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We all are social beings, needing validation from the society. At one point or another, we all wish to motivate others and influence their lives. This feeling surfaces further in the professional life. You will want your co-workers and clients to respect you and to like you. But ‘impressing people at work’ or to make them like you is no easy. We are here to help you out. In this blog, we have highlighted ways, in which you can influence people at work.

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Today, we live in a world where everyone is concerned about their own issues and don’t have time to worry about others. But in the hindsight, we all wish to have some impact on others. Sometimes, we also think about impressing people at work. Don’t we all think in the same way? To do this you need to have a certain set of skills. Being able to influence, motivate or impress others is not as easy as it seems. Also Check out our blog on ‘Secret personality developments points: Make anyone instantly like you’ to understand ways to develop your personality even further. Here are some tips to influence people at work:

Influencing people - A pivotal corporate trait

1. Always smile

Smiling is very contagious. If you approach people at work with a cheerful face you will make others happy in the office. By seeing your smile, they will also be more drawn to you, which will make you feel good. A smiling face really helps to impress people at work. Be that company that you wish you had. Normally, people prefer surrounding themselves with good natured people. By having such a personality you will be able to make others happy in the office.

Influencing people - A pivotal corporate trait

2. Remember to greet

Always try to greet your co-workers at work. By doing so you let others know that you are concerned about them and hope well for them. But don’t fake it. Do it only when you genuinely feel it. Influencing people at work is a tough task because everyone has their own problems and mindset. In order to have an impact on them, you need to target their soft spot. You can make others happy in the office by showing your concern towards them. Greeting ‘good to see you’, ‘keep up the good work’, or ‘you are doing great’ etc. might work.

Influencing people - A pivotal corporate trait

3. Be well dressed

The way you dress demonstrates your personality and nature. To motivate others, you need to show them that you have an appealing character. Impressing people at work becomes much easier if you groom yourself properly. Therefore, be smartly dressed and carry yourself properly. You will be able to influence people at work by dressing the nice way, preferably formals. Follow this guide to read about the Importance of business attire and why is that the first impression always matters.

Influencing people - A pivotal corporate trait

4. Let people speak

People like to be heard and talk about themselves. Be a good listener to those who prefer to speak every time. When you attentively listen, you motivate others to listen to you. They will appreciate your way of showing importance to people and will learn from you. Influencing people at work is a challenging work, for it is difficult to find appreciating people.

Influencing people - A pivotal corporate trait

5. Don’t be arrogant

Don’t be egoistic and overconfident of your own abilities. Try to be humble and down to earth because people will always try to find flaws in whatever you do. Impressing people at work is easier when you have an easy going personality. Try to help others and empathize with their feelings. You can make others happy in the office by appreciating them and making them feel valued. Arrogance and Ego can be your biggest enemies in corporate life. Follow this guide to read about How to kill your Ego at Workplace and Be Successful in Life.

Corporate life can be very challenging and you have to co-exist and cooperate with others. For this to happen, you have to know these rules and mend your ways to influence people at work.

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