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A prominent name and rising fame are two things that everyone aspires. Technological boom has resulted in a hi-tech era full of gadgets. We begin our day by scrolling through WhatsApp, followed by the other social media channels. Considering the wide usage of WhatsApp, marketing of products through a Buzz has become a common and cost effective way of marketing. This article caters to understanding how Buzz marketing can be used to create a buzz online.

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Buzz marketing is a Guerilla Marketing strategy, which aims to arrest the customer’s attention. This is done by creating or developing a buzz about the product or service over the social media and messaging platforms. Buzz marketing arises from the term ‘Buzz’, which means ‘prompt’ or something that stimulates people to talk about a product or service.

The scope of getting information viral, is very high on messengers like WhatsApp. Many companies do WhatsApp marketing on a large scale, making use of the platform in a concrete manner. This opportunity is used by people in both, the good and the bad ways. People also use viral Buzz marketing for spreading false information, causing panic amongst the readers. This concern, led WhatsApp to come up with its first advertising campaign in India, promoting the stop of such misleading facts. In their campaign, they have correctly promoted the importance of spreading good and useful news.

Let’s read about the various ways, in which one can make use of Buzz Marketing and know the ways of ‘how to create a buzz online?’.

Buzz marketing

Buzz marketing using whatsapp marketing

Whatsapp Marketing has become one of the most commonly used advertising strategies today. Thousands of stories and other forms of content are shared over WhatsApp on an everyday basis. Our friends and relatives read out stories to us that are shared over WhatsApp, increasing our know how of everyday happenings around us.

The easiest and the most inexpensive way to generate a buzz about an organisation’s latest product and services, is using tools like WhatsApp marketing. We can share images or simply messages with information in an interesting way to capture the eye of a reader. The platform offers the options to create groups and broadcast lists, through which a large number of contacts can be reached at one go. Forwarding the messages individually to the recipient is another way that can be used.

The idea behind this activity is to circulate stories that have the scope of becoming viral. If the content is engaging enough, it would be forwarded further by the recipients, creating a viral reach and in-turn increasing the goodwill of the brand behind the story.

Buzz marketing

Use connections to boost whatsapp marketing efforts

The key concept of Buzz marketing lies in sharing information continuously over the messaging platforms. Everybody is accustomed to use messengers in their daily lives. The best way to do successful buzz marketing over the messengers, is to share products and services using the link ups with family and friends. The easiest way to generate a buzz is by sharing information using your connections of family and friends.

Buzz marketing

Support the whatsapp marketing and create buzz online using the social media

Creating a Buzz online using the social media refers to stimulating people to talk about a product or service over the social media to simply create a buzz for the product. The crux of Buzz marketing lies within getting people to talk about the product and grow the general awareness about the information being communicated. A simple way to create buzz is by maintaining an active social media presence along with having a strong influence on the followers. The people getting the messages on WhatsApp would be able to relate to them, when they would see the same story on the social channels as well.

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For example, a popular dog food brand shared an emotional video, portraying the affection between a dog and his owner, on friendships day. The dog food brand gained massive popularity in no time, through an immense appreciation of the video, via the concept of buzz marketing. Viewers were able to see the videos over the messengers as well as on the social channels.

Buzz marketing

Use other methods of online marketing to create a buzz online

Online marketing is a productive method to create buzz for your products and support the WhatsApp marketing efforts. You should develop an interesting and attractive story to arrest the user’s attention. Several online advertising methods like display advertising can be used to reach the audience. Re-marketing is another effective way to catch attention of the reader.

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Buzz marketing

Use celebrities to take the buzz on a next level

Creating buzz using celebrities is one of the most effective way to boost the buzz marketing efforts. The key to ‘how to create buzz’ lies behind captivating the audience. Here, when we say celebrities, we are not just talking about the superstars or film stars. Anyone who could make an impact in the targeted audience and is admired can act as a celebrity!

For example, the skincare and cosmetics company Sephora, used a local Instagram celebrity Tamanna Roashan to promote their products. Tamanna has over a million followers on Instagram, which enabled Sephora to enlarge its audience base. Don’t forget to view the CONTENT STRATEGY TO BE FOLLOWED TO BECOME AN INFLUENCER and become one like Tamanna Roashan.

You can generate buzz by following the above steps. The implementation of Buzz marketing is all around us, we just need to take an effort to notice. All the above points have practical solutions to a common question, ‘how to create buzz online’. These can be effectively used to generate a buzz in the desired audience in a cost effective price. Also read A BRIEF GUIDE FOR QUICK MARKETING TRAINING to brush up professional marketing knowledge.


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