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Ever wondered why the best marketing companies use TV ads to this day? There are many reasons that lie behind the importance of televising ads in advertising. Therefore, as a company-owner, you must know the answer to the question: how does TV advertising work? To learn more about the aspects of running ads on TV, keep reading.

The effectiveness of TV ads is a topic for heated discussion in today’s ever evolving media space. In the past few years, TV ads have received a makeover. Being a device that can be accessed now anytime, anywhere and on any device possible; these conveniences of availability has given birth to the importance of televising ads in advertising in the recent times.

The best marketing companies use TV ads since it remains the most dominant medium of mass communication. For using TV as a platform, one must know about on how to advertise the commercial made. Read our blog on HOW IS A FILM ADVERTISED: THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT .ADVERTISING A FILM to know more about it. So, here are a few reasons why television is still held in high regard by advertising companies.

Reach: Reason why best marketing companies use TV ads

Even to this day, 70% of the world’s population uses the medium of television in a day. The number spikes up to 90% when it comes to a whole week. When you combine the huge body of population and the massive amount of time spent watching, it is clear why the best marketing companies use TV ads.

But if you own a small company and have a limited budget, it may seem expensive. In this competitive market, all the popular TV channels charge a fortune to run ad campaigns. TV ads have become a great source of revenue for most TV producers. Regardless, the skyrocketing of ad revenues does not stop brands from running ads on TV.


TV still remains the world’s favorite pastime. Approximately, TV accounts to 90% of an average person’s time watching a video, thereby establishing the importance of television ads in advertising. Although, in recent history, other forms of video like Youtube and Netflix have come to surface, TV still remains the largest supplier of videos at 73% of the total.

However, if you want to make your product more popular, then along with it, you can also try other platforms like YouTube. For that click on to TIPS FOR CREATING THE MOST EFFECTIVE YOUTUBE ADS and boost your business.

Resilience is another cause that best marketing companies use TV ads

Well over the past decade, TV has managed to keep its place as number one despite the imminent disruptions in the world. This is why the best marketing companies use TV ads. Regardless of the emergence of Subscriptions-based video streaming sites, like Netflix and websites like Youtube, TV consumption has not gone out of fashion. Live telecasts have always been a primary cause behind TV’s unshakable position.

Big marketing companies use TV ads because of its responsiveness

TV ads are highly responsive. This is the reason infomercials do so well. The importance of televising ads in advertising lies in the fact that it creates a sense of urgency in the viewer. It helps in receiving a positive reaction from the viewer. TV ads are associated with a certain degree of authenticity and trust in the viewer’s mind. If something airs on TV, it isn’t that difficult to convince people of the usefulness of the product. 

Psychological Factors

A few psychological aspects mark the reason behind why the best marketing companies using TV ads. A well-made TV commercial can easily tap into the emotions of the viewer at large. It results in a effective and compelling campaign. Sometimes, TV actors and celebrities are asked to take part or endorse items. It attaches an emotional favor to the product/service. 

The ultimate reason behind the best marketing companies using TV ads is profit making. They make their research before contacting the TV producers. The success of TV sales is calculated in cash register or an increase in brand value.

Long story short, TV is beneficial in bringing your product into focus. However, it is the real effectiveness of your services that go on to create brand identity. Creating brand identity also involves certain elements like company logo, company profile, catalogues & brochures, & to name a few. Also, talking about the expensiveness of TV ads, you can try the cost-effective method of network affiliate marketing that multiplies word-of-mouth of your product. 



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