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In our workplace, we all come across different people having variety of personality traits. Sometimes, it is not easy to deal with a few people and you might end up having an argument with them. To help you tackle such situations, we here discuss the tips for dealing with annoying coworkers.

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You are not the only person who finds it hard to deal with difficult people. Conflicts in the workplace is not a new phenomenon. So, the issue is not conflict but conflict resolution. You have to learn to solve the problem diplomatically. Here are the techniques of handling people who are difficult to deal with:

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Avoid reacting harshly

It is always advisable to keep your calm while dealing with difficult people. It is worthless to pick up a fight or an argument with them for they won’t listen to you. Therefore, resolve the problem diplomatically and try to behave as rational as possible. It also happens generally while negotiating with the client or any other person. Take a look at HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR NEGOTIATION SKILLS AT WORK as negotiation is a helpful technique of handling people who are difficult to deal with.

Don’t lose your patience, it might aggravate the problem. Be practical as your aggression won’t help to resolve the mess, but your emotional control will. Try to talk with an open mind and avoid keeping any expectation. It is one of the important tips for dealing with annoying coworkers.

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Avoid the coworker’s attention

Try to avoid communicating with the coworker with whom you do not share a healthy rapport, as much as possible. It is better not to engage in any more arguments that can worsen the situation further. Handling people who are difficult to deal with is a big task. Solve the problem diplomatically so that it doesn’t hinder your performance. Ego could be a big hindrance and our blog on BE SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR LIFE: KILL EGO AT WORKPLACE WITH THESE SIMPLE RULES can help you to understand this concept.

Be cordial and nice to the person as these are essential techniques of handling people who are difficult to deal with. If you get caught with such people in your work, be mature enough not to bring your personal differences. The most important tip to deal with annoying coworkers is to avoid their attention when the time isn’t right.

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Try to communicate the issue

The better way is to communicate your problem to the person you have an issue with and talk it out. Read our blog on the importance of GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS – AN INDISPENSABLE PART OF WORK which is basically a two-way process to reach a mutual understanding. You can’t afford to have a permanent enemy in the workplace. It isn’t healthy for your growth as well as the culture of the company. Personal differences can be sorted out if one remembers to communicate properly. Proper communication has always proven to be an effective tip for dealing with annoying coworkers.  

It is advisable to let it go than to keep a lifelong grudge against someone. Check out our blog on RESILIENCE: AN INDISPENSABLE SOFT SKILL NEEDED IN A JOB to know how to take actions tactfully. By handling people who are difficult to deal with, you increase your interpersonal skills.

It is worth your time to talk out the differences you have with your coworkers so that it doesn’t come in the way of your career. Solve the problem diplomatically instead of being carried away by emotions. In this blog, we explain about ESSENTIAL SOFT SKILLS REQUIRED IN A JOB that a person needs to inculcate within himself to contribute to the organisation considerably.

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Use humour

Do you know that humour is the soft point of everybody? It lightens the mood, and people are generally inclined to those who are witty and have a good sense of humour. This is one of the important tips for dealing with annoying coworkers. Make use of your inbuilt humour and lightheartedness to win over people. Ask the other person to take things lightly and try to let go things that have happened earlier.

A good negotiator can turn an adversity into opportunity. Try to engage in casual and fun talk with your coworkers from time to time so that the tension in your relationship decreases. Humour can be used for handling people who are difficult to deal with. You may have a look at this blog about SECRET PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT POINTS: MAKE ANYONE INSTANTLY LIKE YOU that mentions some quirky ways to handle coworkers.

These are some of the ways in which you can handle people who are difficult to deal with, in the workplace. You need to come to a solution and should not linger on the problem. In our next blog, we discuss on how to BUILD CONFIDENCE AND ASSERTIVENESS: FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE RULES.


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