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E commerce and other online marketplaces have taken over the world in a storm. With a growing number of users opting for the online platform today, online markets are on their way to becoming mainstream buying places.  In this article, we have highlighted the points on how to develop a marketplace app like Amazon.

Thanks to widespread digitalization, there is hardly anything you cannot avail of online today, whether it be tuition to grocery stores or even mystery room Bangalore experiences. The growth and prosperity of the online markets have also consequently made human lives far more effortless than ever before. In the field of online marketplaces, there is hardly any organization that matches up to Amazon. To develop a marketplace app like Amazon, it is important to understand each & every aspect related to app development. With over 300 million active users worldwide, there is no doubt that Amazon is currently leading. Developing a marketplace app like Amazon is not as easy as it looks. From adding the right features to streamlining your funding strategies, there is much to look into. But we have streamlined all the information down below to help you get started! Read on to know how to develop a marketplace app like Amazon.  

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What are marketplace apps? 

It is crucial to first understand what are marketplace apps in order to develop a marketplace app like Amazon. To put it simply, they are online marketplaces for sellers and buyers to come together in huge numbers. Marketplace apps offer an intermediary between different groups and have a feasible environment. It is, however, slightly different from an online store. To know more about how to market an app with app store optimization, read our blog HOW TO MARKET YOUR APP EFFECTIVELY WITH APP STORE OPTIMIZATION (ASO)   

Marketplace apps are designed to offer an easy and seamless shopping experience for buyers, whether they are shopping from their phones or tablets. Develop a marketplace app like Amazon to excel in your business as everything is online in today’s digital world. Often, these apps might differ slightly based on the kind of products that they offer to buyers, their size, and the way the products are advertised. These apps work to fix any issue that buyers might be facing to make them return as happy and satisfied customers.   

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What are some must-have features for online marketplace apps? 

Now let’s take a look at some must-have features that you need to inculcate in your brand-new online marketplace app. You need to look into the incorporation of multiple user roles like buyer, administrator, and merchant during your app development process.  To develop a marketplace app like Amazon, you must be aware of the must-have features of an app. While you can combine the buyer and seller roles into a single app, you can also design two separate apps for the same! For the role of the administrator, however, you need to ensure that you design a separate web application that prefers desktops over all other devices.  Learn more about mobile app development in our blog MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: WHAT ARE NATIVE MOBILE APPLICATIONS.

Now, for the features of your online marketplace app: 

  1. Sign Up: The sign-up part is probably the most crucial aspect of your online marketplace app that you need to look into. Especially when it comes to sellers, this becomes a mandatory feature. This is because you cannot just start offering goods or services to people randomly and anonymously.  Ask your users for their names, email IDs, and phone numbers during the sign-up process. After this, your sellers and even buyers can handle things on their own! Develop a marketplace app like Amazon to ease users’ experience with a hassle-free interface.  
  2. Dashboard: Your dashboard is the home screen that is displayed before your users once they open your marketplace app. It is the place where your sellers can review all their essential data, like new orders, reviews, unread conversations, and several other factors! Other than ensuring that your dashboard offers all the information to sellers, make sure that it also categorises all the data in an organized manner. Developing a marketplace app like Amazon is not a cakewalk, multiple features have to be added in order to make a smooth functioning app.
  3. Orders: The order section is best to remain divided into two–open orders and completed orders. Using the open order section, sellers can keep an eye on pending orders and work towards completing them on time. They can also check details like the comments that customers leave behind or even the ongoing price of the product.
  4. Chat: The chat feature is yet another must-have feature for any kind of online marketplace application that you may own. This vital feature will allow you to ensure that your users aren’t able to make any kind of arrangements or complete their orders outside of your app. Develop a marketplace app like Amazon by incorporating features according to the needs and preferences of the users. It will also help in bridging any communication gap that might exist between you and your users.

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How to develop your marketplace app? 

The entire process of app development can be a little tricky and hectic. Make sure you evaluate all your risk factors properly before you start working on the app development process.   

  1. Select a platform to kick start the app: To develop a marketplace app like amazon, you must first select a platform to start the app. App stores by Apple and Google are the most prominent app stores in the market. Whether you want to use any one of them or both to launch your app is up to you. But the more suitable users it reaches, the better it will be for monetization. Understanding the geolocation of your target users can also help you refine your search for a suitable platform!   
  2. Know your market well: You cannot move even one step ahead in the app development process without knowing your market well enough. Develop a marketplace app like Amazon by knowing your market well. Consider the kind of goods and services that are presently in demand in your field. You can do this by understanding what your target audience is lacking at the moment and thereby working on it. Once you fully understand your market, you can start giving shape to your ideas.
  3. UI/UX Design: A good UI/UX design is the backbone of any app development process. It helps in attracting more users to your app and inspires them to invest their time and money in your app. Develop a marketplace app like Amazon and keep your designs minimalistic so that users can access the app features easily. Use soothing colors and pleasing visuals in designing your marketplace app.  
  4. Find a tech partner: Now you need to find a suitable mobile app development company to bring your app to life! Check out different websites and find out a company that fits your budget and has good reviews. Once you have contact with a reliable tech partner, get started on your work and let your app spring to life. Develop a marketplace app like amazon for your business by choosing the right agency. 
  5. Hire a team of experts: You need a highly skilled team of professionals to work with you and help you offer the best services to your users to design and develop a marketplace app like Amazon. You will need separate individuals to work as business analysts, project managers, front-end developers, UI/UX designers, app developers, and QA experts. Make sure to hire the perfect team that will support you efficiently in your journey!

The online markets are taking over the world rapidly, thus, making it the best time to work on developing an online marketplace app for your own company! Now that you have read our article to the end, are you ready to start developing your marketplace app?

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