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Are you afraid to take up management activity? No worries! Escape rooms are here for the rescue. To effectively manage and progress in a team, you need a set of essential skills that ace your performance. Whether you are a team member working under management or a leader with years of experience, this collection of abilities will always keep you positive along the way.

While we are on the road to success, we might stumble onto several obstacles, including inefficient teamwork or lack of productivity. If we do not determine how to tackle them, it may lead to our downfall. A team that can collaborate, cooperate, and work in harmony towards a common goal is bound to achieve success. But how can we climb up the ladder? What kind of experience and learning can lead us to this goal? The answer lies in hosting a fruitful team-building event. An excellent team-building event is where your corporate team develops and refines their collaboration and communication skills through experiential learning. As unexpected as it seems, Escape Room games are considered as one of the best team-building events. But what are escape rooms? And how do they work?

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About Escape Rooms

An escape room is a live-action-adventure game where teams are locked in a room with various puzzles and hidden hints. They usually follow an immersive plotline or narrative. The common goal in this themed environment for a virtual birthday celebration is to explore and examine the props for clues, solve them, and escape in under 60 minutes!

This concept might sound more like an action movie plot or a leisurely game, but you will be surprised when you recognize the abilities and skills you can pick up from this experience! Read further to know what management skills your team can refine by embarking on this exciting adventure!

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1. Communication

One of the key skills in good team management is communication. An escape room helps enhance these skills by locking you up in a mysterious room with multiple puzzles in need of answers. So, when you find a new hint or figure out the solution to a challenging dilemma, you have to bring out your social skills and put your point across to progress.

Similarly, discussing clues and ideas is as important as speaking up . They could have some valuable information for all you know, and letting everyone give their peace of mind will go a long way in getting things done faster. Soon enough, you will all tune into a similar mode of thinking, and you will learn to relate to each other much better! Communication in an escape room is also a great way to break the ice and create a positive energy between the team members after the game, leading to better workflow and delivery.


2. Organization  

Another critical aspect of the management of a corporate business or a team is staying organized. If things are not where they are supposed to be, and colleagues aren’t collaborating well when they should, things can get pretty stressful.

In the escape room setting, your team may find not one, not two, but more than seven puzzles and riddles. While you can solve some of them in the blink of an eye, others will take some serious brainstorming. That is when you realize the need to separate solved hints from the unsolved ones. It clears the way for easy-going gameplay, and you can get back to the unsolved puzzles once you are done exploring and scouring the room. Working on the art of organization will not help you give attention to the details, but it will also pave the way for effective problem-solving when you are in a team.

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3. Problem-solving 

Everyone comes across problems in their personal and professional courses. Whether they are petty or significant, having practical problem-solving skills always comes in handy. An escape room is filled with nerve-wracking puzzles and challenging riddles. The exciting environment and healthy competition will push you and your team to look at them from different perspectives. The mathematical word puzzles, mind maps, and logical puzzles will most uniquely enhance your team’s mental and lateral thinking skills.

Teams indirectly get exposed to the problem-solving aspect of the real-world. Later on, when they begin working towards a solution for the many predicaments that arise in the world of management, the escape experience will ring some bells!

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4. Decision-Making 

The first step you encounter while booking an escape room is choosing a theme. Escape brands often offer rooms in several genres like horror, mystery, crime, adventure, and even futuristic plotlines! Everyone in your team may have different tastes, and coming to a mutual agreement can take effort and dynamic decision-making abilities.

However, you eventually learn how to respect everyone’s opinions and find common ground that everyone is satisfied with. This cycle repeats even when you are inside an escape room, giving you first-hand experience on making the best choice!

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5. Time Management 

With so many puzzles to solve and limited time in your hands, time-management becomes a crucial concern in an escape room. In an escape experience, you will have to rush through your obstacles as the seconds tick away at a steady pace. You will have to plan on how much time you will spend on each hurdle and know when to give up and pass the baton to another member. You have no time to waste, so you will learn the value of spending every moment in the most productive approach. This aspect will also benefit your punctuality and workload management when you are in a team or office setting. Time waits for no one! Therefore, you will learn how to halt your distractions and start working towards your goals!

Whether you are a student or a fully-grown adult, good management skills can go a long way in helping you live a successful life! Now that you know about the benefits you acquire from participating in a mere entertainment trend waste no more time! Trust your instincts as you get locked in as a group of people and escape the immersive room as a well-organized and successful team with enhanced management skills!

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