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It is very important to have meaningful conversations at the workplace and in the personal life. However, it might become difficult to talk to a person whom you have just met, or not know that much. This blog highlights effective ways to turn small talks into a smart conversation.

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Turning a small talk into a smart conversation, can be pretty easy for a person who know the ways to do it. How much ever difficult it may sound in the beginning, it will be like a piece of cake for you to turn small talks into smart conversations once you are aware of the ways to do it. Mentioned below are ways in which you can turn small talks into smart conversations.

Avoid yes/no questions, Turn Small Talk into a Smart Conversation in these Simple Steps

Avoid yes/ no questions

Unless you want to have a brief talk, don’t try to pursue a yes or no question. Try to turn a small talk into a small conversation. This is because the scope of such a question is very small and the other person won’t feel the need to explain his/ her stand. If you want to have a detailed discussion, you better learn how to phrase your questions wisely. This will help you to initiate a valuable conversation. Making a conversation with people can be sometimes very tough as they can be a hard nut to crack. Your questions must be open ended and must persuade a response.

Chose an interesting topic, Turn Small Talk into a Smart Conversation in these Simple Steps

Choose an interesting topic

If you want to keep your listener invested, you must come up with some relevant and interesting topic. Along with having good communication skills, body language also plays an important role in persuading. Read our blog on READING BODY LANGUAGE- A BASIC GUIDE to know how to do it.

When you are dealing with important people, remember that such people aren’t much inclined towards informal talk. They keep themselves very busy and prefer to invest their time with the right people. Prove to be worth their time! They won’t entertain a conversation beyond normal greetings if they feel you are eating their time. There are some ESSENTIAL SOFT SKILLS REQUIRED IN A JOB that you need to cultivate in your behavior at work. You must do your homework well and come up with some good things to discuss. Turning small talks into a smart conversations is an art. Not everyone has the capability to attract people into making a conversation.

Don’t try to outsmart the other person

Be very humble while making a conversation with people. Don’t try to overpower or ridicule the views of the other person. This is a big no-no as it will dissuade the person to further the conversation and he/ she might then resort to answering in short responses. You don’t want this to happen! Make sure that the conversation has an impact in the mind of the other person. Be sure to derive something significant at the end of it. Don’t let your ego overcome your conversation. You may also like to read our blog on BE SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR LIFE: KILL EGO AT WORKPLACE WITH THESE SIMPLE RULES. Hence, don’t be over smart and suppress the other person. If you wish to learn, you must know how to be considerate.

Tell a story and don't settle for small responses, Turn Small Talk into a Smart Conversation in these Simple Steps

Tell a story and don’t settle for small responses

One of the very impactful ways in which you can continue a conversation is by making the person involved in a story. An anecdote can do a great deal which a serious tone can’t. Therefore, try to immerse the conversation in a story so as to gain attention. We have listed down some of the SECRET PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT POINTS TO MAKE ANYONE INSTANTLY LIKE YOU. These tips are worthwhile to know! Again, let the person share his thoughts first. If he/ she is not following, then try your luck. Be persuasive and interesting to turn your small talk into a smart conversation.

These were the tips that will help in turning a small talk into a smart conversation. You get to learn a lot when you interact with people. So why not have a significant talk. Follow these steps to improve your communication skills. 

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