Progressive web apps combine the best of both web and apps to improve the web and mobile experiences for the users. They load quickly, send push notifications, provide an app-like experience and can be iconised on home screens of users at a reasonable cost. This blog highlights the benefits of progressive web apps for a business.

What is a PWA? PWAs are essentially an extended version of native apps. They combine the technologies of native apps and websites and feel like a native app. They are highly responsive but only work on a browser. Users do not need to install the app on their devices to use progressive web apps.

Who uses Progressive Web Applications

Both large and small brands have started adopting PWAs. Many of them have gained incredible results both in terms of engagement and conversion rates. A few examples of well known brands who use progressive web applications are: Twitter, Starbucks, AliExpress, etc. Brands have seen increase in conversions, CTR, ROI and a drop in page loading times and bounce rates. These are just few of the many examples and it is clear that by tapping into their potential, you too can increase business profits with progressive web apps. Read about mobile marketing techniques, in our blog: MOBILE MARKETING TECHNIQUES: HOW TO BOOST SALES AND CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT.

Advantages of progressive web apps for businesses

  1. Re-engagement: In addition to speed and ease of use, progressive web apps allow marketers to re-engage customers. This can be done by showing the use of push notifications to the users who opt for receiving them.
  2. Better reach: Since PWAs are compatible with all kinds of platforms, it does not matter if the user uses Android or iOS. So, progressive web apps allow you to reach a wider audience. Moreover, anyone can access PWAs regardless of the speed of the internet connection.
  3. Better User experience: Most mobile websites are abandoned if they take more than 3 seconds to load. Similarly, if native apps do not load quickly then people stop using them. In such a case, progressive web apps can come to the rescue.
  4. Hardware connectivity: PWAs support camera and microphone access. In addition, facial recognition and touch gestures are also supported.
  5. Ease of development: For businesses, PWAs provide them the benefit of ease of development. This is because multiple versions need not be created which saves both time and money. In the long run, progressive web apps are relatively cheaper to maintain and have a good ROI.
  6. Convenience and speed: Native apps have to be downloaded on the devices before users can use them. Progressive web apps on the other hand, can be loaded on browsers within seconds. The users don’t have to download the app to get high speed or better UX app.

Also read about the 5 advanced techniques to improve page speed, in our blog: 5 ADVANCED TECHNIQUES TO IMPROVE PAGE SPEED. Progressive web apps can increase user engagement, visibility and conversions. These apps can benefit every business regardless of the niche or size and help in growing an audience. Unless you are selling apps, creating a PWA to share content with the target audience is a great idea. By taking advantage of higher speed and lightness you can leverage your marketing efforts and gain an edge over competitors.


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