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Having a professional and approachable online presence is a prerequisite for every successful business. An online portfolio helps expand your reach along with forming a positive impression in the minds of the people. A unique graphic design portfolio helps businesses to win clients by showcasing their best work, in the best possible way. This article intends to present you with seven captivating graphic design portfolios created  by eminent professional graphic designers like Lotta Nieminen, Rafael Kfouri, Alex Coven and more. These portfolios can help you in your journey to become more inspired and build up a world renowned brand.

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A graphic design portfolio is a collection of the best graphic designs created by a person or a company. It is an innovative and creative way to showcase a designer’s skills and their versatility. A good graphic design portfolio is one of the best ways to promote a company. Here are the best online graphic design work portfolios that you must consider if you want to build your own:

7 Captivating graphic design portfolios that will amaze you-Lotta Nieminen

1. Lotta Nieminen

Lotta Nieminen is one of the most famous graphic designers from Finland. She studied graphic design and illustration at University of Art and Design, Helsinki and Rhode Island school of Design. Later, she opened her own studio in New York. Nieminen is an award winning graphic designer and was nominated for the Forbes’ annual magazine for art. She is versatile and her work encompasses various fields. From graphic designing to packaging and branding, she has created beautiful designs which will serve a company’s goals and purpose and effectively represent all that they stand for, in her best advertising samples. Her work can be found on www.lottanieminen.com. Needless to say, this is one of the top rated graphic design portfolios of today.

7 Captivating graphic design portfolios that will amaze you- Jane Song

2. Jane Song

Jane song is an American graphic designer. She is a print and web designer based in Georgia, Atlanta and specialises in branding, advertisement, web and illustration. She aims at developing creativity and incorporates innovation in her ideas. Her portfolio consists of a huge variety of work samples like Instagram ad campaigns, trading covers, posters etc. For her best advertising samples, visit www.jane-song.com.

7 Captivating graphic design portfolios that will amaze you- Alex Coven

3. Alex Coven

Alex Coven is a 26 year old freelancer and web designer based in Chicago. He graduated from Columbia College, Chicago. Alex has worked in diverse fields ranging from designing t-shirts to websites, and aims to satisfy his client’s needs in creative and innovative ways. This has added up to his expertise in the graphic designing field. Have a look at his portfolio to view his best advertising samples and other amazing works at www.alexcoven.com.

7 Captivating graphic design portfolios that will amaze you- Matt Pamer

4. Matt Pamer

Matt Pamer is a Portland based art director, designer and illustrator. He lives in Brooklyn and specialises in branding, illustration and graphic design. He has worked with the best American business organisations. There are a huge variety of samples available in his portfolio, such as his designs of pamphlets, brochures, logos, invitation cards, trade cards and much more.  Visit his website www.mattpamer.com to view his graphic design portfolio.

7 Captivating graphic design portfolios that will amaze you- Rafael Kfouri

5. Rafael Kfouri

Rafael Kfouri is a graphic designer established in Brazil. He is currently working with AlmapBBDO. Rafael specialises in the fields of integrated communication, art direction and digital development. You will find the best advertising samples available in his portfolio, ranging from logos to posters. Kfouri’s collections involve elegant and vibrant colour combinations which make his work appealing to the eye. They are systematically developed with clarity and cohesion. Visit www.rafaelkfouri.com.

7 Captivating graphic design portfolios that will amaze you- Elise Eskanazi

6. Elyse Eskenazi

Elyse Eskenazi is a freelance art director from Amsterdam. She is now settled in Southern France where she specialises in graphic designing. She loves to explore various types of designs- 2D, 3D, on screen or 4D and plays with words and images to transform them into works with a  strong communicational element using her editorial expertise. Have a look at her graphic design portfolios on www.eliseeskanazi.com.

7 Captivating graphic design portfolios that will amaze you- Uni Square Concepts

7. Uni Square Concepts

Last but not the least, we’d like to share our graphic design portfolios. We are an advertising agency based in Delhi, India. Our aim is to provide polished professional designing and writing services for the corporate sector. Offering a wide variety of services, ranging from logo designing to posters to invitation cards; we’ve been consistent in creating attractive and eye catching designs for various print and social media campaigns. Click here to visit our online graphic design portfolios to have a look at our best advertising samples.

These are the most trusted and popular graphic design portfolios, in the present times. Enhance your scope of reaching out to your audience by gaining inspiration from these amazing platforms. Delve into the world of graphic designing and all the benefits it brings with it by having a glance at these best advertising samples. Winning clients over by showcasing your best creations, is the way to go.


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