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One of the most effective ways of cost-cutting that help maximize profit for a business is by reducing the development costs. Irrespective of the industry type, this is applicable to the manufacturing industry’s part production as well as IT companies with their software development costs. The key to reducing your investment lies in delegating the software development to a team of dedicated developers who are experts in their fields. They manage all your activities diligently and deliver desired results catering to your company’s specific needs. This blog highlights the benefits of hiring dedicated developers to reduce development costs.

Outsourcing software development or using an in-house developing team is a dilemma every business owner faces when they plan to develop a custom software solution. There are expert developer teams that specialize in software development that make the option of hiring an in-house developing team lackluster. Especially if your business is in a startup state, developing a customized solution or a website can be challenging due to the limited budget. Also read HOW DOES COVID-19 AFFECT THE TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY?

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When should you hire a professional developer?

Hiring a dedicated development team can be a cost-effective solution, one that reduces the overall development costs. In addition to being light on the pocket, outsourcing software development offers a sense of reliability and flexibility ensuring attention to details by the dedicated development team. There are various highly skilled developer teams that provide services and help avoid incurring costs during the ongoing pandemic.

The coronavirus outbreak of 2019 revolutionized the gig economy making businesses more technology-driven. Staying on top of technological advancements requires businesses to go that extra mile which increases development costs. Hiring a team of dedicated developers ensures workload division and timely project completion while maintaining quality. The team of developers has complimentary benefits such as a diverse skill set and focused work.

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Who is a dedicated developer?

A dedicated developer is a highly skilled and experienced professional who can be hired to work on a project for an extended period. They can be employed part-time, full-time, or on an hourly basis depending on the company’s needs. Dedicated developers collaborate with your in-house teams and act as a separate entity hired by your organization. They are usually front-end or back-end developers, QA engineers, project managers, business developers, and analysts. They can be hired on short notice if you struggle with a project due to a shortage of skills.

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Signs you need an extra set of dedicated developer hands

  • Skill Shortage: With the constant up-gradation and technological advancements, keeping up is a daunting task. Even if you have an extremely skilled in-house developer team, it doesn’t guarantee that their skill sets are the ones you require when working on a special project. Arranging development resources on time is a problem that can be solved by hiring an expert with the means to cater to your specific needs. Dedicated developers have access to state-of-the-art technology and offer customized solutions ensuring the success of your project.
  • Chaotic Vision: Turning an idea into reality demands clearer vision and the ability to be able to communicate your scope with your team. As a business owner conveying the idea effectively to your team can be challenging. Especially when you have doubt and lack clarity, it can end up being a time-consuming task. A dedicated developer offers experience and a specialized skill set that allows them to understand your vision and bring it to reality.
  • Failure to meet the target: When working on a new project, delivering on time while maintaining quality can be a real struggle. With the constantly changing market dynamics, we often lose sight of the bigger picture. Businesses tend to overlook the solution to outsource your custom software developments reducing the burden on your in-house team and ensuring timely delivery. A dedicated development team is an organized entity that provides consultation to your team and approaches the project in a targeted manner. It results in increased productivity and lowers development costs since dedicated developers can be hired at lower costs on an hourly basis.
  • Technologically challenged: For your in-house team to gain competency to work with the tools required in the development of a custom software solution such as various programming languages takes serious time and effort. Even after all that muscle work, it doesn’t guarantee the quality of work. Hiring a dedicated developer eases the struggle of making the right technical decisions. Business owners can overcome all their technical problems under a professional developer’s guidance.
  • Empty Pockets: Paying utility bills is another challenge a small business owner or a start-up business faces often. You need to pay for working space, systems required, electricity bill, heating, and cooling systems. Hiring remote dedicated developers cut down on your utility costs helping you save money.

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How does hiring dedicated developers help?

Outsourcing your software development can help cut down your development costs. It saves money needed to invest in the latest technology and reduces utility bills. Since dedicated developers can be hired for remote work on an hourly or weekly basis, it reduces hiring costs. Clear vision and the right set of teams ensure the success of your business.

  • Lowered Induction Cost: During the initial stage of your project, a plethora of initialization costs may seem overwhelming. You are required to carry out in-depth market research and familiarize yourself with the technology ecosystem by investing in seminars and webinars. These can add up to a high induction cost which can be easily reduced by hiring a dedicated development team. Their expertise in subject matter allows them to gauge your needs and deliver according to your expectations.
  • Zero training costs: Hiring dedicated developers eliminates training costs. The dedicated team of software professionals is skilled, experienced, and familiar with the required technological tools.
  • Lowered Infrastructural costs: There is no need to invest in systems, pay for a workspace, configure or set up a special infrastructure when you hire dedicated developers. Their dynamic nature allows them to work from anywhere since they are fully equipped with the latest versions, tools, and technology stack.

The success of your business comes from a culmination of saving costs that maximize profit and keeping up with technological advancements. Outsourcing your software development job offers reduced development cost, allows flexibility, and guarantees top-notch project quality by experts.

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