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Negotiation skills are very important. We require strong negotiating abilities in our professional lives. But how many of us are really good negotiators?  A successful negotiation requires a healthy contribution of both the parties. This page highlights the ways in which you can improve negotiation skills at the workplace.

Negotiation is the process to reach a mutual agreement by settling all arguments and disputes. In order to arrive at a desirable outcome, you got to have the required skills of good negotiators. You might also want to consider reading our blog on the IMPORTANT ANALYTICAL SKILLS IN A JOB THAT CAN’T BE OVERLOOKED. A strong negotiation requires a combination of both interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Effectively eliminating misunderstanding is the key focus of every negotiation. The employers today consider negotiation skills as the most important trait.

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Here are the ways in which you can improve negotiation skills at work:

How to improve your negotiation skills at work? Learn non-verbal cues

Learn non-verbal cues

Your body language plays a very important role in determining how your negotiation is going to fair. If your body behavior is not in line with what you are saying, then you might end up losing the trust of the other party. Keep your limbs calm and align facial expression with your words. Win the confidence of your clients, co-workers or employer by demonstrating positive non-verbal cues.

You also can judge the other party if you learn to read their body language. You can know how involved they are in the negotiation by observing their facial expressions.

If your body language is unwelcoming, the negotiation might not be successful. It might result in argument and dissatisfaction. The other party can feel your intentions by observing your body language. Preferably, keep a poker face and don’t let your body language be defensive. Get better at your work by learning negotiation skills.

How to improve your negotiation skills at work? Research properly

Research properly

Dig deep into the issue you are going to negotiate about. It is a very bad idea to come without proper preparation and only rely on your instincts. Therefore, research well! When you come prepared, half the battle is already won. The other party will know that you have pretty good knowledge of what you are speaking and therefore s/he won’t be able to manipulate you.

Also, if you research well then the chances of you getting deceived are minimized. It shows how serious you are regarding the negotiation. You can also earn the respect of your seniors at work.

How to improve your negotiation skills at work? Learn from every negotiation

Learn from every negotiation

You should always learn from your mistakes. Try to take away as much as possible from every negotiation. Be it a good experience or a terrible experience, you always have something to learn by the end of every negotiation. You can impress your seniors at office by inculcating this habit.

It is better to keep a track of all the tactics that worked in your favor or those that backfired. In this way, you will be able to be your own judge yourself and work on your strategy to nail every negotiation. Be careful not to be too proud of your successes. That makes you overconfident.

How to improve your negotiation skills at work? Consider other party's views and limitations

Consider other party’s views and limitations

The most important tip to follow in any negotiation is that you should be having a giving approach. You should understand the other person’s stance and should know that the other person also has his/her own views and reasons for supporting what s/he feels is right. Being considerate increases the chances of reaching a mutual consent.

It is not advisable to become excessively defensive of your viewpoints. Good negotiators work as a team and try to see the bigger picture. Both sides should aim to reach an agreeable solution. Here are a few HELPFUL PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS TO GET OUT OF A CRITICAL SITUATION, if you are stuck.

How to improve your negotiation skills at work? Be a good listener

Be a good listener

If you wish to improve your negotiation skills then you should learn how to be a good listener first. Don’t try to make the negotiation one-sided. It will result in an argument and dissatisfaction of both the parties. You can impress seniors at office if you listen to them properly. Read our blog on HOW TO DEVELOP LISTENING SKILLS FOR SUCCESS IN LIFE to improve your listening skills.

If you listen properly then you will be able to know about the reservations and limitations of the other party. Reaching to the common good becomes much easier. If you keep on pressing the other party with only your opinions and views, then it will become difficult to have a successful negotiation.

How to improve your negotiation skills at work? Try and give the other party what s/he is looking for

Try and give the other party what s/he is looking for

Don’t be too selfish in a negotiation. Try to be reasonable and equitable. It will maintain the rapport between both the sides and the relationship will not become sour. You don’t want to ruin your relationship with your co-workers and seniors. Your aim should be to settle for what is best for both the sides. The decision shouldn’t be unfairly inclined to the interests of only one party.

Try your best to come to a mutual consent where not only you gain but also the other party gets his due share. However, don’t succumb under the pressure if the other person is becoming unruly and selfish. You should learn to handle such people diplomatically. Go through this blog to know about the best TIPS FOR DEALING WITH ANNOYING COWORKERS DIPLOMATICALLY.

These were some very important negotiation skills. Negotiation skills have become a necessity to carry your professional life with satisfaction. In your work life, you come across loads of people; colleagues, seniors, and clients. You are required to improve your negotiation skills to deal with these people. Follow these simple rules to be a good negotiator in your life.


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