertising correctly. Social media marketing campaigns are crucial for a company to achieve its highest-level goals. It can be done by a social media marketing company or by a social media manager depending on the size of the company. By engaging with the audience on a personal level, a social media manager aims at building brand identity, brand awareness and product promotion. It is one of the biggest career opportunities in ad agencies.

If you are planning on digital marketing, these are the top 8 work profiles in top digital agencies that you will come face-to-face with. The skills of these people combined, result in the smooth running of things. Every aspect of their creativity is what results in the success of a brand. As an entrepreneur, you should have a good idea of what these people do and what career opportunities in ad agencies await for people.


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