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It’s no secret that age verification is a key part of any successful business. The customers are at the heart of your business, and you need to make sure they’re of legal age if you sell them anything. But what exactly should you be doing to ensure they’re above 18? In this article, we have highlighted 5 ways to improve the customer verification process.

These strategies will help you verify customers, from employing third-party solutions to adding levels of identity verification. With the help of the techniques mentioned in this article, you will be able to ensure the correct age of your customers. 

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1. Install an Automated Age Verification System

Ensuring customers are of legal age to buy your products is essential. But manually verifying customer information can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Automating this process with an age verification system can take a massive burden off your shoulders. By using these ways to improve the customer verification process, you will be able to keep an accurate track of your customer’s age. An automated system requires customers to enter personal information, such as date of birth and billing address. After the customer enters the correct information, the automated system confirms whether the customer is of legal age to buy from you. Automated age verification solutions are accurate and efficient, helping businesses follow local legislation without manually verifying consumers’ ages.

An automated solution saves time while preserving accuracy and security, letting you focus on expanding your business instead of manually verifying customers. Requiring government-issued ID for client identity verification and online age verification is powerful. Since most government-issued IDs include name, date of birth, address, country of house, and photo, this method proves your identity and age.

Government-issued ID lets you effortlessly verify customers against third-party databases. The effective ways to improve the customer verification process mentioned here will enable you to develop a robust system for your customers. Databases can match client data with official sources like driver’s licenses and passports. Customer convenience is enhanced by demanding government-issued ID for account verification. This procedure allows users to rapidly use your services without giving extra information or documentation.

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2. Use Facial Recognition Technology to Verify the Customer’s Age

Facial recognition technology can be one of the great ways to improve the customer verification process and ensures that you verify customers and keep minors from accessing your services. The advantage of facial recognition technology is that it is fast, accurate, and secure. It also allows you to quickly verify the identity of customers who might otherwise be difficult to verify. Here are some ways to use facial recognition technology to perfect your age verification system:

  • Use an advanced facial recognition algorithm: Your algorithm should be accurate and dependable. Make sure your age verification algorithm doesn’t misidentify someone as underage.
  • Integrate with existing systems: Facial recognition technology should be integrated with customer databases and other payment systems to speed up age verification.
  • Use biometric data: For accurate age verification using facial recognition technology, use biometric data such as facial shape and patterns. This ensures accurate and efficient consumer identity verification.
  • Install authentication processes: Only authorized workers should be able to access certain sections or functionalities of your system. This prevents thieves from accessing your customers’ data.
  • Check activities: Check your facial recognition system for suspicious activity, unwanted access, and fraud. Monitoring system activity lets you spot and fix issues before they escalate.

3. Conduct Manual Reviews of Suspicious Accounts

Conducting manual reviews of suspicious accounts is one of the great ways to improve the customer verification process. If you’re using an automated system, having a human eye review any accounts that raise flags is still essential. The process might involve asking customers for more documentation, such as a photo ID or proof of address, that can be compared against the information in their account. This technique helps protect against fraud since it gives you more security and helps you verify the accuracy of customer information. Read our blog on HOW TO KEEP YOUR DATA SECURED: STARTUP BUSINESS EDITION to have in-depth knowledge about how you can keep your data secured. To make sure that manual reviews are conducted properly, it’s essential to:

  • Ensure your staff is adequately trained and prepared to handle sensitive customer data.
  • Establish clear policies around what kind of accounts should be flagged for review and how long they should remain open before closing.
  • Keep accurate records of all account reviews so you can audit them if needed.
  • Use the latest technologies available to quickly detect and investigate attempted fraud or suspicious behaviour in real-time, when appropriate.
  • Make sure your staff is aware of any new fraud trends or patterns so they can take appropriate action when detecting anomalies in customer accounts.

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4. Partner with a Business Verification Service for Age Verification Online

Did you know you can partner with a business verification service to help you with age verification online? Partnering with a third-party service can be one of the excellent ways to improve the customer verification process. A reputable business verification service will have access to advanced ID validation technologies, enabling them to identify fraudulent attempts and accurately provide high levels of security. Read our blog on SMALL BUSINESS ADVERTISING: A KEY TO GROWTH & SUCCESS to have in-depth knowledge about how you can grow your business effectively. There are several benefits when it comes to partnering with a business verification service:

  • Increased security: By leveraging their data resources, you can ensure the highest level of security for your business.
  • Quick and accurate checks: A reliable business verification service can provide quick and accurate checks on customer information, allowing you to verify identity in seconds quickly.
  • Reduce costs associated with manual processes: Partnering with a reputable provider can also help reduce costs associated with manual processes, such as collecting and verifying documents.
  • Improved customer experience: Partnering with a verification service will help improve the customer experience by providing instant and secure access to their database. Read our blog on RAPIDLY EXPAND YOUR CUSTOMER BASE FOR SMEs to have an in-depth understanding of how to expand your customer base. 

By partnering with an experienced and reliable business verification service, you’ll be able to streamline your age verification process, making it easier and faster for customers to access your products or services online.

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5. Regularly Audit Your Age Verification Process

Something else that can help you perfect your age verification system is to audit it regularly. Ensuring your age verification process is up-to-date and in line with all the relevant laws is of utmost importance.

  • Why You Should Audit Your Process: You should examine your customer data collection procedures and the verification process at least once a year to look for any areas that may be improved. This includes making sure that the compliance metrics are being met and that all the necessary data and processes are in place to ensure you’re following specific regulations associated with your industry.
  • How to Audit Your Process: The best way to audit your age verification process is by assigning a team to work with legal advisors on regular reviews. This team should be responsible for doing an in-depth review of all customer data, such as date of birth, address information, documents used for identity proofing, and any other relevant information. Regular reviews allow you to capture all changes quickly, allowing for corrective actions if necessary, and ensure that customers are protected from identity theft and fraudulent activities. Read our blog on SECURITY MEASURES ADOPTED BY AD AGENCIES FOR DATA PRIVACY OF CLIENTS to have an in-depth understanding of the security measures adopted by agencies for the data privacy of their clients.

Age verification is essential for businesses, but it’s equally essential that customers feel good about the process they are going through. With the right age verification system, you can create an experience that puts the customer first and ensures compliance with the law. An optimized age verification system can create a seamless, personalized experience for customers that builds trust and leads to higher conversions. Select a reliable business verification service and ensure your age verification system is fully integrated with your website, mobile app, and other digital properties.

By following these 5 ways to improve the customer verification process, you can create a secure and easy-to-use age verification system and protect your business and customers.


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