A content writer and a content marketer both, are very important professionals for any entity. Their roles too, are interdependent on each other. However, the term “content marketing” is not much old. This blog will help you gain knowledge about a content writer and a content marketer. The role, similarities and differences between the two will also be explained in this blog.

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The job and work of a content marketer and a content writer at times, is performed by the same person. But there is a thin line of distinction between the two, which is important to understand. Content marketing, without the support of content writing might not be as successful as it is. It is a new concept developed keeping in mind the essence of digital marketing in today’s world. Let us get into the depth of this blog and learn about the relationship between a content writer and a content marketer.

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1. Who is a content marketer?  

A content marketer is a person who attracts potential customers and converts them into actual customers. He uses various tools in order to convert his audience into customers. A content marketer plans, researches, and shares content related to his business to educate his audience about his venture. The main purpose of his content is to attract prospective buyers and create his entity’s goodwill.

A content marketer’s basic responsibility is to market and promote his products or services. Consequently, his role also includes formulating strategies so that he can form a connection with his potential customers. Content marketing involves building a seal of trust and loyalty with the customers with the help of content.

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2. Who is a content writer 

A content writer is a person who writes engaging content for his target audience. The content he produces can be in the form of blogs or articles. He basically writes for websites, newspapers, magazines etc. Content writers have to do a lot of research in order to create content which people would like to read. 

They are required to write SEO friendly content to improve the website’s ranking on the search engine. A content writer is responsible for the quality of the content he creates. He must create content, which is easy to understand and relevant. Most of the content that content writers write is for some products or services. Although, some of the content is merely to provide information about certain matters and sometimes the content is personal.

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The motive of a content marketer and a content writer has quite a lot of similarities. Often the two jobs are performed by the same person in an organization. A content writer as well as a content marketer focus on the marketing of products and services. A content writer writes about the products and services, which ultimately attracts potential buyers. And attracting potential customers is the main purpose of a content marketer’s job. 

Both of the two professionals have to work together. It can also be said that content writing is a part of content marketing. The relationship between a content marketer and a content writer is that they both strive at attracting more and more clients.


Content marketing is a greater concept than content writing. Content writing is the first step towards content marketing. But a content writer only writes the content, whereas a content marketer has a much broader parameter. A content marketer lays stress on presenting the content, in a manner in which it attracts attention. A content marketer publishes the content. He is responsible for building links and connections with the outsiders and maintaining a positive image of the entity. He also needs to measure the success of the content being published. 

On the other hand, a content writer writes up about certain things, which are not necessarily related to marketing. He can also write about issues that have nothing to do with the promotion of a particular product. But the entire work of a content marketer revolves around creating goodwill of a specific company/ organisation.

This is pretty clear that content writing and content marketing are complementary to each other. Content writing, however, is an inseparable and a major part of content marketing. The relationship between a content marketer and a content writer is indispensable. Both of them are crucial for effective marketing.


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