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Communication is a process involving speaking and listening. It is based upon sharing information with the employees and outsiders in business terms. Proper communication at every level facilitates a clarity in the overall working of the company. It adds up to the effectiveness of the process of marketing. This article presents some steps to initiate a good integrated marketing communication in your company.

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What is ‘good integrated marketing communication’? Good integrated marketing communication refers to the process of ensuring that information passes in an effective manner over the communication channels. It ensures an efficient corporate communication where everybody knows their roles. There are lesser chances of message distortion. Develop integrated marketing communication in your company using the following pointers:

giving customer the highest priority

1. Understand the mindset of an average customer

Successful marketing is interlinked to the mindset of a customer. If you are able to understand the basic psychology of a customer, you will be in a better position to complete the sale. Communicate with the customer so as to know the reason for his purchase. Provide him with a product which would serve as a solution to his or her problem. Alongside, give him options or a variety in what you offer. Observe his approach towards the product, whether or not he is serious in terms of undertaking the purchase. Formulate a systematic business plan to understand the customer. Understanding the complexity of a customer’s behaviour is a prerequisite for good integrated marketing communication.

initiate good marketing communication

2. Analyse and choose the right path of marketing communication

There are numerous ways of initiating a good integrated marketing communication. You can use social media platforms, advertising, marketing through content, etc.

Under social media platforms, you spread the word about your product over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can simply create a page on any of these. Thereafter, regularly post about your products and their qualities. The posts should serve as a point of attraction for the customers.

Use advertising to connect in person with your prospective business opportunities. Use flyers and pamphlets to communicate your product to the target market. Develop them in a professional way with good quality and relevant content.

Marketing through content involves promoting your product using articles and blogs. Use the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to develop relevant content. The content should primarily focus upon capturing the reader’s eye.

good integrated marketing communication

3. Observe your competition

Undertake a SWOT analysis. Adopt a proper competitive analysis. Look around and observe your competitor’s approach towards the concept of ‘good integrated marketing communication’. Get an idea about their strategy of implementing marketing communication. Analyse it in detail in terms of achieving the objectives. Get to know the threats and opportunities using such analysis. Emphasize on your uniqueness which makes you stand out in the market.

Advertising agency relationship matters. Why do you need to have a good connection? Constant communication is the key

4. Form a simple communication plan

Develop a plan for conducting formal communication in your business. Enlist all the marketing communication objectives you wish to achieve. For example, imparting knowledge about your product, creating brand awareness, stimulating people to purchase your product, etc. Once you have enlisted the objectives, work on the path of communication. Decide the roles of various employees in your plan of communication. Ensure that everybody is aware of what they have to do. State the communication process in case of emergencies. Put this plan into action to develop integrated marketing communication.

All the above points can help you in developing a good integrated marketing communication. Prepare the marketing communication plan with a tactical mindset. The right implementation of the plan will lead to an efficient corporate communication. It will smoothen the process of getting customers for your business.


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