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Sometimes, it becomes difficult to perform work in the office due to the disinterest of some people. To influence them and lift up their spirit; is a big challenge. This blog highlights the ways to motivate people to take initiative at work.

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For a senior manager, it’s a difficult task to motivate his/ her team members to take initiatives and work properly. There are a series of tips that a person can follow to improve the initiative level at work. If you are also struggling with the same issue, then you have landed at the right place. Here are the ways to motivate team members at work:

Set exciting goals, 5 ways to motivate people to take initiative at work

1. Motivate people to take initiative at work: Set exciting goals

It is extremely important to make all the co-workers involved in the work. If the work is very demanding, you should know how to make it a little fun and not stressful. Motivate your team members in the office to contribute their ideas. For example, how they can achieve their goals and what course of action they should follow. Importantly, set exciting goals and reasonable deadlines to improve teamwork. Do not let your team feel burdened and pressurized. 

Give incentives, 5 ways to motivate people to take initiative at work

2. Give incentives that motivates to take initiative at work

Associate some rewards and incentives with the work your co-workers do. There are various ways to take initiative at work and the most important of them is giving your team some value for their extra effort. When you declare some kind of incentive such and vouchers, bonus, raise in salary, or awarding them at an official event etc, you motivate the team members in the office to contribute their best and perform well.

3. Invest time with the team

Along with following some work-oriented time management skills, you need to spend some time with your team and try to know what their thoughts and ideas are. It is essential to know what the feelings of your co-workers are in order to develop a kind of rapport with them. Talk with your colleagues and let them know that you care. Motivate your team members in the office by taking interest in their grievances and understanding their problems.

Make them feel important

4. Make them feel important

Make your colleagues feel important and valued in the office. Respect their  views and ideas and put some of it in force to show them that you really appreciate their participation. Make them feel a part of the organization by constantly making them realize that it is them who are responsible for the growth of the business. It inculcates a sense of belonging in them and motivates all your team members. Read our next blog on INCREASE MOTIVATION: DEAL WITH LACK OF INSPIRATION AT WORK to now some proven tips if you are an employee.

Delegate work

5. Delegating work motivates to take initiative at work

Don’t pressurize your colleagues with extra work and give them the freedom to distribute some of their work. It is one of the important ways to take initiatives at work. Extra burden of work demotivates people and discourages them to do it efficiently. When you encourage delegation of work, your team will feel a little relieved and will focus on work quality than getting the work done. This helps to lead a better stress management of team members.

To know more, read our blog on 5 SIMPLE WAYS TO EFFECTIVE STRESS MANAGEMENT AT WORK. Besides this, if you are a freelancer, you may like to visit & read our blog on HARROWING CHALLENGES OF A FREELANCE EDITOR & HOW TO OVERCOME THEM which shares some general tips regardless of your work niche. Hence, keeping your team motivated and inspired is the most important task at work. These were the important ways to motivate people to take initiative at work. By following these simple rules you can enhance the quality of work.


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