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There are various benefits of maintaining a journal. If you searching for a friend who you want should listen and understand you, this is your go to! A journal not only helps to develop learning habits, but also to improve your personality.

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According to Harvard Business School, setting 15 minutes to reflect your activities during the day can increase productivity and enhance performance. Your journal will be your friend who will listen to you no matter what. Studies have proven that when we maintain a journal and pour our feelings into it, it might help us to overcome tension and stress. It is a great way of self-introspection.

Mental health benefits, This is why you should start maintaining a journal

Maintaining a journal has mental health benefits

Medical science is trying to find out ways, which can lower stress-level and anxiety. Stress and anxiety act as some of the burning reasons for depression. Have a look at the 5 SIMPLE WAYS TO EFFECTIVE STRESS MANAGEMENT AT WORK. Furthermore, we all are social beings and crave for company. We want a person to sit with us and sympathize which our situation. But, do we all have the comfort of a friend who is there for us every time.

Maintain a journal to track important decisions

You can keep a track of all your important decisions and schedules through your journal. When you get caught in a dilemma, you can go back to your journal and see what were the factors that influenced your decision. This will help you to develop a learning habit and improve your decision making. Besides, here are some other INTEGRAL WAYS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR DECISION MAKING ABILITY. Sometimes, we get carried away in the moment and take some decisions based on certain opinions. When you trace back some pages of your journal and try to understand your state of mind then, you will be able to analyze your behavioral patterns. Ain’t it amazing?!

Improve your writing,

Maintain a journal: Improves your writing

If you are a budding writer, then this is one of the most important ways in which you can improve your writing skills. Make use of your journal to not only vent your feelings, but also as a way of improving your vocabulary and sentence structure. As a writer, you must have very good observational skills and excellent expressions to connect with the readers. Only practice can improve your writing style.

Self-reflection, This is why you should start maintaining a journal

Maintain a journal for self-reflection

Your journal is your property where you have the freedom to express your feeling without being judged. You are the one in-charge of the world you have created inside your diary. It can be a helpful way when you are on your way to DEVELOP INTERPERSONAL SKILLS WHICH SHALL INCREASE WORK EFFICIENCY and help you to be determinant. Here, you have the freedom to analyze our activities and thoughts; and correct your actions and behaviors. Again, maintaining a journal is the space where you can open up and be critical of yourself. It helps as it is a way to self-introspection.

Your journal can be the instrument of your creativity. Write down all your imaginations and observations of people and the world in general, from your perspective. This will help you to develop a learning habit. It’s important to invest your time and money in a learning based system. Here’s the blog for you to know WHY YOU SHOULD FOCUS ON A WORK BASE LEARNING SYSTEM.


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