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Most businesses struggle when it comes to deciding whether to hire a freelance graphic designer or a graphic designing agency. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. While some brands prefer freelance graphic designers, others prefer graphic design companies for some reasons. The same have been discussed in this blog.

Freelancers and agencies have different ways of approaching a work. It is to be noted that professional agencies have much wider operation and work in a professional capacity. The services of freelance graphic designers can be as good as the work quality of graphic designing agencies, if chosen carefully. However, there are many factors, in which the latter is better than the former. Those factors have been discussed below.

Freelance graphic designers vs graphic designer agencies Quality of work

Quality of work

Freelance graphic designers and graphic designing agencies, both can deliver good quality services. While it may be difficult to find a skilled freelance graphic designer among amateurs, a good designing agency is comparatively easier to spot. A good graphic designing agency will have more resources and designers to work on the required project. Freelancers may be a group of around two or three people working collectively, who work part time. Sometimes, the freelancer is an individual handling everything. This raises more questions on commitment. Hence, in most cases, quality of work is better when a professional graphic designing company or agency is hired.

Freelance graphic designers vs graphic designer agencies  Cost structure

Cost structure

There can be a huge difference between the prices charged by freelance graphic designers vs those charged by graphic designer agencies. As the freelancers work at a cheaper rate, they may or may not take the project seriously. But a good freelance graphic designer can do a good job and can prove worth your money. An agency has an entire staff to feed, so naturally it will charge more. Therefore, a good freelance designer should be searched carefully, which can bring justice to your money.

Freelance graphic designers vs graphic designer agencies  Dedication and priorities

Dedication and priorities

Only very good freelance graphic designers or graphic designing agencies work with complete dedication. Freelancers lose the battle of freelance graphic designers vs graphic designing agencies, when it comes to priorities. Freelancers may have other priorities such as their studies and exams, job, personal life, etc. The priority for the agencies are their clients and projects.

Freelance graphic designers vs graphic designer agencies  Experience and expertise

Experience and expertise

Experience and expertise in a particular field is required while working on a project. A freelance graphic designer may be specialised in a single field whereas graphic designing agency may hire designers who are expert in different areas. The prices charged by an agency may go up in such a case. As experience and expertise is valued more than anything else, agency is bound to be prefered.

Freelance graphic designers vs graphic designer agencies Ability to bear workload

Ability to bear the workload

Clearly, a graphic designer agency will be able to bear workload better than any freelancer as those agencies exist for the sole purpose of taking up projects, which operate in a large scale. A freelance graphic designer may or may not be able to handle those projects along with other commitments and priorities.

Freelance graphic designers vs graphic designer agencies Communication


It is comparatively easier to communicate with a  freelance graphic designer than a graphic design agency. A freelancer will be able to respond more frequently to phone calls and emails as compared to an agency. Prior appointments have to be taken in case an agency personnel has to be contacted. All appointments and calls are made in the working hours. However, if a wrong freelance designer is hired, then he may create huge troubles in communication.

Freelance graphic designers vs graphic designer agencies Reliability


Graphic designing agencies are comparatively more reliable than freelance graphic designers. If the freelancer cheats, he/she can just stop responding to the calls and emails. In case of agencies, they have supporting staff other personnel who keep in touch with their client and a goodwill to defend. Hence companies are more reliable than freelance graphic designers. (points 3-5, freelance graphic designers vs graphic designing agency)

Another important factor is the track record, that is, the past performance. Track record of each company and each freelance graphic designer differs. It should also be considered important, while making the decision, regardless of the points allotted after each factor. The right designer should be chosen wisely.

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