Writing a compelling essay is somewhat of an art. If you are unable to hook your readers’ interest in your essay, they will not read it and your efforts can go wasted. Writing a compelling essay can take some effort. It is not easy to capture the interest of a diverse audience and increase their keenness in your essay. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips for writing essays that can help you craft a compelling essay that resonates with the mindset of your audience. But before we do so, it is necessary to understand what are the things that make an essay compelling.

A compelling essay is one that effectively captures the minds of the readers and convinces them to agree with the points described in it. A proper compelling essay is engaging and able to generate interest in readers. It is well-structured and has a persuasive nature. The claims provided in it are backed up with logic, evidence, and arguments. It is easily understandable and thought-provoking. Keeping these points in mind, now, we will discuss the tips that can help you write a compelling essay.

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1. Write A Captive Introduction

The first impression is the last impression. One of the most crucial tips for writing essays is to craft the introduction carefully. To make the first impression a lasting one, you have to write it in a catchy way. The reader expects to know what’s in the essay in the first few lines. So, give the reader brief information about everything presented in the essay. It can be done in various ways. The most effective practice to do so is to provide a nice hookup line in the introduction. Write something interesting. A surprising fact, or even a compelling question.

Take a look at the following example. Did you know that over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water? Imagine what kind of mysteries and unknown wonders the oceans might be holding. Such lines provoke thoughts in the readers’ minds, and they are convinced to keep reading further to know and explore more.

The other tip for writing essays is to provide background information about the topic. For example, As our world is connecting with each passing day, understanding marine ecosystems and their importance to our planet has now become more important. If your topic is about something that is not suitable for this kind of catchy introduction line, you can simply begin with the things that you will be writing. In this essay, I am going to discuss the main factors that are affecting global warming. After writing these captive lines, just go on and discuss the important things that will be discussed in the essay. Read our blog on 7 EASY TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE CONTENT WRITING to have an in-depth understanding of the effective ways to write content.

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2. Describe Your Idea with A Unique Perspective

Billions of essays have been published. Chances are there would be millions of them that have almost a similar topic as yours. To make your essay stand out, you have to describe your topic with a unique idea and perspective. Doing so is easy. You just have to think outside the box. You can follow the tips given below that can help you to describe your idea from a unique perspective. Read our blog on 6 ESSAY WRITING TIPS: HOW TO WRITE AN OUTSTANDING AND UNIQUE ESSAY to have an in-depth understanding of effective ways to write a unique essay.

  • Look for unusual angles and ideas through which you can explain your topic. Try to discuss never-explored research and arguments. For example, if your essay topic is about climate change, you should discuss how it impacts the mental health of affected communities. That is because this aspect of climate change is very less discussed.
  • Another tip for writing essays is to try interrelating different ideas to grow the audience’s interest.
  • Argue about the common facts that are believed by the majority of people that might not be worth believing in.

By including these factors while presenting your idea, you can make sure it is unique and can raise people’s interest level in your essay.

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3. Keep Your Readers’ Emotions in Mind

One of the most important tips for writing essays is to resonate with the readers. By using everyday examples, you can make people nod at every argument you provide. Real-life or daily-life examples are good ways to connect with readers and engage them emotionally. For example, a kid’s feeling and fears on the first day at school is something everyone has experienced. If you state such things in proper wording, everyone will feel like you’re telling their story. They will get involved emotionally and read your essay with more engagement. Read our blog on 7 EASY TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE CONTENT WRITING to have an in-depth understanding of the effective ways to keep your readers engaged.

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4. Write in a Tone That is Suitable for Your Message

Another crucial tip for writing essays is to use a tone that is suitable for your message to deliver your ideas effectively. You cannot write about summer vacation in a formal tone and expect your readers to enjoy it. Here’s an example that will explain this better. Imagine you visited Mount Rushmore and now you are writing about it. I visited Mount Rushmore last week. The monumental faces of the great leaders impressed me a lot. A cool sunny day added more fun to the visit. It was an unforgettable moment for me.

Writing the same passage in this way will make it more fun to read: During my visit to Mount Rushmore the other day, I was captivated by the extreme magnificence of the place. The sculpted faces of the great leaders got me thinking of the experiences that the sculptures might have gone through. The cool sunlight shining on the sculptures just added more beauty to the scene. It was a moment that, not only me but everyone who visits the site, cannot forget.

The scenario goes vice versa, also. You cannot write about a formal topic in a funny tone. This is the thing that you have to master if you want to write compelling essays. You have to find the right tone and words to describe what you are talking about. Of course, this can be done manually by adjusting the words and tone of the essay. But if you find it difficult to do, you can take the help of an online article rewriter tool. These tools are built on NLP technology which is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. These tools can understand the context and generate a better version of the given text with a better choice of words. And the good thing is, this all will be done in just a few seconds. Read our blog on THE MOST RESOURCEFUL CONTENT WRITING TOOLS AVAILABLE ONLINE to have an in-depth understanding of the effective online tools to write compelling articles.

That’s pretty much it. Writing a compelling essay is an art. That is because making the readers understand and agree with your opinion is not easy. Especially when your audience is diverse. By following the tips for writing essays explained above, you can make sure that you have made your essay compelling and can now be effective for your readers.


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