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WordPress is the most successful content management system holding 35% of the total websites available from all over the world. In this ever-evolving technological world, it is crucial to keep oneself updated with the latest development trends especially when it concerns a popular web development platform such as WordPress. In this blog we have discussed the top WordPress development trends of the decade.

WordPress was launched almost two decades ago and still holds its relevance today. Mastering WordPress enables a web development company to deliver the best user experience and customize your website according to your company’s needs. It allows you to incorporate the latest trends through 3rd party plugins to curate a personalized user experience. WordPress constantly strives to enhance the user experience through the latest themes and advancements. Let us explore the hottest WordPress development trends for 2021 that make your website exceptional and personalized.


1. Drag and Drop WordPress page builders

The drag and drop feature on the WordPress page is the most successful and user-friendly trend that has dominated the world of websites for many years now. It doesn’t require coding skills, or the need to hire a developer as it can be used by a beginner website developer enabling them to create and maintain a WordPress website. The drag and drop page builder feature is the most downloaded plugin.

These builders allow computer beginners and newbie developers to choose the components for their websites and customize them according to their personal preferences. They allow the user to preview their website in real-time while the edits are being made. The “What you see is what you get” interface allows customers to customize their website instantaneously without the need to learn to code at all.

For small businesses and startups, money is an issue that needs to be taken care of. WordPress builders such as the drag and drop plugin enable a beginner to get a website up and running without the need to hire a professional web developer. Using this feature enables the user to simply drag their preferred boxes and modules and drop them in their layouts. Once you are done placing your chosen modules, the website is built the same way as previewed enabling real-time tracking of WordPress website development.

Augmented and Virtual Reality girl vr set

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and VR have taken the internet with a storm. They are fairly new development trends WordPress web offers where users can access 360-degree photos and videos making them a popular choice among website developers. Augmented reality uses plugins providing customers a more functional and holistic experience and insight into their products. It makes the website user-friendly and offers an interactive experience for the customer.

Both Augmented reality and Virtual reality use the customer’s physical environment to create a digital presentation that mimics real-world scenarios. This helps customers place the product and preview it before they finalize their purchase. For instance, Furniture businesses offer their consumers to preview the furniture pieces in their physical surroundings via a smartphone camera.

The pandemic and coronavirus outbreak of 2019 has affected the economy and businesses drastically. Augmented reality and Virtual reality are the solutions that enable people to visit places while upholding the social distancing and lockdown measures. It offers people to virtually visit a location without putting them at the risk of getting infected by the virus. Realtors use this development trend to provide clients the 3D tour on their websites. Paint stores and interior designers can use AR and VR on their websites allowing customers to upload a picture of their room and change the wall color, or decor according to their preferences. The Augmented reality and virtual reality WordPress development trends combine imagination with technology and act as a medium between your dreams and reality.

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3. Voice Search for WordPress Websites

We are all familiar with voice-activated search assistants such as Siri and Alexa. They have gained popularity and allow a hands-free experience for the consumer. Adding a voice search plugin to your websites provides your customers an immersive and convenient experience. Voice Search optimization can be used as an SEO marketing tool. You can optimize your website user experience by using common keywords and answering frequently asked questions that people tend to ask related to their intended search. You can also create content specifically suited for voice search to improve search results. Voice search optimization provides an easy user interface that facilitates an interactive website experience. Targeting the way people speak instead of the way they type can improve your website’s ranking in the search results.

Voice search feature has come a long way from being considered futile at the time of its introduction to now over 1/3rd searches done on the internet utilizing it. Tailoring your website content for text-to-speech results ensures an organic boost in voice search results and increases traffic to your website.

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4. Progressive Web Apps

We have often faced the disappointment of the unavailability or inaccessibility of an app related to the website of our interest. Progressive Web Apps can perform the same tasks as an app eliminating the download process altogether. PWA enables faster loading time, better user experience, flexibility, and higher security. They are one of the newest technologies in the world of web development that allows customers to use the website as an app without the need for them to install anything.

PWAs provide an organic wholesome feel on the website eliminating the need of downloading an app. The websites can be pinned on the home screen and can be used as an app without eating up memory space. It provides new catching strategies along with deeper user engagement. Progressive Web Apps provide an app-like experience to mobile users without the need to install anything. They function like native apps and can easily be accessed through mobile browsers.

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5. Chatbot Integration

Chatbots are dominating the internet as digital assistants are being integrated by websites to provide a wholesome customer experience. Chatbots are available round the clock ensuring global accessibility throughout the day and night answering commonly asked questions and increasing sales without delay. It provides answers instantaneously that result in higher conversion rates from potential customers to buyers. Chabot records conversations and is capable of handling multiple conversations at the same time. They offer a personal touch due to stored customer data and improve the chances of a customer making sales. Chatbots are a cost-effective alternative to hiring real-life customer support agents.

Chatbots can help with monitoring clicks, capturing leads, enhancing user experience, and automating customer support. Automated and assisted technological tools enable a streamlined approach to customer service. Chatbots have been around for a long time, however, they are getting more “human-like” with passing time adding a personal touch. Chatbots improve your customer response rate by automating FAQs. It records where the customer faces difficulty and the context relating to their search intent. They help retain your customer’s interest and upsell products and services along with answering their questions.

WordPress is a versatile web development tool that has gained popularity over the years. It offers a healthy plugin marketplace and provides access to personalized customizable content to web developers without the need to hire professional developers or learn to code yourself. It helps make your website user interface interactive and caters to your personal taste. Using the WordPress development trends and themes encourages customers to revisit your website and results in a higher conversion rate.

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