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Making creative presentations is much easier if you have at hand a ready-made template with an unusual design. Working with a ready-made template helps you save time and make a stylish, modern presentation. In this article, we have highlighted the most unique, creative, and colourful templates for presentations.

Creative presentations are a great way to frame any of your work. But not everyone wants to spend time on presentation design. That’s why you can find a downloadable ready-made presentation template with a cool and creative design. You can download templates for presentations mentioned in this article and can easily make a professional presentation.

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How To Make a Creative Presentation With MasterBundles Templates?

MasterBundles offers a large collection of templates for any topic and in different designs. The platform presented many bright, modern, stylish templates, where everyone will find a perfect one to their taste. The templates are very easy to use. Download a relevant template from the site and open it on your device. For editing, you can use any handy tool— Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote. Now add your content to the template: text, photos, pictures, and animated elements. All templates are fully editable, and you can change the colour, font, icon size, and slide position. Customize the template the way you want. You can easily download templates for presentations from MasterBundles. Read our blog on BASIC PRESENTATION SKILLS YOU CAN’T GET WRONG to master your presentation skills.

Creative presentations are a good way to talk about your unusual and bright ideas. That’s why it’s worth choosing presentations from the creative section. You should download templates for presentations in order to create attractive and unique presentations easily and quickly. They are made in bright colors, with cool fonts and icons, and there are also themed options. Let’s take a look at an inspiring listicle of creative templates that will make your project amazing.


1. HARUKAZE Pastel Powerpoint Template

Website: masterbundles.com/barland/harukaze-pastel-powerpoint-template/

This is a very bright and creative template that is very functional. It can be used for a variety of creative formats: reviews of things you like, creative design, promotion of a store or product, announcements of events, and educational projects. It’s very bright and will help attract a lot of audiences to your content. The template uses images from available photo stocks, and the fonts are Aharoni, Montserrat Light, Montserrat Black, and Lulo Clean Outline. The template is fully editable, and you can customize it to your idea. Download templates for presentations to give a professional and creative look to your ideas.

2. MOSY– Modern Powerpoint Template

Website: masterbundles.com/pixasquare/mosy-modern-powerpoint-template/

This is a modern, beautiful and simple template, which is sure to help attract attention. With it, you can present anything: educational and work materials, marketing research, and a review of your favourite products, tools, or apps. The template is very functional and fully editable, you can change, delete and add anything you want. You’ll get 56+ bright, unique, beautiful slides with creative designs ready to go. In the template, you will find over 1100+ Icons and many different free fonts. Download templates for presentations as it will help you save your time and efforts.

3. OSSA– Clean Powerpoint Template

Website: masterbundles.com/pixasquare/ossa-clean-powerpoint-template/

This is a very stylish and concise design, made in the style of minimalism. It will suit those who like to combine creativity and simplicity, brightness and restraint. With it, you can present your fashion reviews, and stylish ideas, and make selections of trendy things. You will get 40+ unusual and beautiful slides with stylish designs, different fonts, and 500+ vector icons. The template is very easy to edit to your liking: rearrange the slides, add or remove icons, change color and font, and add your content. Easily download templates for presentations with MasterBundles.

4. HUGE StarWars Presentations Bundle

Website: masterbundles.com/designstudio/huge-starwars-presentations-bundle/

If you are a fan of Star Wars, then you should appreciate this bundle. It is completely done in the theme of the film. If your project is dedicated to Star Wars, you should choose this product. This is a huge bundle of themed templates. When you download this template for presentation, you get more than 300 slides with Star Wars designs and a large number of icons in this style. The template is easy to edit and you can customize it to your idea.

5. Creative Animated Infographics

Website: masterbundles.com/nizhnik/creative-animated-infographics/

Download this template for presentations as it is perfect for work tasks. It is creative and structured, great for visualizing workflow, research, or analysis. This presentation contains animated infographics, tables, and graphs that will help in the business field. This is a bright and eye-catching template that will help impress your colleagues. You will get 50+ slides with graphic elements, and fonts in two versions: light and dark. Edit all the elements to your liking: change colour, text, and images.

6. 50 Slides Newspaper Templates Powerpoint 2022

Website: masterbundles.com/designstudio/newspaper-templates-powerpoint/

Download this template for presentations as it is a cool and stylish template made in the style of newspapers. It’s certain to grab your audience’s attention and help get your message across. You can use this template for journalistic research, articles, writing, business ideas, and academic papers. You’ll get 50 retro-style slides, exciting icons, concise fonts, tables, and charts. The template can be edited to your liking: change the arrangement of slides, and icons, add your content and delete unnecessary things. The newspaper style of presentation is sure to surprise any reader! Read our blog on DOWNLOAD 15 BRILLIANTLY DESIGNED FREE POSTER TEMPLATE PSD FILES and get access to creative poster templates for your next project.

7. Disney Presentation Template

Website: masterbundles.com/designstudio/disney-powerpoint-template-2020-50-unique-slides/

Fans of Disney World will appreciate this template. Download the template for presentations as it is made in the style of the beloved cartoon universe and attracts attention from the first seconds. It is very bright and contains multi-coloured elements. This pattern will be appreciated by children and adults alike. And the template also contains the famous Disney World logo. As a result, you will get bright and unique 50 slides that you can edit to your liking. Change the colour, resize the icons, and add your content to get the perfect presentation.

8. Accounta – Powerpoint Template

Website: creativemarket.com/aqr.studio/4289598-Accounta-Powerpoint-Template

Download the template for presentations as this lean template will work well for any task: working reports, training presentations, and creative projects. It is simple but concise and designed in a minimalist style. You will get many beautiful and useful slides on which you can place content. All elements of the template are easy to edit, and you can customize them to your taste. The template has 5 colour variations, graphics, illustrations, and other cool tips for your projects.

9. Creative Powerpoint Templates

Website: creativemarket.com/aqr.studio/2846283-Creative-Powerpoint-Templates

This template will be very useful for creative projects. It is beautiful, stylish, and bright, and will complement any content well. Use it for working projects, educational research, and marketing analytics. Content will look more attractive with this template. Download the template for presentations as in this template you will find many elements for presentations: fonts, illustrations, graphics, and 5 color options. You can completely edit the template to your taste and create a cool presentation. Change all the elements to your liking to make your presentation perfect. Read our blog on EFFECTIVENESS OF BUSINESS POWERPOINT PRESENTATION: INSIGHTS FROM AN AD AGENCY to have an in-depth understanding of the importance of business PowerPoint presentations.

10. 30 Professional templates for creating Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Website: elements.envato.com/ru/porters-five-forces-analysis-QLE5UD

This template is designed to translate your creative thoughts and analytical work into a presentation. So you can present your idea with a handy and stylish template to surprise your audience. The template is simple but bright, eye-catching but not distracting. Download the template for presentations as in this template you will get 30 beautiful and minimalistic slides, from which you can make a cool presentation. All elements of the template are quick and easy to edit, so you can make a presentation to your taste. Also in the template, you will find convenient tables and charts for your content.

Making a creative and colourful presentation is much easier with a bright and stylish template at hand. So you do not need to spend extra time on the designs. Ready-made templates are very simple and fast to use— just download templates for presentations and add your content. MasterBundles collections have many creative templates for vibrant presentations which you can find here. They all have different themes and designs, so everyone will find an option to their taste. All templates are fully editable, so you can customize them for your project. Change the size, colour, font, and icons, and add your text and photos.


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